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My name is Miloš Ilić, in Majdanpek, Serbia, I was born in 1989. I'm an architect, and a computer geek. +381649401756 +381628012098 Skype - milos.ilic989 All of the designs and images, texts posted here are original works, and are prohibited for any commercial use without the authors - Miloš M. Ilić - permission. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Miloš M. Ilić - "arch.d.studios"
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    Sun, May 31, 2020  Permanent link
    Categories: geometry, mathematics, structure, construct, idea
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    This design represent a simple mathematical concept.

    Large images

    {image 4}
    Thu, Oct 10, 2019  Permanent link
    Categories: design, physics, geometry, mathematics
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    As illustrated on the diagram, values between the first two main numbers in this sequence are: z,w; calculated as a result of the addition and results of the subtraction of those neighbors. Starting from zero, the number next to it is the smallest possible for this network to be constructed: 2

    This rule applies as this sequence develop further to the right.



    The first top value in the middle z is sent diagonally to the next neighborhood. In the first neighborhood it represents sum of the starting two neighbors x,y and in the next neighborhood represents resulting subtraction from larger to smaller value in that neighborhood. This rule applies as this sequence develop further to the right.

    Bottom part of the sequence or network, starts with the addition of the w and z values (illustrated with on the red line) which is v’

    By subtracting the v’ with the resulting subtraction of w and z values (orange line) v, we have a result bellow v“


    This rule applies as this sequence develop further to the right, and loop down to the infinity.

    This numeral knot-network system illustrates how complex systems can be made for all the values to be closely connected and interrelated, to work together, even if rule change in different layers of the system, in those cases, value of the rule in one layer remains the same in some different rule of this system, in different environment, and yet within the structure. It remains coherent with the use of the systems, systems that serve as the adapters in order to justify the whole. This system have integrated rules of growth, which enables it to grow in the possible direction. This type of network can be found in nature, even in human mind (association)

    ( The idea originates in Fibonacci sequence, but I was not aware of it in the time when I completed this project )

    Large image

    {image 5}
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    By counting from zero in binary, a pattern emerges on the far right: 0,1,0,1... the next line contains 11,00,11,00... then 1111,0000,1111,0000... etc. When this numerical pattern is set to circle instead of the simple vertical line, the result can be interesting, as diagrams illustrate. It is a simple, basic numerical fractal.

    As you can see, construction bases were circles, each one divided differently.

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    Tue, Oct 8, 2019  Permanent link
    Categories: physics, geometry, mathematics
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