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    the root of anger
    What is the root of anger? What causes us to be angry?

    What would cause us to be so stuck in wanting to make things happen our way that we cannot let go of something even after it has already happened? “It did not happen my way, so move on!” Why are we so stuck on thinking that things have to happen our way? Why are we so angry and why do we hold onto anger? Because the root of anger is ego. What type of ego?

    It all begins with the goal of the day. What do we want in the beginning of the day? Do we want, “Please Universe, make things be my way: my goals, my comfort, according to my plans,” because that is what we think Universe means for us to have? In different words, one guy is praying, “Please God, shape Your world to my world, to my limitations, to my 1%, to my superficial observations of life,” versus the other guy, who is asking, “Please Creator, I want this day to connect to real blessings; and in the process of the blessings, I know that it might be outside of my box, outside of what I see and think are my blessings, but I want it. I want the long-term blessings. I don’t want things to be my way.”

    Some of us think it means “my way or the highway.” If our way were actually the perfect way, then why are we here in this world? We came to this world to change our perception. We came to this world to change our feelings. We came to this world to change our observation. We came to this world to realize that what we see, what we feel, what we perceive as right is not necessarily right. We came to remove the blindfolds and see new realities. We would like to see the real good and we want God’s strength to be able to let go of our limited old way. We want to see lessons during the course of the day that will allow us to have a new reality, a new paradigm of what is going on.

    Every time we get rejected by things that do not go our way, we need to be able to remember: “Wait a second, maybe *I* need to change my horizon. Maybe *I* need to have a different look about what is going on. Maybe *I* am the one who needs to remove a curtain.” When something does not happen our way, all day long we can blame something on the outside—or we can say, “Wait one second, maybe there is something that I am resisting here. I am the one deciding that it has to happen this way ... but maybe I need to change and open the door so that things will happen, and the blessings will happen in a different way.”

    The root of anger is when we are stuck and not open to realize that the reality we are facing is perfect. We need to change our perception. We need to change our feelings. We need to change our expectations. I am not saying that we should not have expectations. It is normal, and we will; but when things do not go our way, we have two options: We can think that it HAS to be our way no matter what—or we can think, “What is my lesson? What do *I* need to change?”

    Ego means “I am God” – our feelings, our perception – it is God. It is God, and He is perfect, He is the 99%, He is everything.

    Humility is not that we do not want a lot. We WANT a lot! But we know that our perception is limited, and when things do not go our way, it is because of our limitations. We have to be open to invest new energy – not to dwell in what was wrong – new energy to create open doors, to trust the unknown. Every time we are faced with rejection, the reason it bothers us is because we are facing the unknown. We are afraid of pain, we are afraid of failure, we are afraid of the wrong thing, and we do not want to go to that area ... because in our belief system, we believe it is bad every time we face the unknown. But every time we face rejection, we should think of it as an opportunity for us to open a gate to a much better place – if we are willing to go through this part instead of reacting to the rejection, instead of giving so much power to that rejection, to our dislike. We are opening the door to realize that our next level is actually waiting for us. Our ego does not want us to think this way. Our ego decides that good things are based on what we perceive as good … and if we do not know what is behind this gate, what is behind this door, it is probably not good!

    It all starts with the conditioning of our mind. We need to condition ourselves every day to realize that the things with which we are not so comfortable, the things that do not go our way … it is not just that it is not bad for us; THAT IS WHERE THE REAL BLESSING IS WAITING FOR US! That is removal of the ego. THAT is the removal of ego! Knowing that what we do not see and do not feel and do not know yet, THAT is the real blessing: even though we are out of control in that area – but we are willing to go through the path and be led by the Light.

    Every time we face rejection, the reason we are so angry and hold on is because of our conditioning that only “MY” perception and only “MY” way is good; but when we prepare ourselves enough during the beginning of the day and throughout the course of the day and as we are going to sleep, we realize that we want to go to the next level. Initially that might be uncomfortable, but THAT is where the real miracle is waiting. Then, when the uncomfortable occurs, we will not judge it and dwell on it. We will have the strength to move on and to create new seeds to access that huge blessing waiting for us.

    - from zohar

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