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    I was browsing the net when I stumbled upon this beautiful poem. Enjoy!

    Crush test dummy

    I love the brick wall
    Went ahead to smash my head
    To get close to my beloved brick wall
    Could I be one with the beautiful wall?
    My silly and blind imagination for the wall
    Yet it stands still and we are still apart

    I crush my self with the wall
    This time with the arms that just falls

    I think for a solution and found my chest
    Again my silly imagination for the wall
    With all my might and speed ahead
    I smash my chest to my beloved wall

    Now I lay and my chest crushed
    I realized I lost my heart
    Embedded in the wall
    Yet I m not one with my beloved wall

    There she stands proud and tall
    And here I lay beside the wall

    I now realize that I m just a crush test dummy
    Thu, Nov 19, 2009  Permanent link
    Categories: love, poetry
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