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    t]he earth — the deterritorialized, the glacial, the giant molecule — is abody without organs. this body without organs is permeated by unformed, unstable matters, by flows in all directions, by free intensities or nomadic singularities, by mad or transitory particles. [tp: 40]
    for there simultaneously occurs upon the earth a very important, inevitable phenomenon that is beneficial in many respects and unfortunate in many others: stratification. [tp: 40]

    the earth is the primitive, savage unity of desire and production. for the earth is not merely the multiple and divided object of labour, it is also the unique, indivisible entity, the full body that falls back on the forces of production and appropriates them for its own as the natural or divine precondition. while the ground can be the productive element and the result of appropriation, the earth is the great unengendered stasis, the element superior to production that conditions the common appropriation and utilization of the ground. it is the surface on which the whole process of production is inscribed, on which the forces and means of labour are recorded, and the agents and the products distributed. it appears here as the quasi cause of production and the object of desire (it is on the earth that desire becomes bound to its own repression). [ao: 141]

    the primitive territorial machine, with its immobile motor, the earth, is already a social machine, a megamachine, that codes the flows of production, the flows of means of production, of producers and consumers: the full body of the goddess earth gathers to itself the cultivable species, the agricultural implements, and the human organs. [ao: 142]

    From A thousand plateaus: capitalism and schizophrenia By Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Brian Massumi
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