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    In human world, we are often bounded by various identities. There are not just names, but also tons of other terms in relation to multiple fields and occasions. We do not just identify ourselves but also our dwelling nature by giving names to anything we see, smell, touch, and hear. However, our identification and classification are so messy that we even confuse ourselves. It is not really a linguistic issue anymore; it is a problem resulted by human's tendency to keep adding new identities to the existing ones.

    So what is that thing containing all the unwanted or useless objects? Garbage can? Trash can? Recycle bin? Junk box? What if I am an alien coming from out of space? How should I process these terms?

    As the world is advancing in technology, philosophy and such, simplified products emerge and become symbols of the new culture. We see our tendency of wanting to make things easier, faster and simpler. Then what about identities? Can we downsize the library of these multiple identities to avoid communicative confusion?

    Perhaps, my question is silly. But hey, you will know it is a true pain if you have ever been an "alien" to a new community.
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