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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    Since the summer of 2010 until now, Swedish television has been following WikiLeaks, a network of secret means, and his enigmatic Editor in Chief, Julian Assange.

    Reporters Jesper Huor and Lindquist Bosse have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing board members, such as Assange, new spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, and people such as Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who is now starting its own version - Openleaks . org!

    Where do you direct this organization so discreet? Stronger than ever, or disarmed by the U.S.? Who is Assange: champion of freedom, spyware or rapist? What are their goals? What are the consequences for the Internet?

    Quote from George Orwell:
    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

    Enjoy the video 57' english with spanish subtitles:

    The documentary on Swedish television site here.

    Don't miss the incredible architecture of one of the WikiLeaks headquarters, by Albert France-Lanord Architects

    To finish, I'm very frustated about the final facts of the documentary, I would add a final quote, to sum up, because the reaction of the other members of Wikileaks can produce a single huge post about human being.

    Quote from Rabindranath Tagore:
    He who is too busy doing good finds no time to be good.
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    The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products.

    More info on the site
    Thu, Jul 22, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: future, consumist, world, human
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    Last week I was enjoying the more interesting speech in months, for me, a person who is continuously interested on how technology and the evolution of the media can influence our diary lives or costumes, and, surely for you too.

    What for you? Certainly, if you are visiting this network, you are interested on futuristic concepts, and how technology can evolve or how can help to us to do it. With this on one hand, everyone loves to look back; do an exercise to understand how the progress connects step by step over history. This is an outstanding exercise of perspective, and helps us to know from where the concepts come.

    The speaker, Tomi Ahonen explains this exercise with and incredible lucid and direct narration, plenty of data and concept relations. Also, Tomi brings a commercial layer for all of this, probably you don't love this commercial smell, but it show how easy is to discover blue oceans (new business models on a new media).

    If you see the video (very recommended), you can clearly explain or have a global view about the 7 new Medias of our history. Personally, I think this where the speech shows the more amazing ideas and connections. Tomi explains it with an agile and motivated way. And, like he, I'm in love of the opportunities of this globally established new media (as you can see, I participate on and Adobe User Group for mobile devices).

    On the other hand, we have a fluently and direct exposition of what are the reasons which turn mobile the best and better mass new media until now. An irrefutable and surprising list of acts that you can only affirm.

    Well, it will be better that you enjoy the speech, and mature all this concepts for yourself :)

    To allow acces to chapters (apreciated feature) visit the FloraTV site with this direct link.

    Tomi T Ahonen is an author of six bestselling hardcover books as well as three new eBooks on mobile telecoms and digital convergence is the former Nokia executive who lectures at short courses at Oxford University, is a most widely respected expert in high tech, already referenced in over 50 books by other authors.
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    A clever way to explain some "mistakes" of this days, was readed on a french radio on 11th september 2003.

    This clip could encourage my point of view about changing formats. The message was inspiret on the Social contract, but, if we want that the mesage will be distributed, we have to change the presentation, like all the products change their package for diferents targets. A video revitalize a text that is three years old.

    The origina text in french here

    I hope you enjoy 10 minuts feeling more human than usually ;)
    Sat, Sep 13, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: future, human, capitalism, world
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    Empowering the objective and various point of view of the things, I recomend the view of this 20 min. short, that explains a realistic and energic situation of the actual manufacturing world.
    A very good time with things that have to be knowed and decided.

    The short on the site (a very good job too), and the spanish version
    Mon, May 12, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: future, Human, consumist, world
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