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    "Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Taoists, Zen Buddhists, Tantric
    meditators, and mystics everywhere do not think of the Dreaming world
    as an 'un'-conscious. For these peoples, the sentient Dreaming world is
    the basic reality. Though marginalized and invisible to mainstream cultures
    today, Dreamtime has been the essential reality for people from the
    beginning of time."
    -Arnold Mindell
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    Buckypaper is a material composed of carbon nanotubes that is 10 times lighter and over 500 times stronger than steel. While the miraculous material used to be prohibitively expensive and hard to make, scientists from Florida State University believe that they have made several key developments that will allow them to efficiently manufacture it for a variety of applications including airplanes and vehicles.

    Composed of tube-shaped carbon molecules 50,000 times thinner than a human hair, buckypaper displays an incredible set of physical properties. It is extremely flexible, light, and strong, plus it conducts electricity and disperses heat quickly. Currently it is only used in minute quantities in tennis rackets and bicycles because it is very expensive and difficult to manufacture in large quantities.

    Researchers at Florida State University have been developing methods to increase the strength of buckypaper and streamline its manufacturing process. These techniques include the use of magnets to strengthen the alignment of the carbon nanotubes, and texturizing the surface of the nanotubes that improve their bonding strength.

    The commercialization of buckypaper holds incredible promise for stronger, lighter, and more efficient vehicles, since one of the simplest ways to make a vehicle more energy efficient is to reduce the its weight. The material may also be used to shield airplanes from magnetic interference and lightning strikes, to build electronic parts such as super capacitors and batteries, and to dissipate heat in laptops.

    via Associated Press

    via inhabitat
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    The time it takes for sensory input to travel along nerves and get processed by the brains means we're always living in the past. Okay, no problem — we can live with a few lost milliseconds. But ten seconds? A new study shows that once our brains make a decision (like "push this button") it takes that long for our conscious minds to become aware of it.

    Neuroscientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany conducted the study, and appear concerned that people will feel robbed of their free will. Interesting, but the real question is: Once brain-computer interfaces are developed for the masses, are we going to need the plodding "consciousness" part of our brains at all?

    Source: Nature Neuroscience, via Science Blog

    hat tip @weevil

    Seems a little long to me. Anyone buy it?
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