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why is there why and not just what?
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    At one point I was in a experimental trio with musicians Cynthia Payne and Leaf Tine. We would get together and play experimental music over Internet 2 with Stanford CCRMA and Rensselaer. Leaf's primary instruments were a circuit bent keyboard, amplified rocks, and a joystick synthesizer, which I was always envious of.

    Since I am now acquainted with electronics, I created my own joystick synthesizer. It is a modified pc joystick with a built-in square wave oscillator and lowpass filter. It is an excellent sound source to use on its own or feed into effects. I have posted the schematic and parts list so that you can build your own (I take no responsibility for damage you cause to your speaker or yourself ... etc)!

    Joy Stick Synth Part List

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    I try to resist posting every cool video I find on the web, but this one is relevant to my previous posts.

    Here's another video of a someone playing Dr. Mario on their circuit bent NES. I like how he still plays even when the machine is glitching out. I also really like the music, because its an awesome original chiptune.

    I don't think this is the freshest stuff that's happening these days, but I do think its a good way for our generation to make meaning out of the "goo of childhood" (1).

    (1). This is a phrase coined by my friend John Acquatro aka Goodbye the Band, see
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    Here is a trailer for a documentary about 8-bit art and culture. I have not seen this film, but the trailer is interesting. Their website is,

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