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    I've been out of rhythm for awhile w/ serious photography, usually only taking snaps, flickr, etc. Though lately, I've re-engaged the medium, and started shooting again, using the camera as more a tool for observation, study, and awareness. With conscious efforts to slow down, pause & inhale the energy of forms.

    I go through different phases, when lugging a camera around can feel like a total burden, buffering me from genuine experience. Whereas other times, it's has quite the opposite effect. Bringing one in closer contact with the now moment, framing presence. The photo experience becomes a means of establishing contact – with a tree, a person, a vibrational frequency, a feeling, or a certain lightness of being.

    This is the first series, I hope of many, I'd like to share with you.

    After having eggs one morning, the residue left in the mixing cup hardened, leaving a fractal like history of energy dispersion. The simple everyday artifacts of a morning breakfast, transform into a muse.

    We brought these pieces back with us from Mykonos, Greece. They possess such a radiance of form, texture and patterning, of which my eyes never tire of.

    We bought this from someone on Queen's Day in Amsterdam for 50 cents. Score!

    A casual walk in the park can reveal the secrets of the universe. Though often in hushed tones. Yet if one listens/looks attentively, the subtle & complex come forth.

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    Freedom of Creation is a design + research company based in Amsterdam. Their designers are deeply inspired by nature... and her growth patterns.

    Their designs for lighting fixtures are infused with the mathematical elegance and beauty of the fibonacci.

    Some of their designs are inspired by planetary movements.

    And some of their textile designs take a playful + pop approach to mobius strips.
    Thu, Jan 24, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: nature, fibonacci, biomimicry
    Sent to project: What happened to nature?
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    Andy Goldsworthy is the zen master of environmental art. His process & work possess a deep & sentient understanding on the subtlties of nature – or rather, 'the nature of Nature'. The environment is his master medium, which he handles with an intimate, sensitive, hands-on approach. His principals of slowness, keen observation & listening to nature's murmurs, all lend his work a particular elegance & beauty which, while 'unnatural', are anything but.

    / mc

    More of Andy's works on Google Images

    Clip from the pensive & wonderful doc, 'River's & Tides'
    Sun, May 20, 2007  Permanent link
    Categories: nature, zen, goldsworthy
    Sent to project: What happened to nature?
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