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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    (Of Dragon Slayers and Maidens of necessity pt.2)

    As I was saying then, they inadvertently piqued the curiosity of this most weird and wonderful of ephemeral beings, namely, Nallab the mad dog.
    Well, sort of inadvertently, for they were on the way down and he on the way up, and as chance encounters predictably happen on those less traveled roads, the encounter was in a sense, inevitable.

    I could tell you a lot about Nallab the Mad Dog, and at some future time I may indeed do so, I am after all a storyteller and by that very fact have the privilege of liking the characters in my stories. Some, as you have already figured, I am certain, I like better than others, Nallab the irreverent one, is just such a character.
    I will tell you about him only this for now, that his main feature can be summed up in his ‘erotic salacious irony’, that’s it, nothing more (well, maybe only that he was indeed a mad dog, a term we, the storytellers, do not employ lightly and also maybe I’ll just reveal to you right now that his relationship with dragon slayers is quite mysterious indeed.. but enough about him).

    And so our story unfolds..

    The Dragon Slayer and his maiden of necessity, and that is not a mistake, for once the pact of apprenticeship has been concluded, it lasts forever and a bit more, were leisurely strolling down the mountain. Up from his sacred nap under the mechanics of passion, near the fountain of poetic non-attainability, Nallab the mad dog, naked as all mad dogs are, was slowly climbing back to his cave.

    That is when they stumble upon each other.

    Nallab laughs, hugs the Dragon Slayer, disregards completely the maiden of necessity, practically ignores her, and utters in a voice that is only seldom heard:

    “ So many rules to total independence, ahh!!”

    The Dragon Slayer happily acknowledges, and bowing deeply to the mad dog, utters:

    ” Indeed so, my old friend, indeed so!”

    His piercing gaze, accompanied by a perpetual half smile, bores deeply into the Dragon Slayer.

    “ You know..” says Nallab the mad dog, smiling enigmatically “ I am always a tad tired when I confer myself to erotic abandon, but then one must allow for the mystery of passion to rejuvenate, one must indeed!”

    “Don’t start” says the dragon slayer, smiling.

    “Start what?” Asks Nallab innocently and laughs “ Ok, ok.. Just having some morning fun, is all.. I’ll be on my way then, we shall meet again I am certain“

    And just like that Nallab the mad dog walks away, swiftly disappearing up the winding trail, towards his cave.

    That is when our story becomes real interesting, for you see; it is well known, at least in these mountains of beyondness, that Nallab the mad dog never utters anything by blunder or oversight, there is always an intended meaning, layers upon layers of meanings actually, and those significances is what makes those chance encounters so, well, significant.

    Our very dear Dragon Slayer stares ferociously at the maiden:
    “ Do you understand?” he asks.
    “No, of course not”, answers the maiden “ I was so scared, I couldn’t think”
    “ Good, good..!” mutters the Dragon Slayer and keeps on walking down the mountain, as the maiden tries to keep up with his fast pace.

    Now, you have to understand that, it is only out of pure allowance and kindness that a Dragon Slayer and a Maiden of necessity can walk together, the difference in speed is so huge, a fact born of the Dragon Slayer accomplishment as a fire capturing agent, which require skill, expertise and enormous speed, that were they not ready to allow a speed adjustment they would soon disappear into the horizon of vividness, where reality is never compromised.

    Come to think of it, maybe I did not explain this particular trait of Dragon Slayers that they develop this proficiency of swiftness when actually in the process of fire capturing, which results in the verity that their identity can never really be alleged or fastened to a particular setting. That is a necessary condition for their method of dragon slaying, for as I told you before, I think, Dragon Slayers are the fastest beings on the mountain to match the promptness of Dragons; for only by the sharp velocity of their sheer emotional capacity plasticity are they able to slay the dragons, tame them and embed them into their own desire.

    Which is really the only way to make another dragon slayer. Which brings us back to our maiden of necessity here, for the apparent conflict that she had (due to her presumed innocence) with the demands of the dragon slayer were really only a deficiency in speed of emotional capacity plasticity. A lack, that eventually, all successful maidens of necessity manage to master, but at that point in her process she did not, and thus could not really understand, what was the reasoning behind the impossible demands. (Well, not impossible obviously, but so it seemed to the maiden of necessity at that time).

    I see your look of incredulity, and let me tell you from the vantage point of a storyteller that conveyed this story many, many times; I do not blame you. I myself am sometimes amazed at the almost supernatural momentum of Dragon Slayers, but if you will understand their need for speed, you will understand this story.

    Dragon Slayers slay dragons in spaces and times that are so far removed from our everyday existence that their velocity is what actually protects them from becoming corrupted by the all consuming fire of the dragons, that same fire that they must capture. But let me tell you something about this dragon fire, that most elusive of substances, I think it will interest you, and will bring your attention to a flight above the abyss.
    Some call this fire, the sweet torture of passion, some, like our dear Nallab the mad dog, call it the erotic abandon, others call it the ultimate restriction on autonomy, others yet call it the furtive catalyst. It has been called, the great release, the logic of sense, the ultimate abundance, the independence of temptation, and also, the freedom of desire run wild, the sensuous emptiness, voluptuous intelligence, fluid wisdom, the paradox of union, the ubiquity of uniqueness, the quality of life, the great illusion, the idiosyncrasy of awareness, the essentiality of the flow and many others.

    Indeed there are many names to this fire, but what makes this particular substance so special is a very special kind of attribute. Dragon fire, or so they say, is a substance forged in the deepest abysses of nothingness, some whisper it is so void of all, that when it operates it transforms even desire into nothingness. It is a substance so particular and so exotic that one cannot hold it without instantly changing, but in spite of all these fantastic high tales of what a dragon’s fire substance is and can do, I think its most important attribute is something else all together.

    What the dragon’s fire substance truly does, above all else, is ‘reveal’; eliminating barriers of perception in the dragon slayer, which accounts for the well known fact, well, well known in the mountains of beyondness, that with each iteration of slaying, with each dragon absorbed into the dragon slayer, he grows taller, deeper, emptier, voider, but more interestingly, he grows more sensitive to the original excellence of distinction.

    What original excellence of distinction you ask?

    Well, that is a critical issue, and I’ll try my best to explain it, but it basically reflects upon the origins of desire and the illusion of intimacy, for a dragon slayer, you see, must by necessity be the owner of his own origins of desire.
    Only by becoming an original passionator can a dragon slayer capture the dragon’s fire, and only the dragon’s fire can transform a dragon slayer into a passionator.
    This apparent paradox concerns the excellence of separation, the division of intimacy and desire into two separate domains of continuation, which results from the ‘reveal’ attribute of dragon’s fire.

    For, dragon slayers, you need commit to memory, are not common beings, believing in their own oneness, quite the contrary actually.

    Dragon Slayers are the ultimate multiple pan-organism. Their strength stemming from the original excellence of distinction. And this excellence of distinction is what makes the dragon slayers so special indeed, none like them walk the recesses of the mountains of beyondness, they carry the qualities of the realm into the world of time. In fact were we to look into the index of extraordinary beings we will find them at apex of extraordinariness.
    The reason for that resides with their abilities of mutual transformation for dragon slayers not only metamorphose themselves and their maidens of necessity but also transform each other and all that which surrounds them.
    But about that in a different story in another night, when the inebriation of the body will permit all legends to be unfolded concurrently, which is the great aim of all elegant storytelling.

    Be that as it may I see your inquisitiveness has finally been awakened, well..well.. that is good indeed for our story takes quite an interesting turn of events. For you see during the encounter with Nallab, our very dear maiden of necessity realized a very deep sense thought, she realized that she was in fact living a life of privilege of the highest magnitude, so privileged was she, that the immediacy of the privilege made her forget its deeper significance, that her intimacy with the dragon slayer had one meaning and one meaning only, and that is the capturing and aggregation of the fire of dragons.
    That very fire, that very core of wisdom and intelligence that makes the whole project valuable and ultimately meaningful, and makes available the allowance for the Dragon Slayers to move in the immense scope of sensation from mild to wild, to be forever lenient but always, always feral..

    Appreciating and deeply realizing this, the conflict self-annihilated instantaneously, which it must be said, was the first step in the ladder of becoming a dragon slayer.
    Needless to say her respect grew proportionally to her intensity, but her master dragon slayer wanted more,much more indeed!
    He demanded of her to rise into new heights of transparency and uphold the standard of the great maze of clarity; that is why he decided there and then to open before her the great doors of original passion, the very entrance to the labyrinth of empty desire.

    For he was pleased, and thus raised the ante..

    .. Soon to be continued in Part 3 of the most Amazing and Fantastic tales of the Dragon Slayer and the Maiden of Necessity.

    Image in text: Psyche et L'Amour 1889 by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905) (wikicommons)

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