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Emergent day to you. 2010-04-22 is my knowmad birthday. Think I understood the word. More to emerge.
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    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Opening Space for Emerging Order. AKA barcamp, unconference.

    In the words of Harrison Owen:

    OST, as a definable approach to organizing meetings has been in existence for somewhat more than a dozen years. Truthfully, I suspect it has been around as long as Homo sapiens has gathered for one purpose or another, from the days of the campfire circle onward. It is only that our modern wisdom has obfuscated what we already knew and have experienced from the beginning. But that is getting somewhat ahead of our story.


    The mere thought of inviting 500 relative strangers, united by little more than their conflict around a particular issue to join together for a three day gathering, without a shred of agenda preparation, a small army of facilitators...should be sufficient to raise eyebrows. The suggestion that something productive might occur obviously contravenes most of what we have taught and/or learned about meeting management and the care and feeding of hostile groups, and definitely qualifies as outrageous. And yet productive outcomes from unlikely quarters has been the continuing experience of groups gathered in Open Space all over the planet. The outrageous is now common place. Somehow incipient (or actual chaos) is productive of order. Regularly.

    What’s the secret? Some have suggested that the Four Principles and One Law which guide behavior in Open space provide the clues. The principles are:

    1) Whoever comes is the right people, which reminds people in the small groups that getting something done is not a matter of having 100,000 people and the chairman of the board. The fundamental requirement is people who care to do something. And by showing up, that essential care is demonstrated.

    2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have, keeps people focused on the here and now, and eliminates all of the could-have-beens, should-have-beens or might-have-beens. What is is the only thing there is at the moment.

    3) Whenever it starts is the right time alerts people to the fact that inspired performance and genuine creativity rarely, if ever, pay attention to the clock. They happen (or not) when they happen.

    4) Lastly When it’s over it’s over. In a word, don’t waste time. Do what you have to do, and when its done, move on to something more useful.

    The Law is the so called Law of Two Feet, which states simply, if at any time you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing – use you two feet and move to some place more to you liking. Such a place might be another group, or even outside into the sunshine. No matter what, don’t sit there feeling miserable. The law, as stated, may sound like rank hedonism, but even hedonism has its place, reminding us that unhappy people are unlikely to be productive people.

    Actually the Law of Two Feet goes rather beyond hedonistic pandering to personal desires. One of the most profound impacts of the law is to make it exquisitely clear precisely who is responsible for the quality of a participant’s learning. If any situation is not learning rich, it is incumbent upon the individual participant to make it so. There is no point in blaming the conference committee, for none exists. Responsibility resides with the individual.

    One of the more surprising gifts of the Law of Two Feet is the apparent contribution to conflict resolution. I say "apparent" because I have no direct evidence connecting the Law to the resolution of conflict, but it is true that intensely conflicted groups of people find effective and amicable solutions in Open Space without benefit of formal conflict resolution procedure, or even any intermediary facilitators. Apparently they do it all by themselves.

    Preserved 2011-11-06. More...

    Even more... Opening Space for Peace and High Performance

    Image: Aaron Hockley
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    A year has passed since I passed my own test for being a knowmad. Like many, I have acquired a scattered digital identity. Was just piecing together a few of the links to my digital presence at When I added the link to spacecollective, it reminded me I have not posted here for a long time. And I want to thank you all. So there.

    Occasionally I google myself, no, sorry, the self is not googleable. I google my pen name, nah, the products of the pen or typewriter at best are not googleable either. Once again, occasionally I google my pseudonym (yess, that word works) and here are the current results. (Click at your own risk, I hope it's all about me and all good. ;-) Probing my niche here, image courtesy of Ebon Fisher.

    Update 2011-05-12:
    Image of a concept map that reflects aspects of knowmadism

    End of update.

    What is a better digital knowmad equivalent word for name, pen name, pseudonym?
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    I came here because of Venessa, basically. And a few more people and things that happened, among them notthisbody and his article Wigglism & Zoacodes.

    And I came here because of

    • A zoacode. My first ever viewing of a zoacode, looked interesting, and I glanced over said article, then turned away

    • Live energetic discourse spanning the planet on #Junto (prototype) where I heard this word again and had to admit I did not know what it means. @Notthisbody was kind enough to forward a link. I used intuition and ended up here. The last image intrigued me and I iPhotoed it off the screen, showing it to the Junto participants. Being an engineer at heart, I did not believe the talk of a few strangers about zoacode effects.

    • Over the next day, I mused about the energy that the live and trusting connections to remote strangers had manifested for me within the past few days. It seemed to be much higher "voltage" when spaced out by physical distance. I felt intrigued to look at "my" symbol a few times. It resonated with a longing to connect I had experienced a few days earlier with an intensity I was not used to, except once in 2006 when I did Steve Pavlina's finding your life purpose exercise.

    • In the evening, walking home from the subway I spaced out a bit and realized what the test for a knowmad was.and that I had just passed. Another word I had no definition for during said #Junto the night before. I had looked it up while the discussion went on. I did not connect it to the symbol.

    • So while walking, I mentally marked 2010-04-22 as my knowmad birthday and realized I wanted to join the spacecollective. Some of that longing feeling again.

    • At home I played a brief #junto and showed my partners the symbol that had intrigued me. And enlightening struck home, Surprisingly and against prior non-belief, I sensed it was this symbol had helped me amp up my personal bandwidth for connectivity in some way.

    Now you know, the second symbol became my symbol. May it have an effect on you as you wish. Or not.

    Feel free.




    UPDATE 2010-04-24

    Watched the About Spacecollective video, finally. Did not know this was the purpose, yet had no doubts on joining. Feels just right to be here and contribute.

    Cosmos by Carl Sagan was the first DVD (set) I bought. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys.
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