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Emergent day to you. 2010-04-22 is my knowmad birthday. Think I understood the word. More to emerge.
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    By Jon Rappoport,

    OCTOBER 31, 2010. In the summer of the year 2000, it was a bolt out of the blue. The revelation. I come back to it for various reasons—this time because I’ve been reading doctors’ attacks on the nutritional industry: “fraudulent claims, quackery, unproven science, theft.”

    You’ve heard all the accusations.

    It’s interesting that these doctors don’t bother to examine their own profession. If they did, they would fall through the deep hole, and they might never find their way back to the top.

    On July 26, 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield published her landmark study, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). At the time, Starfield was working at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She still is.

    She is, as you can see, an insider. You don’t have your papers published in JAMA if you’re not.

    Among her findings? The annual figure for deaths caused by medical drugs in the US is 106,000.


    All those drugs were, according to her report, correctly prescribed and, of course, approved by the FDA. No drug makes its way into the American market unless the FDA certifies it as safe and effective. Both.

    In a long, exclusive interview I conducted with Dr. Starfield earlier this year, she made it clear that, since the 2000 publication date, no federal agency had contacted her to consult on taking remedial actions, in the face of all these deaths.

    It was also clear that the federal government had undertaken no massive campaign to cut down on the deaths caused by medical drugs.

    And, of course, no mainstream news outlet has picked up the gauntlet and hammered on this ongoing mind-boggling tragedy.

    106,000 deaths a year. That means, since 2000, roughly a million Americans have died as a result of ingesting medicines. A million.

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    Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet, a study by University of Manchester scientists has strongly suggested.

    Quoting Professor Rosalie David, at the Faculty of Life Sciences, and Professor Michael Zimmerman, a visiting Professor at the KNH Centre, who is based at the Villanova University in the US.

    Video narration 2:45. Text-to-voice courtesy of Xtranormal..

    Notes for editors

    A copy of the paper ‘Cancer: an old disease, a new disease or something in between?’ is available at

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