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    In aggregation I left the islands
    of leaving with nothing to say.

    Had I stayed to learn what everyone heard,
    playing tag on objects in compilations,
    not so very composing, well, I'd be
    publishing among peers with more semance than
    words (what everyone has spoken for) but
    I'd still be gone, too far gone, to
    fiddle in these our stools with any consistency.

    Instead I went, coming into world with a great big me
    saying, "let's mash it all up, humans without conditions,
    leaving wants with nothing to do, singular— and well behind,"
    but alongside me, taking leave in an unsaving face
    the eye bright link clicked in our heads, and we ignore me,
    —that's a yes, that's a handshake, that's a solid connexion.

    face paint Melinda Oogjes

    Thus I remain, burdened with complex thoughts
    still too simple for the halfmade day, with no idea
    and too much to say.

    So then, I writ no more
    that is to say,
    when I took mine own eye out
    and no one
    could hear me go,

    "I walked like a mountain."
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