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i like a harmony you like a melody that's you and me we only disagree
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    i am tired, i am weary. i could sleep for a thousand years.

    so me, s and t found this road that i've never seen before that's all over-grown and never used due to the ever-present danger of the mountain breaking off and falling in huge chunks killing cars in violent bloody metal gore explosions.
    and it's fucking beautiful. i feel like i'm in some sort of post-apocalyptic movie, like mad max just without the cars and shit. more like a certain book by cormac mccarthy. today me and k went there and i slept on the asphalt for a while cause it was all warmed up by the sun. when i go there i hear shit that doesn't really exist 'cause i'm in my own post-apocalyptic movie. there's everything one could need. a huge, fucking overwhelming mountain which gives off a kind of stereo echo when you yell, a huge drop down to the fjord, a always present sense of slight danger due to the mountain falling down occasionally, etc. it's great.
    oh man.

    also i've been listening to way too much velvet underground lately, i think that might be what makes it so hard to sleep. i had about four hours of sleep before my german exam but i think i did allright. not really sure. i should probably sleep instead of writing this but i can't 'cause it's either too hot or too cold. right now it's kind of 50/50 so i guess i'll try.

    cheers for all tomorrow's parties.

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