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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The Portal* "Future Food - Meat without Livestock" focuses on possibilities for replacing animal products with products that are not derived from animals. These products can be divided into two groups:

    Vegetarian Meats, Non-Dairy Milk Drinks and Egg Replacements

    These products simulate or copy the animal derived products. There is a wide variety of these products currently available on the market. We use the terms, “vegetarian meat”, “non-dairy milk drinks” and “egg replacements”.

    "In-Vitro Meat" or "Cultured Meat"

    Future Technology:
    The point with this group of foods is that actual meat is produced without the use of animals, not “just” products which are copies of meat. This process is still largely in the research stages and therefore, for the time being, still a dream.
    Money / Huge Market Potential
    Market Potential

    Meat: worldwide 250 billion US $ every year !!

    That is approximately the worldwide annual turnover reached by using animal derived meat as raw material. With a product that is better, i.e. healthier, cheaper, less resource intensive, without animal suffering, without endless amounts of liquid manure, without animal epidemics and so on, than animal derived meat a huge market is just waiting to be seized!

    Eggs / Egg products: Worldwide between 4 and 8 billion US $ per year!

    The whole eggs that we know and eat as boiled eggs will probably be around for some time to come, but, it should soon be possible to replace egg products used for industrial baking, such as powdered egg white and yolk with a better substitute.

    Our challenge to companies in the food industry: There are simply not enough internationally available vegetarian meats and egg replacement products on the market! Cultured meat could capture a vast future market. Invest a tiny fraction of the market potential in research today so that you do not find yourself at a disadvantage later!

    “It’s time to stop killing meat and start growing it” (William Saletan)

    The aim is to bring an end to animal suffering, environmental pollution, starvation, health risks and so on, by no longer using billions of domestic animals as meat, milk and egg machines, and to replace these products with ones which are healthier and are produced via more environmentally friendly and ethical means. Developing an alternative is always an important additional element to any ethically progressive step. The end of slavery in the USA, for example, would have been hard to imagine without the development of agricultural machinery.

    Future Food

    would love to hear/read your thoughts on this subject
    Wed, Sep 24, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: future, food, meat, Cultured
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