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    ヴィオリン ARC
    I must admit I was very inspired by the branching architecture models from Studio Lynn , whitout understand the backend side of things, the theory or the purpose I spent the whole afternoon trying to depict what I understood from the neat designs shown there.

    It was a nice experiment while the end result isn't stunning I had some time to think about negative space and practice some good ol' vertex pushing. I figured that in space the flat location was literally x,y,z so I made this violin shaped station keeping mind that wherever the person would look at, would never feel suppressed by the weight of the structure. There is a very organic shaped floor the crawls bellow a with a couple of wholes, considering the wide open space and the human/structure ratio, I figured there should be some kind of net flying above the ground level so people can grab on to reach higher.

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    raven30412     Mon, Jun 23, 2008  Permanent link
    looks dope...