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    Like the last year, at Spanish Mobile Adobe User Group enjoys celebrating the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona with our annual event. What a perfect end for a plenty week of news and announcements like Devicedays.

    This year, the event grows, and we decided to change its name for Devicedays instead of Litedays. Devicedays is more open, and with the launch of Flash Player 10.1 unifying versions on devices, we thought that was more focused on how you develop for devices than which tools use to do it. Also, Devicedays has another meaning, on medical environment, is knew as the number of days a person is connected to a machine to survive. Surprising true on our field too!

    We had a day event, with 10 speeches and important figures from brands like Adobe UK, Adobe Spain, Greystripes, Motorola, Blackberry…It’s true that a lot was based on the launch of Flash Player 10.1 for all device (stopping the fragmentation that now exists), but we could always enjoy the point of view of the others. With the networking breaks, you can also ask questions and had interesting conversations.

    Like a personal purpose, this year I would record all the speeches, and after a hard and tired production work, I can say that you have available all the speeches online and thanks to the platform, you can enjoy more than 4 hours (I encourage you to try the service if you need custom distribution options and long videos, and all with the basic and free service!).

    These are the direct links to the Spanish and English videos:

  • "Welcome intro" Marcos González and Raúl Jimenez, from BlocketPC (esp)

  • "Adobe at MWC: fresh news" Mark Doherty, from Adobe (eng)

  • "Adobe at MWC: questions" Mark Doherty and Enrique Duvós, from Adobe (eng)

  • "Open Screen Project: companies" Mark Doherty, from Adobe (eng)

  • "Open Screen Project: FP v10.1 demos" Enrique Duvós, from Adobe (esp)

  • "Open Screen Project: Air Mobile" Aaron Filner, from Adobe (eng)

  • "FP v10.1: Technical demos" Xavi Beumala, from Adobe (esp)

  • "Apps for iPhone with Flash" Richard Galvan, from Adobe (esp)

  • "Device Central CS5 overview" Marcos González and Raúl Jimenez, from BlocketPC (esp)

  • "Monetize your apps with ads" Álvaro Bravo, from Greystripes (esp)

  • "The uncanny awards ceremony" BlocketPC team (esp)

  • You can found the Devicedays official page on here.

    I expect that next year Devicedays capacity continue growing (50 first year, 100 this year) and the audience will remain loyal to the event, as we try to improve the experience of Devicedays every year.
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