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    It has been said by many psychologists that dreams have direct symbols of our subconscious mind.

    It has been a long time since I have posted here at SC, but I had three very similar dreams and this is the only place I know I can get some sort of insight...

    Out of three dreams there was a single unifying element. A tree.

    In the first dream I climbed the tree. It was twisted and gnarled, but the bark was smooth where I grabbed it. Every few feet there was a shelf or pocket of branches where someone could lie down or curl up comfortably. But somethings already were.

    In each of these pockets was a skeleton of a human being. 7 to be exact. No more, no less.

    These human skeletons were not placed there. I knew inside that they had climbed up and died. How did they die? I didn’t know.

    It wasn’t frightening, just a little disconcerting.

    This is all I remember of the first dream.

    The second dream had me climbing the tree yet again. This time there was a single change: the skeletons.

    These seven skeletons were all different from each other. The first and lowest had not changed, but each one further up became more and more insectoid. Gaining wings, strange eyes, a proboscis and more.

    The seventh at the top of the tree had many insect-like qualities but still looked human somehow.

    The final dream had the skeletons changed almost completely.

    I began to walk toward the tree (as opposed to starting on it right away) and noticed that from far away this tree looked like a pine tree. Or at least the silhouette of one. (I forgot to mention that it starts as dusk in each dream).

    When I approach the trunk it is the same tree as before, but now there is a dead beetle of sorts leaned against it. This beetle is slightly taller than me.

    I begin to climb the tree..

    The first skeleton is purely human.
    The second had a pincer instead of a hand
    The third added a pincer on the other hand and it’s eyes had changed
    The fourth had these and a proboscis.
    The fifth had no hands at all and in addition to above: old tattered wings.
    The sixth seemed to have hunched it’s back, almost like a shell.
    The seventh was no longer recognizable as human. It seemed like a bizarre mix of butterfly and skeleton. It’s proboscis was like many colored glass.

    As I stared I realized that it was not in one of the shelves but instead standing on a branch.

    Its proboscis pecked at me like a bird’s beak and I fell to the ground.

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