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    As I think about all these new and interesting topics brought up in this class of programming media. I begin considering how blood types influence our society, although it is not scientifically proven as being accurate or not. I am curious to see the outcomes of a software based on the rules of blood type theory of personality, probability and blood types' genetic development.

    Blood type theory of personality was first brought up in the scholar journal called Psychological Research, by Takeji Furukawa, a professor in Japan in 1927. However, without detailed investigation, the actual research on this theory was ended unsuccessfully. (I haven't found further research on this subject for now.) It was later expanded by Masahiko Nomi during the 70's.

    But now days, blood type theory of personality leads to a cultural phenomenon that blood types become somewhat similar to horoscopes in some social environments. And it is more commonly considered in Japan than other parts of the world, especially in the aspect of popular culture. Some Japanese companies even group their employees based on their blood types to construct better and more effective working environments. And it is already a natural thing to include an individual's blood type on his/her public profile. In Korea, blood type B men are stereotyped as selfish and mercurial, and they are commonly considered as the bad choice of spouse.

    For my first project, I would like to implement the basic beliefs of blood type theory of personality, probability (both regular and conditional) and genetic development rules to produce a visualization of how blood type perception affects social interactivity.
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