Comment on An Anonyomous Social Network?

elysium Fri, Jul 22, 2011
I remember when the community surrounding Anonymous was young. Good times, but really, just a bunch of immaturity is all I've been seeing lately. It was awesome when I was 14, 8 years ago. A lot less kids on it then, at that. Now it's just an indication that if you're into it on any level other than laughing at it, you're a time waster.

The only entities I see really getting things done in the hacker scene, if that's closer to what you're referring to, have moved on past superficial socializing and on to closed&trusted networks. Anonymous is jokes compared to what's been going on long before it, but pretty integral to the picture these days. Makes for good hype & cover, but have fun getting partyvanned if you take it seriously as something to do with hacking, I suppose.