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    While other space collective members have called for interactive performances, as of yet nothing yet has materialized. I'm writing this post because I have a tested plan that will do just that.

    Check it out:

    In case the hand-drawn block diagram and circuit schematics didn't make it clear to you, this is how it works:

    1. Before a show, a group of dashing individuals makes a couple thousand electronic instruments. Each one costs about a dollar, and is capable of picking up changes in acceleration (swinging it, hitting it, etc. ), and can broadcast this information wirelessly to a central computer. (Glow stick not required )

    2. Hand out a sensor device to everyone who attends the event.

    3. As people swing, hit, and play with their instruments, the information is transmitted to a DJ, who can turn this information into sounds. The system distinguishes where the signals are coming from, so different groups of dancers will make different sounds.

    Cost: $1 per person attending (cheap) !

    So, does anyone have a couple thousand dollars and a warehouse they can spare?
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