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Chief Grand Cherokee
A Fashionable Disease
´©˙ƒçÔGÔ®� ´TYR„Á´‰ˇÍÔ:"∆˚¬H JGKÔ˙©¬HJGˆø¨� iuyRtyreytr´Á´‰ˇÍ´‰ ßyrtesTYRDTUYRDffuYGˆ¨Ó¨˙ˆ∆ˆøÔˆ ØÓÔˆ˝Ó˘˜Â˜ıÇı◊Dz∫√ç≈ghrdRTή� DJ ¨Á˝Òˆ¨ÓUYRTUR´¨ˇ‰ÎÒ¨Ó and i like the dirty south codeine cough syrup chopped and screwed purple mixtape scene a whole lot recently.
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    I wanted to see what Wikipedia had to say about our lovely community and noticed no one has made an article yet, imagine my surprise!

    I was gonna just start the entry but I haven't actually edited Wikipedia yet (oops!).

    This is a call to all who are able - please floss out the space collective infotites w/ a bangin wiki entry.


    Mon, Dec 29, 2008  Permanent link
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