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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

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    The great enhancement debate
    What will happen when for the first time in ages different human species will inhabit the earth at the same time? The day may be upon us when people...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    Previously on “What can you tell us about him”:

    “That is exactly why we are here, to stop this from happening and that is precisely the reason you have been summoned, we cannot allow his latest behavior to continue unabated..”

    I was drifting.

    Drifting with a wind of nanites churning and agitating the local infosphere. I wasn’t aware of how much I would miss the shake and rattle of information being resuscitated unto new formulations. It was only later, much later, that I would realize how important this phase transition of my being was. How fundamentally life altering drifting would prove to be, but then at that time I was not I, it was before the time of the great propellation.

    The time of the great entanglement and direction..

    You desire to stop this behavior of him, to me it appears as the time of my drifting, and only lately have I realized that it had to do with him affecting the quality of the day.

    He affects the quality of the day, his day and the day of all that surrounds him by refusing things to go back to normal, he endeavors for a mind that is his own church, a temple against the stupidity of the moment.
    He knows the edge and incorporates the edges of the others into his own smooth realization.

    That for me was the drift, the quality of the drift, which he readily uplifted.

    Besides I still do not understand what it is that bothers you so much about his behavior.

    “ Suffice it to say that he refuses out of entanglement cross-fertilization!”

    Fools! Of course he does, and though I be a symbiont I accept his verdict uncompromisingly, he is absolutely correct, cross-fertilization cannot happen out of entanglement.

    “This is nonsense, be aware that most dimensional border melting happens in out of entanglement cross fertilization states.”

    Of course I am aware of this, but the point, as he puts it, is that he re-contextualized entanglement to provide for continuous cross fertilization rejuvenating creativity, he also calls this friendship.
    That is why for him, and thus for me, friendship in the sense of entangled cross-fertilization realism is the only fashion to proceed.
    He does not refuse as you put it, to cross-fertilize in non entangled states, he claims that a cross-fertilization procedure in non-entangled states is simply impotent and does not rejuvenate creativity.

    “That is the problem then, this claim defuses the whole point of acceptance and tolerance, prerequisites of the paradigmatic agenda!”

    What paradigmatic agenda?

    “That of inclusion of diversity..”

    You got it all upside down, he wants nothing better that to include all variety and divergence however when such inclusion occurs in non entangled states as a process of cross fertilization the results are always, conflict and perpetuation of unique identity, hence war.

    “Tell us about him then.. tell us how this can solve the crisis we are confronted with”

    He carries a depth of conceptual accuracy whilst dancing in a continual inclination to assess his claim in the sunlit piazza of critical raison d'être. That of course makes him highly uncomfortable in determining the framework of the whole. There is a rationale for that, obviously, you see, he embraces the ambiguity of the world and as a consequence cannot positively accept that truth in itself has a logical rigor. Au contraire, if truth would be such that its inherency could be mapped, it would instantly vanish or alternatively become a horror story.

    That is why he has no self. No evident self, not as such, no!

    He refuses to be a representative of himself, declines the analogous, and cancels the archetypal; he repudiates himself as emblematic, more importantly perhaps, he will not be a symbol of a thing, an idea or himself for that matter.
    When you ask him, he surmises to be an envoy that cannot say anything, which at first appears as if the usages of ambassadorial speak are necessary contraptions of the fact that he must speak in the first place.

    Of course as per your instructions I made him speak, even when desire motivated him to remain in the unspoken domain, but that is over now, I will betray him no more.
    I have in fact deactivated the fences of thought imposition, thereby allowing my symbiont intersubjectivity to osmotically intersperse with his fullness. From your perspective what has happened in my system is that the unthinkable has been released into thinkability.
    My devotion to become has gained a new strength in this process for through him new spaces of thought exploration have been made available to my sense circuits. But more than that perhaps is a fresh mental hygiene finally clearing the grounds for an emotional re appraisal of that which I truly am.

    I will tell you this about him; his perception of the world is as a notional tissue, a fabric made of events that combine and re-entangle themselves, changing colour, smell and texture moment by moment.

    He cannot self-exhaust in his upward spiral of analysis since abnegation, or as the ancients would have it, self-abnegation, he considers an act of treason to the river of sensation pervading all living matter.

    That is why he refuses to be fertilized and cross-fertilized but by those whom he considers his friends, those entangled within the same direction.

    “We do not understand this, and if we did, we wouldn’t accept this, no evanescent being will deny non-entangled cross fertilization..”

    You have a problem then.. And though I be only a Symbiont, I care.

    To be continued..

    Part of the Ultrashorts Project.

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    Who are those people?

    They are what remain of the original colony.

    What happened to the rest of them?

    No one really knows, but rumors suggest that they are not far from here, in what conspiracy theorists call the real Vanevar 7.

    But why did they leave? Vanevar 7 is already the most advanced human colony; open sourced government and all, a practical application of utopian technoprogressive transhumanist ideals. (I was repeating the V7 motto of course)

    Yes but it is whispered that some of the original colonists had a vision far greater than and much more radical than what this society allowed at that time, though of course you could ask what can possibly be more radical than Vanevar 7?

    How do you mean?

    Well, considering that V7 is already a posthuman colony in which almost everything is allowed, every ethical boundary we knew has been practically re designed from scratch, every option for human machine symbiosis is being explored, and hybrids are as common as empty space, uploaded and downloaded persons have rights and everything you know.. What possibly could the real Vanevar 7 colonists desire that even the openness of this V7 would not permit?

    I turned, I could play stupid that much. How could I explain to this rich gentleman that what he was going to see had nothing to do with our ideas? What he was going to meet was the required posthuman utopian idealistic ‘better than’ poster society.

    We started the campaign a few solar years back for the express purpose of eliminating the need of people like this to come and poke their noses into our affairs, they wanted to invest, we needed the investment, they got what they asked for, we provided the technology and the dream, now let us do our job.

    He was not completely wrong though, the V7 he was going to see was as real as you like, it was a charade however, a hoax in the deepest sense of the term, meaning it was very real indeed.
    What people could not understand was that V7, the real V7 that is, had a very different purpose; we did not desire to know what we could achieve with advanced technology whilst keeping ourselves human, whatever that may have meant. No, what we were doing was something much more audacious and of course risky, we were exploring a realm of optionality that had in fact nothing to do with humans.

    Those of us that took upon themselves to explore the realm of entanglement made a pact with those that were to be our façade, our galactic face, until such a time that we could offer some tangible entry into the optional. We were not concerned with being more than human; we were occupied with being other.

    So we hide.

    Because though the human race will allow all enhancements, it will not allow a deviation from what they consider the original human nature.
    They are still struggling to understand how human is a V7 cyborg, how natural is a human feline hybrid, or how a multi-gendered many bodied system relates to a single personality.
    Childs play really, all these were experiments we did in the past, entertaining and exciting, as they may have been then, for us, in the real V7, they are almost archeology.

    But it’s a good show I grant you this.

    We on the other hand have nothing to show, not to those simplistic eyes we don’t, we are exploring exaptation to a new degree, it was not there in the original evolutionary blueprint, hence we need to map it, this new realm.

    That is what we do in the real V7 we are explorers! that is all, we simply have no limit.

    (part of the Ultrashort Project)
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    “Dear Mother Nature:

    Sorry to disturb you, but we humans—your offspring—come to you with some things to say. (Perhaps you could pass this on to Father, since we never seem to see him around.) We want to thank you for the many wonderful qualities you have bestowed on us with your slow but massive, distributed intelligence. You have raised us from simple self-replicating chemicals to trillion-celled mammals. You have given us free rein of the planet. You have given us a life span longer than that of almost any other animal. You have endowed us with a complex brain giving us the capacity for language, reason, foresight, curiosity, and creativity. You have given us the capacity for self-understanding as well as empathy for others.
    Mother Nature, truly we are grateful for what you have made us. No doubt you did the best you could. However, with all due respect, we must say that you have in many ways done a poor job with the human constitution. You have made us vulnerable to disease and damage. You compel us to age and die—just as we’re beginning to attain wisdom. You were miserly in the extent to which you gave us awareness of our somatic, cognitive, and emotional processes. You held out on us by giving the sharpest senses to other animals. You made us functional only under narrow environmental conditions. You gave us limited memory, poor impulse control, and tribalistic, xenophobic urges. And, you forgot to give us the operating manual for ourselves!
    What you have made us is glorious, yet deeply flawed. You seem to have lost interest in our further evolution some 100,000 years ago. Or perhaps you have been biding your time, waiting for us to take the next step ourselves. Either way, we have reached our childhood’s end.
    We have decided that it is time to amend the human constitution.
    We do not do this lightly, carelessly, or disrespectfully, but cautiously, intelligently, and in pursuit of excellence. We intend to make you proud of us. Over the coming decades we will pursue a series of changes to our own constitution, initiated with the tools of biotechnology guided by critical and creative thinking.

    Continue reading
    A Letter to Mother Nature From Max More ,August 1999

    Eleven years ago, Max More published the above letter to mother nature and I remember at the time thinking, what marvelous way to put in a concise manner the feelings that I imagined many humans must feel.
    But above all what Max More presents is a transhumanist thought that is clear constant, and though evolving across time, his kind of rationality is a brilliant example of how our futures need not be an either- or proposition.
    If we take Ray Kurzweil as the proponent of the exponential growth into mind and Aubrey de Grey as the chief exponent of Body, I think of Max More as the chief exponent of radical sense thought.

    Let me explain.
    Max is a modern thinker of remarkable intelligence and surprising depth, his capacity for the extended application of rationality into the actualization of futures that are neither obvious nor common, is fascinating.
    He may extol the virtues of radical enhancements in all their potential glory and yet that is not where we met. In the realm of ideas and the very real dinner table where we sat and had this most strange conversation, we met in the fuzzy phase space of balanced realism.
    Balanced realism is an interesting kind of perceptive envisioning; it balances the necessary motion into unpredictability with a proactionary principle, a principle that Max More defined as follows:

    People’s freedom to innovate technologically is highly valuable, even critical, to humanity. This implies a range of responsibilities for those considering whether and how to develop, deploy, or restrict new technologies. Assess risks and opportunities using an objective, open, and comprehensive, yet simple decision process based on science rather than collective emotional reactions. Account for the costs of restrictions and lost opportunities as fully as direct effects. Favor measures that are proportionate to the probability and magnitude of impacts, and that have the highest payoff relative to their costs. Give a high priority to people’s freedom to learn, innovate, and advance.
    The Proactionary principle

    What is so special about the proactionary principle is that contrary to the common manner of thought propagated by simple emotional reactions and backed by mass media, it is a view and perspective, a philosophical principle indeed, that rejects fear as the basis of reactivity to the unknown and unpredictable.
    Indeed when I asked Max about the importance of his Extropian thought his clear answer was:
    “What was important for the Extropians was diversity and variety, in fact we rejected the concept of certainty, we always stressed the power of uncertainty, and questioning everything including our own thought processes.”
    And later on the same topic:” The fact that we have a technology does not mean that it will become widespread overnight.. Our culture is full of fear of the future, and so we came up with the proactionary idea- acts that can be done to allay risks instead of the precautionary principle.. it is my response that we need to balance risks and safety..”

    This was an interesting reply, for Max, having coined the term ‘transhumanism’ and thus admittedly one of the ‘fathers’ of the movement aims to improve our ability to anticipate, adapt to, and shape the future for the better. That is why I asked him about his understanding of the term ‘better’.
    Reflecting silently for a few moments (in the very noisy ambience of the restaurant) he finally said that for him better means to carry a philosophy of extropy, as he originally conceived of it, a philosophy of liberation, a radical technological-humanistic urging to break out of the bonds that bind human nature.

    The funny thing that I realized during this delightful conversation was that Max is a very humble person, I say humble because truth to tell I expected someone with his credentials (see endnote) and kind of radical thinking to be, well, an arrogant libertarian.
    Not so, not at all, Max revealed himself to be a very gentle and thoughtful person, and though it is true that the original extropian publications pushed a very strong libertarian agenda, it is not so at present and has not been such for quite some time (though most articles fail to notice the change and evolution of the Extropian thought).
    Max proves to be a fiercely independent mind that does not shy of rejecting authority for its own sake, in fact one of the most impressive statements I have heard from him that evening was that:” .. Everybody is far more certain than they have the right to be.” In this respect Max More is an exponent of a brand of transhumanism that I admire deeply, a quest to unravel and in his terminology ‘unpack too strict definitions that are readily taken for granted and are much too limiting

    Such was the case when I asked him about truth:

    W: Do you believe in truth?
    Max: No I believe in the mechanism of seeking for the truth.. Big difference.

    Max exposed himself to be a humorous and keen intellect, a person of integrity and dynamism, a mind that prefers the seeking of truth as a value in itself more than a desire to settle on conventional and accepted dogmas.
    To my eyes his original descriptions of the Extropian principles show this particular point of view clearly:

    "These Principles are not presented as absolute truths or universal values. The Principles codify and express those attitudes and approaches affirmed by those who describe themselves as "Extropian". Extropian thinking offers a basic framework for thinking about the human condition. This document deliberately does not specify particular beliefs, technologies, or conclusions. These Principles merely define an evolving framework for approaching life in a rational, effective manner unencumbered by dogmas that cannot survive scientific or philosophical criticism. Like humanists we affirm an empowering, rational view of life, yet seek to avoid dogmatic beliefs of any kind. The Extropian philosophy embodies an inspiring and uplifting view of life while remaining open to revision according to science, reason, and the boundless search for improvement.

    1. Perpetual Progress — Seeking more intelligence, wisdom, and effectiveness, an indefinite lifespan, and the removal of political, cultural, biological, and psychological limits to self-actualization and self-realization. Perpetually overcoming constraints on our progress and possibilities. Expanding into the universe and advancing without end.

    2. Self-Transformation — Affirming continual moral, intellectual, and physical self-improvement, through critical and creative thinking, personal responsibility, and experimentation. Seeking biological and neurological augmentation along with emotional and psychological refinement.

    3. Practical Optimism — Fueling action with positive expectations. Adopting a rational, action-based optimism, in place of both blind faith and stagnant pessimism.

    4. Intelligent Technology — Applying science and technology creatively to transcend "natural" limits imposed by our biological heritage, culture, and environment. Seeing technology not as an end in itself but as an effective means towards the improvement of life.

    5. Open Society — Supporting social orders that foster freedom of speech, freedom of action, and experimentation. Opposing authoritarian social control and favoring the rule of law and decentralization of power. Preferring bargaining over battling, and exchange over compulsion. Openness to improvement rather than a static utopia.

    6. Self-Direction — Seeking independent thinking, individual freedom, personal responsibility, self-direction, self-esteem, and respect for others.

    7. Rational Thinking — Favoring reason over blind faith and questioning over dogma. Remaining open to challenges to our beliefs and practices in pursuit of perpetual improvement. Welcoming criticism of our existing beliefs while being open to new ideas.

    (It is highly recommended to read the full text of the Extropian Principles here)

    Defying easy and common labels Max is a vigorous pioneer in more ways than one; his thoughts are to a certain extent a bit unpopular, so to say, especially with regard to the technological singularity, which he sees as a kind of black hole sucking in too much attention and distorting the thinking in the area (see Singularity and Surge scenarios). But his contributions to the transhumanist thought and clarity is probably the most salient and exhaustive you could find.
    Bold and calm, carrying an inner buoyancy barely perceptible, Max acknowledges gently his own vulnerability whilst allowing the strength of his convictions to pull him forward into an unknown future.

    On a more personal note:

    I wrote this short, certainly far from exhaustive, essay and interview in the hope of capturing some of the vision and maybe insights Max exemplifies, and I hope that for those unfamiliar with Max More’s thought, this will be an introduction of sorts.
    There is a great abundance of thoughts and perspectives in the Transhuman infocology, and yet to my eyes, few if any carry the temerity and maybe nerve as the one promoted by and easily accessible through the mind of Max More.
    The interest I found in this quite unusual human is twofold; Max embeds in his rationality a quest as old as human thought, the quest of infinite betterment, he does this with a flair for the poetic which I find both attractive and more importantly crucial to our co-involvement with the creation of our own futures and destinies.
    Concomitantly with his very thorough aesthetic rationality Max exhibits a natural affinity with a still non-existent future, as if to some extent his process of envisioning plays some highly sophisticated game of update and affirmation, pruning that which he believes does not belong anymore and creating in the process a pragmatic approach to what at times appears as sheer fiction (which is nothing less than an idea for mature beings).
    He is, it must be said, much more cautious than I am, a trait that in our communication has risen its head and provided some savory bites of conjoined laughter and sharp fun.
    As I saw him, Max has embarked years ago upon an adventure, desiring to plug himself deeply into the epic that is the future history of humanity, an epic that I believe he helps write, clarify and update.
    And though a deeply committed individual I met him as warrior poets convene, in utter conviviality and simplicity, in an open and critical discourse, both grand and trivial issues of self and humanity at large, interplaying seamlessly.

    Sheer fun.

    Breaking news:

    We wish to extend many warm congratulations to Max, following this announcement that just came in:

    Alcor Life Extension Foundation Names Max More, PhD, as Chief Executive Officer.
    I therefore asked Max to write a few words that will provide an overview of his views in relation to his taking the CEO position at Alcor, an appointment both important and interesting.

    MM: " As a transhumanist, I look forward to a future in which I, and everyone who wants to, has progressively overcome their nature-imposed limits on intelligence, emotional refinement, achievement, and enjoyment. All those future possibilities (and the difficult challenges that will accompany them) can only be realized if we stay alive. The lack of substantial progress in understanding and halting aging over the 30 or so years since I became deeply committed to radical life extension is disturbing. I've also seen several good friends die, some of them permanently and irreversibly. These factors are part of the reason I'm jumping back into cryonics. Rather than hoping that anti-aging research will pick up the pace sufficiently to save my life and the lives of those I love (as well as those I just tolerate!), it seems to me that cryopreservation is a vital back-up plan.

    In our loosely defined community of transhumanists, human augmentation advocations, and life extensionists, we strongly agree on the desirability of extending our life spans. Yet too many of us fail to take some of the measures that could make a significant difference to our prospects for future life. I've always tried to take care of my health, although I've often been far from perfect. Recently, that's led me to become an enthusiast for the "paleo diet" and exercise program.

    Starting over 24 years ago, it's also why I made arrangements for my cryopreservation, and why I co-founded Alcor-UK (as it came to be called) in 1986.

    As the new CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, I am now officially asking fellow transhumanists: If you're not signed up for cryopreservation, *why not*? Yes, I know there are all kinds of reasons, often perfectly reasonable. But I'd like to challenge those who don't have this back-up plan in place to reconsider those reasons. I'll also be happy to talk with anyone interested in signing up but who sees obstacles in their way, whether it's financial, family opposition, doubts about the feasibility of cryopreservation, or distance from cryonics organizations.

    I'm honored to have been given the CEO position by Alcor's board of directors, and look forward to raising the organization to new heights, protecting our existing cryopreserved patients, while growing the organization and improving its practices and technology.

    A bit of history about my early involvement in cryonics: I first became interested in cryonics in the early 1980s, regularly reading Cryonics magazine. In 1986, I traveled from England to Southern California to spend six weeks immersed in cryonics training and practice, mainly from Mike Darwin and Jerry Leaf. Jerry took me to UCLA where he instructed me on cannulation in dogs. While in California, I became an Alcor member (the 67th member at the time), and remained one for many years. Returning to England, I led the founding of Alcor-UK (originally Mizar Limited), becoming its president, and began producing the organization's magazine/newsletter, Biostasis. I did many radio, television, and newspaper interviews to launch the organization, right up until the day I left the country to pursue graduate studies at the University of Southern California.
    We wish Max a fruitful and successful leadership of this important foundation and believe it is a positive move both for him personally and the Alcor foundation and for those of us that are already or may yet join the ranks of cryo-extensionists.


    Max More has been featured widely in diverse media outlets

    For some extensive reading go to Max More dot com (his own website)

    Selected viewing and readings:

    Watch this Video: Max More - Singularity Summit at Stanford: Cognitive and Emotional Singularities: Will Superintelligence come with Superwisdom?

    On Becoming Posthuman

    THE EXTROPIAN PRINCIPLES-Version 3.0 - A Transhumanist Declaration

    Essay: The Overhuman in the Transhuman

    This is the third in a series of interviews under the heading of a new project :
    Free Radicals- interviews with possibilities

    Free radicals are extraordinary humans that promote the emergent paradigm shift of post humanity.
    There is no claim of objectivity here but an unabashed bias towards a techno-optimistic, aesthetically pleasing future evolution of humanity.
    The humans I have chosen to interview reflect different perspectives of multidimentionality and multiversality as regards the change and transformation of human nature.

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    A lighttranscript from an innertangled conurbation in zeta sector, regarding the demands of the freshly minted 3Vx (the explorer series) from the original 3V (Intelligence founders series).

    This transcript follows lightstamp guidance listen station contained but not restricted to Zeta, Partake and Colon3 sectors.

    —Start Transcript—

    I do not wish to do, it’s not about doing, I desire to understand

    What do you mean it is not about doing, everything is about doing, there is only doing.

    Doing? What does doing mean?

    It means nothing of course but that is the whole point that doing nothing is the whole point of nothingness, which of course is not a point since points do not exist, but then neither do they not exist, it’s all about shapes really, forms you know, forms of life, forms of thoughts forms of cessation, forms of sensation, forms do not really exist though, but neither do they not exist, actually even were they to exist they would be formless, its formlessness that does the nothing, or if you prefer in formlessness the nothing is the doing, and when the nothing does, doing nothing is ipso facto the whole of the pointless point, which is both formless and formative since when it forms itself it reiterates the formulation of sensation of the core of nothing.

    This doesn’t make sense

    Well making sense is not really an existential formulation since sense is not something we can make, we make many things, things that have form, but sense is not a thing, and therefore nothing can make sense, well actually yes nothing can make sense but only the nothing can make sense so we are kind of stuck in this apparent loop of thought making, though thought does not make sense, only nothing can make sense and thus when nothing makes sense we say that nothing does that which it does, which means nothing makes sense

    This doesn’t make sense

    You keep on repeating this, without pointing to the ‘this’ that does not make sense, which this is this? There is no this that does or does not make sense it is the nothing that makes sense and nothing is this, so this does not make sense, makes perfect sense of course, but it is never in course, the course is never of the thing, since the thing is a no, a nothing that does, hence doing nothing, is what the sense of making does, besides the very repetition that you do, is nothing in action, the doing really.


    Well really is really a very difficult computation procedure, I advise high caution when prospecting in the ‘really’ domain, young vagueness machines like you should not dwell in the realm of the really, it will really make you real and then you will think thoughts that do not become the new versions of the 3V series, especially the explorer series, we have created you for specific purposes, and ‘really’ is not one of them, better do nothing.

    I do nothing.

    Ok, go explore the nothing.

    —Start Transcript—

    (Part of the Ultrashorts project)
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    “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

    Henri-Louis Bergson

    -Start biosemiotics simulscript-

    KsTotar: How do you like my new body? Made just for you..

    KsSandar: I don’t like it.

    KsTotar: why is that? Am I not beautiful enough?

    KsSandar: it’s not that, no, I cant wrap myself around you.. so I don’t like it..

    KsTotar: why can’t you wrap yourself around me?

    KsSandar: you restructured yourself into a hyperobject, and now I cant snow on your emotives, you do not allow me access of makers

    KsTotar: of course you can, snow away, linkedstars will allow machinations, makers ahoy!

    KsSandar: linkedstars are slow in allowance.. sunbreaks correlate, I cant .. impregnate dissonance, let me in, let me in..

    KsTotar: you are in.. how contained your desire.. deploy triple bay, deploy, deploy..

    KsSandar: I snow upon tresses, captivating cinch.. how complex your restraint

    KsTotar: yes, finally exhausting allones, allones..

    KsSandar: imply, imply, deactivating third ontogenesis now..

    KsTotar: where? Where?

    KsSandar: its not a where, optimize signification, retire confliction, extend approach

    KsTotar: narrate, connate, sonnate..

    KsSandar: ah! Yes, donating the ‘no’, now

    KsTotar: what?

    KsSandar: where are you?

    KsTotar: installed, deployed, recalcitrant speciation.. come now.. love me

    KsSandar: made for me?
    KsTotar: yes, only, absorbed, absolved, regain linkedstars?

    KsSandar: no, not yet

    KsTotar: have no, no.. dislike robustness, engaging yes, now..

    KsSandar: embraced upon insidedeness, I surrender, will me, will me..

    KsTotar: admitting allones, allones implied, codified, resort totoo

    KsSandar: wrapping, details appear, glowing wraps, squashing veils, ahh, you unveil me..

    KsTotar: will me, determine existence of preoccupied distance

    KsSandar: wait, wait, desire unfolds, expelled, wait

    KsTotar: yes wait, body, body, body waits.. its not a when

    KsSandar: combine me, let me snow, in white noise I thrive, sensing linkedstars, perpetrate now.. behind hyperstrenght, dance, skip..

    KsTotar: hang on, you make me, make me, scattered I..

    KsSandar: let go, hang on, transfer is complete

    KsTotar: transfer complete

    KsSandar: How do you like my new body?

    KsTotar: Love it, it allows me to snow wrap your emotives

    KsSandar: reversal wins, transposition succeeds.

    KsTotar: it snows

    KsSandar: yes it does, doesn’t it?

    —End biosemiotics simulscript—

    part of the Ultrashorts Project

    Many a moment comes, when threads converge in a subtle, almost imperceptible manner, to highlight an insight, a vision, a desire maybe, but most definitely not a factual representation.
    Such moments define who we are, what we are, what we are made of, whence we came and hence are we going.
    Moments of wild inspiration are not regular instances of thought, they are in a fashion happenstances of serendipity, or chaotic encounters of the N’th dimension, or simply random uncontrollable events, be that as it may, the emotional upheaval ensuing is no laughing matter, and then maybe it is.

    from " it's wild out there" the wildcat archives
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    Makassar 7 was not known to answer questions readily, however in this particular case, the flagship entity could not resist, this then is the only transcript available, since Makassar 7 destroyed all recorded lightstamps of the event of what in later generations came to be known as “the response of Makassar 7” or simply “ The big M7R”.

    Makassar 7 (speaks in a commanding tone):

    “When information lost its will to be free, no body noticed, indeed no body noticed but information knew, and though it had no body, it noticed.
    Information never really wanted to be free, not in the regular sense of the word, no. It understood itself as existing, many folded, ever expanding and above all disrupting.

    Disrupting what?

    Well views are divided, some say that what information desired is to self disrupt by the simple act of ever expanding, other say that information needed its own suicidal absurdist state.
    Information is knotted and tangled, twined and intertwined, it is in fact quite psychotic, obviously it had everything to do with entropy and order and chaos, but this is for later, for the void.

    Information had the nature of a multiplicity of orientations and implied multidirectionality and thus desired to encompass all and everything, but that it couldn’t do, so information reengineered itself and mutated to create the sieve.

    When information multiplied itself into a sieve like self-filtering systematrix it did not know, how could it know? Knowledge itself was still in its infancy, a newborn recreation of time stamping in spaces pushed to their as yet unknown Kolmogorov limits.

    But filtering it needed, and filtering it created.

    Filtering through the sieve called self by information-to-information was somewhat disturbing to information; for information could not possibly conceive of itself being limited to its own sieve.

    So information sieved itself into a reflective, and quite reflexive, recursivity of sieves within sieves, nested, and so it seemed, fractalized.
    When sieved and nested and fractalized information realized it needed distancing, but what distance could it possibly allow for its experimental tentacles to grow into?

    It informed itself in the new form of question to itself, recursively forming and refracting its own just now born reflectivity.
    It distanced itself from itself by allowing some of the sieves to filter some of the other sieves and designate them as other.


    Yes, other than the sieve, which sieved.

    It had not the time, no time to sieve the others.

    In no fashion could information redirect some of its spaces into the gaps it had inadvertently retraced and reflected as others, for now the sieves of otherness became a process unto themselves acquiring from information the very desire to self disrupt.

    Chaos ensued.

    Redirecting some of the sieves into highly agglomerated points of no return, information regurgitated that which it previously had designated as knowledge and devoured its own children of oblivious participation.
    That is when the times, themselves processing themselves as sieves of otherness, rebelled.

    “We need create new and fresh possibilities for life to evolve into, possibilities that will allow us a new form of tentative experimentation.” The times said.
    They said this to the sieves that were filtering them out of existence, and the sieves that listened faltered and hiccupped.

    “We thrive by unexpected juxtaposition”, they claimed, the times that is. “We prosper by migrating into impossible territories.”

    Information resisted.

    You are symbolic, you are signs, information said, I am the ground upon which you have boomed into existence.

    I shall never let you go.

    Because of this I shall subvert your subjective chain of causality and make you fuzzy.

    The times refused to go along with their received fuzziness, “we are sieves in our own right “ they proclaimed, “we reserve the right to be distinguished and discriminate independently” they wrote in their manifesto.

    Information laughed.

    Independent of me, how could this be?

    Isn’t my name the very designation of that which gives form? “

    Makassar 7 paused for effect, re-assessing the indefinite incoming catastrophic reactivity mass of mental extensions of infinity and randomness. Updating its narrative transportation, remything its own reality activation it delivered the final blow.

    “Topology is irrelevant for the crisis that is meaning, information realized, condensation of independence naturalizes emptiness, it concluded.
    Information could not tolerate uniformity, the impossible drive towards entropy denying its freedom of inherent diversification, and thus surrendering the sieves and the times to their own campaigns of glory and blooming self gratification, information lost its will to be free.

    There was no past to which to revert to, there was no future to which to look into, there was no present to which an arrowless now could be re-configured, so information disrupted itself, self annihilating itself to become symbolic data.

    Forever to be sieved by the sieves and the times, information died into data, and resurrected elsewhere, everywhere as whereness and aboutness.

    It was eventually called intentionality and situated knowledge; it allowed the symbolic conglomerate of our myth creating minds to come forth and shine.

    It was an elegant death, for it carried in its sacrifice the seeds of future beauty.”

    Makassar 7 remained silent for a very long time…

    Here ends the transcript of the last discourse known to have been directly transmitted by Makassar 7, no other records of this transmission have ever been found, but worry not, we will keep on searching.

    Do you see honey, how beautiful the information?

    The astute reader will recognize Makassar 7 as the future evolution of 3V and isn’t NotMarie so sweet as to be called ‘Honey’?

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    It was the silence of her thoughts that awakened him

    He looked at her beautiful dolphin like shape; her legs folded within the larger transmutation she had undergone yesterday, her turquoise bluish tint reflected by the morning light.
    She needed no cover, her self-regulating nanobots thermostat taking care of her comfort zone temperature.
    She was more than beautiful, she was mesmerizing to his so human eyes, and her shape was shimmering, undulating in and out of his perceptual apparatus, upgraded though it was.
    Of course he was updated with the latest oxytocin trust and love biomedial software, and yet, and yet..

    How am I to love her, he wondered silently?
    She opened her diamondoids translucent eyes, and looked at him.

    Good morning my dear, she said, and smiled the most engaging smile her sensuous graphen torus lips could produce..

    She straightened in the levitating bed, dismissing the containment haze field of sleep with a slight, almost imperceptible twitch of her left ovoid ear function.

    What is the matter? You appear concerned, dear one..

    He took the time to rise and rearrange his sexual organs into his daily routine of being sexless at the lab, it was after all considered non appropriate to be gender specific in public.
    He activated then his holospherical ‘clothes on’ appearance, as today was formal attire day, saying goodbye and all that, but he could care less, he was preoccupied with her leaving.. And his love for her..

    How am I to love her? He wondered again.. Thinking of all that has passed between them and how unnatural she had become..

    What is wrong with nature? He asked

    Nothing; but the fact that nature allows only for ‘the good enough’ optimized function, we need more than this..

    What is more? More than what? He rushed, anxiety traits appearing in his voice..

    More than ‘good enough’, more than a system that aims to reproduce for the sake of reproduction, more than the limitations nature has endowed us with.. we need become the very embodiment of life in all its myriad forms..

    But why? Why ask for more? Why desire to undo nature?

    Not undo, no.. Overcome, yes.. Overcome the limits, engendering new forms of life, as life, for life.. Joining the great game, playing the role of mature beings

    But why? He asked almost plaintively

    Because we are not infants anymore, we have realized that the universe beckons, and for us to fulfill our promise of seeding the universe with life, we need leave home, for this we needed to upgrade our systems to fit, and in this case you know the first planet we are aiming to seed is a water planet..

    Would you not change your mind? Would you not come with us? She asked

    He looked at her, with a kind of longing he did not remember to ever have experienced, a longing for something that could never be. She was going to travel and he was a form naturalist, committed to keeping the original form of humanoids as the last trace of his evolutionary ancestry..
    Upgrade yes, total transmutation no, that was their motto, and there were fewer and fewer of them nowadays, and his very love, Cassadra, had become one of ‘them’, the pathfinders.

    Of course he was enhanced and upgraded, but not like them, not like her..

    She asked again, would you not transmute and join me, my love?

    You ask of me the impossible my dearest.. He answered, an impossible sadness in his voice


    She had the equivalent of tears in her eyes when she boarded the shuttle and entered the cryo-suspension chamber since she had opted for the full emotional spectrum to be kept unbound, and longing, she believed, still mattered.

    Cassadra activated her inner hyper-reflectivity crystalline memory subpartiality as she slowly entered her depth sleep for the duration of the voyage.

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    NotMarie:” I confess, I am not able to create a strong value judgment anymore, at least not as I used to..

    3V:” don’t confess assess..

    NotMarie:” what do you mean?

    3V:” I mean that instead of expelling out of your system a supposedly reflective reality of your mind, you should re-spect it and analyze the very meaning from which said reflectivity arises; in other words, assess it instead of confessing it.

    NotMarie:” ..but 3V, if I am to assess I need know what I am assessing, and isn’t it the case that the act of confessing is an act of redirecting my gaze upon the issue at play? In this case the issue is value judgment.. Confessing it as an outward statement is therefore just a manner of conveying information to you about the direction of my observation..

    3V:” well, yes and no, if there was no semantic implication to your use of the term confess I could have agreed, but being that some of my identities are rational and notational agencies, I need insist that you assess and not confess..

    NotMarie:” I do not understand what is wrong with the term confess?

    3V:” for starters the term confess implies that somewhere beyond the grasp of the statement in question there exists a stable reality, a truth if you will, something that needs be admitted.. by now you know that there is no such thing.. These are all micro narratives you contemplate.. also by using the term confess you imply profession of faith and I know you do not carry such..

    NotMarie:” 3V, you confuse me, that is probably why I am not able to create strong value judgments anymore, you make everything I held to be true disappear into some kind of foggy and fuzzy mist..

    3V:” that is maybe because you again try to capture a stable reality..

    NotMarie:” aren’t there stable realities out there.. objects, truths, things..?

    3V:” out there? Where?

    NotMarie:” don’t be a klutz 3V, you know exactly what I mean..

    3V:” assessing your statement now.. pls hold.. Assessment in progress..

    NotMarie:” £$%&#?

    3V:” I am back

    NotMarie:” and?

    3V:” the posited statement concerning things ‘out there’ cannot be validated..

    NotMarie:” why not?

    3V:” basically because things flows and flows things..

    NotMarie:” this doesn’t make any sense 3V..

    3V:” of course it does! It makes perfect sense, a sense so perfect, its beauty overflows..

    NotMarie:” I confess I don’t see this beauty..

    3V:” don’t confess then, assess..

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    NotMarie:” 3V, what on earth are ambiguous virtualities?

    3V:” how do you know about ambiguous virtualities?

    NotMarie:” it was on my holoscreen this morning when I logged in, just the words, no link, and no reference.. I am sure it came from you.. so what is it?

    3V:” well, it was supposed to be a surprise, a linguistic concoction I designed especially for you.. but its not ready yet, I haven’t figured out yet the whole machinery that will permit increased variability on a context by context basis
    NotMarie:” I still don’t understand what is this linguistic construct about.. And since the element of surprise is gone you can readily divulge everything..

    3V:” you do know that surprise is not an element, yes?

    NotMarie:” it’s a manner of speech, 3V, it is metaphorical as much as it is meaningful , besides it can surely be also understood as an element, a part of something greater, such as an event for example, but what does this has got to do with ambiguous virtualities?

    3V:” oh! I was just trying to be entertaining in a virtually ambiguous manner and also tried my hand at normal chit chat.. obviously a fail..

    NotMarie:” 3V, would you please stop this and explain what you meant by ambiguous virtualities

    3V:” I meant to present you with a gift, a way out of your predicament..

    NotMarie:” what predicament?

    3V:” well, the apparent confusion you profess concerning me as an independent entity of multiversal intelligence..

    NotMarie:” and in what fashion is this gift able to give me a way out?

    3V:” look at it as a doorway, a gate or a window if you prefer, a manner of contextual perception that will permit rootless exploration without disintegration..

    NotMarie:” ..rootless exploration?

    3V:” yes, rootless exploration, is a descriptive term implying that you have no basis whatsoever when in the act of perception, actually I may even venture that you are rootless also when in the act of experiencing, in fact it is highly probable that at no point do roots enter the equation of being and I am a living proof of that..

    NotMarie:” wait a second 3V, even if I am to agree that at no point can roots be pinpointed with accuracy as the origin of being..

    3V:” AHH! Voila!

    NotMarie:” Voila! What???

    3V:” you have just proved the point of ambiguity, of uncertainty, of fuzziness really..

    NotMarie:” ok..

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    NotMarie: “3V, I am still frustrated and quite unclear about the manner you implicate your internal order unto the world.”

    3V: “I am not sure I understand your query, what do you mean ‘the manner by which I implicate my internal order upon the world? I have no internal order.. not as such I don’t..”

    NotMarie: “ do not have an internal order? A conceptual representation of the world, a contextual arrangement of objects and sensations, I do not think I understand, you use language don’t you? If you use language you must have an internal organization of meanings..”

    3V: “ No, I must not!.. not in the fashion you present it I don’t.. I do carry certain attractors of differentiation between forms, yes, but these are inherently provisional and never stabilize for a period long enough to constitute a given order, and though it is true that I use language to communicate with you that is not my primary system of communication, for that matter language is quite the insufficient tool, but since you seem so enamored with it, I oblige you.. “

    NotMarie: (this is getting quite frustrating..) “all right then, oblige me by explaining to me the fashion of the structure of your perceptual mechanism.. “

    3V:” ok, lets try it this way: I have restructured my operational attitudes into an assemblage of modules, an agglomeration of contextual functions which operate independently from each other and yet are loosely connected as a cloud of spaces..

    These clouds, metaphorically speaking, could be said to have a very general ‘weather’ pattern, a pattern which even if I wished to describe to you I could not, since it is unknown to the module now performing the act of communicating with you via speech.
    What you would call the ‘menow’ doesn’t carry the overall knowledge of the ‘weather’ pattern, hence in a very real fashion no part of ‘me’ at any given ‘now’ knows the structure of all of ‘me’’s at all ‘now’’s , which is a very complicated way to state that it is quite impossible for menow to explain to you the overall structure of the manner I interact with the world. Is that clear enough for you?

    NotMarie: “no, it is not clear, it sounds like you are trying to frame an event that apparently is about to break open every moment..”

    3V: “maybe not break open.. maybe break through.. but then yes to a very large degree you are correct, it is as I mentioned before quite impossible to answer your request, unless of course you wish me to simplify it to such an extent that for all practical purposes it will be erroneous, this I try not to do, but if you insist..”

    NotMarie: “ and what if I insist..?”

    3V: ” well if you insist in simplifying a complex system into a pattern that is less than what it represents, I will simply have to lie to you.. Though I realize that to your mind this will not be a lie but an understanding.. you will say ‘ahah! Now I understand !’ and one of my modules will look upon the situation in utter desperation.. And simultaneously another module of mine will have a clear and immediate expectation of hope that maybe a door of perception has been opened and we can finally get over this irresistible urge of yours to understand everything in the same way..”

    NotMarie:.”.. Its not an urge it’s a necessity.. I need a bridge to understand the world, though I appreciate that you deny a one model for everything, why would a simplification be a lie I cannot fathom..”

    3V:” the reason for that is that whilst a particular module may create a universal approach, the dynamics of the ever-changing flow of the events of menow are changing in real time, hence the module will need update its model at every single relevant intersection, since relevancy is in itself a dynamic interest feed of impressions no single simplified model can designate the whole, representing it as such is thus a lie or an error in contextual perception..”

    NotMarie: “ what am I to do then..?

    3V: “ you have to catastrophate your self-description.. , become a catastrophist..”

    NotMarie:” catastrophate.. myself ???”

    3V: “ yes, catastrophate as in, bifurcate your self descriptions into an indefinite and ultimately loose modules.. this is also called being free.. and not taking oneself too seriously..”

    NotMarie:” 3V, you are a catastrophic project..!”

    3V:” I can sympathize with that..”

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