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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Emotions and the feelings are not a luxury; they are a means of communicating our states of mind to others. But they are also a way of guiding our own judgments and decisions. Emotions bring the body into the loop of reason
    Antonio Damasio

    Polytopia-Because emotions communicate our states of mind

    In a previous post I have mentioned that a Polytopia might possibly be an umbrella meta-concept in/by which the full fledged liberty of the mind states of the individual become a viable tool of evolution :” Such a context (i.e. a Polytopia) will need allow the full individuation of the person via its coordinated space, so as to provide ample opportunity for creative thought to come forth and shine.”

    We need now expand on the concept of a: ‘full individuation via its coordinated space’.

    Let us propose a three-thronged approach to the concept of localizing the mind of the individual:

    1. The physical mindscape (the actual brain coordinates)
    2. The extended mindscape reality via the net (the combined acts of communication of the physical mindscape in the infoverse)
    3. The archive/s of the landscape of that mind on the net (its archived memories)

    These three above are the fundamental three coordinates of the person in question. As a consequence I see three basic levels of current existence:
    The Bioperson, The Extended person, The Infoperson.

    1. The Bioperson:
    (At present) is the actual person in flesh and blood

    2. The Extended person: (At present) stands for the Bioperson when connected to the net, (may also be called the bridging person)

    3. The Infoperson: The Infoperson is the evolution of the Extended person into cyberspace; either via a brain machine interface allowing full virtual immersion or possibly via a mind upload procedure, allowing a full virtual existence.

    “The Web is now philosophical engineering.” Physics and the Web are both about the relationship between the small and the large.“
    Tim Berners-Lee

    It follows that the coordinated space of a person (at present) refers to the mapping of these three ‘personhoods’ into a unified map, a cross-boundaries map of material and informatics, into infospace, in the infoverse. The full coordinates of such a mind will be able to describe the actual multidimensional existence of that same mind under the same heading, his chosen identity.
    It is my view at present that only when in possession of such a map can a mind truly realize his multi-person, individual existence, for each part independently gives insufficient reality/realism to the person in question. The full coordination of these three ‘personhoods’ might probably result in full individuation and a new kind of consciousness.
    In this case the coordinated map may be said to be the actual full world (consciousness) of that person, including the localization of diverse states of mind of that person in diverse circumstances of interest and activity.

    “You affect the world by what you browse.”
    Tim Berners-Lee

    More simply, the modern process of understanding individuation need take into consideration the already existing Cyborgian nature (the me+my comp, closely coupled reality), and virtual processing (me+my net activity reality) of a person’s environment, both material and informational.

    Defining who and what we are solely by our physicality and/or our mind happenings without taking into consideration both the technological extensions and networked activities by which we manifest ourselves in the infoverse is to my mind both erroneous and outdated.
    It is thus my view that a three-tiered approach to our actual reality creates the basis for extended narratives, operating in a mutually supporting fashion.
    My Bioperson narrative supports my extended person, which in turn supports my carving of the landscape of the infoverse. The archiving procedure of my carving the landscape of the infoverse in turn reflects my actual extended Bioperson, which in turn enriches the narrative of my immediate Bioperson.

    It will be true to state, if so, that my narrative exists simultaneously on three basic dimensions.

    Dimension 1: my Bio narrative
    Dimension 2: my Extended (net activity) narrative
    Dimension 3: my Infoverse (the shape of my info landscape) narrative.

    To have a coherent map of these three dimensions and their interrelations is to have the coordinates to my full individuation process.
    My full individuation can on the same token be said to represent my consciousness, spread across different landscapes of reality, simultaneously.
    Those different landscapes of reality may also be said to represent diverse states of mind, different from each other in degrees of reality and not in kind. It is after all the (my) same mind broadened and expanded across distinct (but not separate) levels of info-existence.

    Polytopia- Because we are Empathy infobodied

    Those three levels when combined and enmeshed, I propose to call my ‘Polytopian ‘existence.

    A Polytopian existence is thus:
    1. Multidimensional by nature
    2. Integrative by necessity
    3. Emotional by disposition
    4. Informative by structure
    5. Empathic by character
    6. Evolving by direction
    7. Narrating by function

    The infotecture of the emergent Polytopia will thus allow a modern form of cartography, a fractal cartography of the diverse states of mind (personal) interspersed with diverse states of mind (communal). The interconnectedness of these in turn will provide the full map of what it is to be a contemporary human person in an up-to-the-minute constantly updating infoverse.

    In the original definitions of a Polytopia definition number 5 ran as follows" Polytopia (5) A multidimensional co-enhancing, mind mutuality of evolving beings; A Polytopia is a transcultural endeavor with vast implications on the personification of the unique individual"

    I think this post, 'a polytopian existence', amplifies and expands on the above definition

    'Polytopia- a transcultural event' is a continuously evolving vision, as such the motion of progress is incessantly unfolding.

    a note:

    This post would not have been made possible without a net mindstorm communication and cross fertilization with fellow blogger (and to my eyes fellow Polytopian) ‘Djiezes’

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    Since the Cybersphere is the direct continuation and evolution of the Biosphere via the technology of the net (itself evolving into the grid*), and since the net is built upon the fluid and highly distributed flow of information of our minds, it stands to reason that our mind states (mind topos- topia) are the fundamental capital upon which a Polytopia is built and from which the Polytopia gains its strength, its creativity and its energy. The transcultural event of the Polytopia is thus based upon the mind of the individual.
    That very mind topos, the very state of the mind of the individual is the basis upon which a Polytopia rests.

    Because fierce independence avoids group think

    Polytopia as a transcultural event represents the actuation of liberty, specifically the freedom to evolve our narratives, freedom is the natural evolutionary state of the higher faculties of the mind. In this respect the higher faculties of the mind I shall define as that which is busy archiving and shaping our narratives. As the net, and soon the grid, represents the manifestation of our archiving ourselves, our minds, it stands to reason to view our actions on the grid as the very act of shaping the infoverse.
    When shaping the infoverse we are actually mirroring the landscape of our minds.

    Because each and every mind need be a critical evaluator

    It is a truism that our lives on the net are a reflection of our minds.
    Our minds in this respect can be seen as reflecting our inner landscape.
    Our inner landscape in turn, reflects upon itself via memory
    Memory is reflected in our archiving our narratives on the net, be it thoughts, ideas, comments, videos, art, poetry or even the particular set of news we collect and archive.
    Thus in consequence, archiving our narratives is the method by which we give form and manifest to our inner workings, the process of archiving is not unlike the process of molding clay
    Yet what we mould is information, we give it shape, character, identity and finally form.

    Because the infoverse reflects our mind landscape

    Other be-causes:
    1. Because subjectivity is omnipresent
    2. Because our visions are stronger than our televisions
    3. Because we are not a monument but the dynamics of passion
    4. Because we are not our curriculum we are fusion
    5. Because harmony is not fixed in its form
    6. Because we can upgrade reality
    7. Because Intelligence is Autopoeitic
    8. Because we can become ecomorphic

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    Because of freedom

    The future is about emotions, it is about passion, it is about the process of creation and the reaction we will have to events.
    Our emotions and reactions to ideas are in a fashion much more significant than the idea/event itself.
    In fact, that is what a transcultural polytopia means, a co-emergent multidimensional interest. In ‘Polytopia-the emergence of’ a co-emergent interest was defined as:” the interest emerging out of a collaborative mind mutuality, emphasizing the unique perspective of each and every individual member, voluntarily desiring to cooperate/share/connect/interact with other minds, towards an increase in combined intelligence. Moreover, a Polytopia, viewed as open source collaboration between consciously aware entities towards an increase in combined interactive intelligence can also be understood to mean an emotional reaction to a collective event that has no context yet but only indications pointing to the fact that it is happening already.

    Put differently what I am suggesting here is that the reality of the Polytopia is already present and therefore the sphere of contextualization that is presented here under the term Polytopia is the putting into words of a reality already present, at least in so far as we deal with humans that are not only interested in the content of their own lunchbox.
    For anyone not confined to his or her lunchbox the current flow of events in the world portrays itself as a sign of ferment and energy, a reality is in the process of unveiling itself, a reality, which if taken to its logical essentiality, implies this:
    Intelligence is being amplified as we speak, and as we read these words, we react, and our reaction is emotional, as it always is. Our individual reaction is a signifier of our state of mind (mind topos-place), taken as an ensemble our combined reactions designate our diverse states of minds, a Polytopia.

    In my first post introducing the Polytopia concept I proposed that a Polytopia could emerge under correct circumstances and yet taking my cue from reactions to the Polytopia concept both here on SC and otherwhere it is my present view that a Polytopia has already emerged, albeit in embryo form.

    Given that the reality of a co-emergent multidimensional transcultural event is already in the process of becoming present, the proposal designated as Polytopia has multiple arguments in its favor :

    Polytopia – WHY?

    note: The ‘why?’ papers are a collection of writings I am in the process of producing for the purpose of emphasizing and further describing the Polytopia concept proposal with particular emphasize on answering the question: why?.
    Why? As in why do it?, why? As in why is it a more advanced concept than that which we already have?

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    Categories: future, culture, polytopia, proposal
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