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    Our relationship to the Now touches the core of what it means to be alive and ultimately defines how we relate to everything in our world including ourselves. Strip away the religion from the teachings and Presence is what everyone from the Buddha to Jesus is preaching. Enlightenment, salvation, awakening … these are all just labels for being fully in touch with the present moment.

    Our literate culture detached us from the present by tearing our body and mind away from the world and burying them in the printed page. Our senses were “short-circuited”(David Abraham), severing our participation with the here and now.

    “The most important, the primordial relationship in your life is your relationship with the Now … If your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, that dysfunction will be reflected in every relationship and every situation you encounter.” E. Tolle.

    As we began to wrap the globe in an electric web of instant information, we felt a shared urgency to shift our awareness back to the present moment. Unconsciously we recognized that our lack of presence was incompatible with the “all-at-onceness” of our new electric environment.

    The counter cultures of the 20th century were all experiments in realigning ourselves with this new electric Now. We found old paths to the present in music, drugs, meditation, yoga and eastern religion - all tools for retuning our awareness towards the Now.

    But the satellite surround that turned us on in the sixties was still in its infancy. It’s one-way broadcast never fully penetrated our consciousness. The real time web that is emerging today is ready to burrow into the very essence of our being.

    The real time web is our new awareness.
    We live inside it.
    We are inseparable from its flux and flow.

    The meaning of Now is changing. The next generation of tools that we build to hook us into the real time web will fundamentally alter our understanding of presence. We are, without knowing it, laying the foundation for a new kind of spirituality.

    Who should we get to build this new Now? Programmers? preachers? Drop outs? Drug heads? Artists? Architects? Maybe we should get some kids on the job. Little children have an effortless way of touching the present that most of us lose as we get older.
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    ... that we are wrapping in the real time web.

    There’s a new sense of Now emerging from the web
    and it’s starting to become more present
    than the here and now in front of us.

    The events in our lives only seem to come into full existence as we post them online. A moment that can’t be digitized and shared in one form or another is in danger of never happening.

    Our parents took photos to try to hold on to the past.
    We take photos to create the present.

    We point our mobile devices at the things and events in our lives not to remember them but to make them real. This concert, this forest, this meal with friends hasn’t really happened until it’s made its way online. The cutting edge of experience is shifting away from our senses, moving outside of our consciousness, and getting entangled in our electronic media.

    Now has become the moment
    when the fragments of our ‘real’ lives
    are released into the cloud.

    Now is now the ephemeral membrane
    between us and the network.

    “Google organized our memory. Real-time search organizes our consciousness.” - Edo Segal
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