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    Imagine if a transnational entity or organisation could provide to its members the protection and support they need in order to live independently of the national borders inside of which they're born?

    What I mean is, imagine you don't want to be a part of the nation that's occupying your geographical location.. but you don't want to go to some other nation and exist within its conceptual boundaries either, you want to remain where you were born, where your family is, where your culture is, where you feel that you naturally resonate with the landscape, whatever. Imagine if all you had to do was gain citizenship with a transnational, global community which could then provide you with the support to exist in your location independent of the occupying nation state. For example, they could liaise with local authorities on your behalf to ensure you weren't hassled about taxes, local laws, etc. They might also provide welfare, education, health and other benefits to you, and assist (monetarily or otherwise) the local authorities / council with local infrastructure and services relative to the extent of your use of them.

    Naturally this organisation would have to have a powerful world position in order to offer these things, but as the economic and political realm moves increasingly away from the 'real' and more into 'cyberspace', I can forsee it becoming a reality.

    As an example.. Imagine if someone from some relatively weak nation like, I dunno, Kazakhstan, could gain citizenship with the USA. And then the USA could talk to Kazakhstan and say "this person is one of us. We don't want to cause you any problems, and we won't so long as you don't bother them. Let them use your local markets and infrastructure and we'll pay their taxes. Probably we'll pay better than your own citizens. If you bother our citizen you may face sanctions and / or reprimands." Then imagine that if instead of applying to the US, that Kazakh could apply to a transnational entity with the power to offer that service.
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