Comment on An Anonyomous Social Network?

psillypig Tue, Jul 19, 2011
There already is a huge anonymous social network where people share their darkest, most demoralizing moments so as to become human again through this sharing process. It's called the recovery community and it is global, crossing many religious and cultural barriers and providing humanity with, well, humanity.

And being a long time member I can tell you that it is not about the fact that disclosure lessens depression, although there is that, and it is not just about the availability of another person with the same experience of going from zero to brick wall in a matter of less than an hour with legal or illegal substances to talk with in the wee hours when said substances crook their crooked fingers at you, it is about mending the web of empathy that suspends us all together, or almost all. What we also learn in mending this web is that there are people that are only capable of emulating it's presence in their consciousnesses, the kind of people that start cults and kill other people for strange and petty reasons. So it is in this way the recovery community heals those who would heal and harms those who would harm. It's an interesting place where every room is entered undressed.