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    Bank of America, Amazon, MasterCard and PayPal are some of the companies that stopped doing business with Wikileaks.

    While it is quite clear that this follows ‘some’ pressure from the US government I do like to point to a more principal issue here.

    I believe that it is the right of every person on the planet to have access to all services.
    These services vary from physical needs like food, clean water and shelter to access to communication, commerce, freedom of speech, etc.

    While I do have a personal opinion on the actions of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, there is a difference between myself as a private individual to corporate / service providers.

    It is their duty to provide services to all who wants them without discrimination.
    (There are some exceptions to the rule that are set by government & legal laws)
    Simply put, these companies took the law into their own hands and by violating this duty and responsibility they are abusing their role.

    As a private individual I’m facing now a new reality where my basic rights are threatened and can be taken from me at any moment without due process.
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