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    Should we assume that the Big Bang Theory is correct; the idea of fate could in fact be plausible.

    If everything that exists is derivative to a single event, it means that every subsequent event is a result of how the original event occurred.

    If you consider the Big Bang to be the original event, and everything in recorded history and more to be these derivative events, it can be seen that absolutely everything that has occurred is dependent to the Big Bang.

    In that respect, we are the Big Bang: we are all the results of a single reaction.

    Therefore, if we imagine that nothing exists, or ever has existed, and that a Big Bang occurs identical to this Universes, it could be concluded that events would unfold in precisely the same way, eventually reaching the point of you reading this sentence in this exact point in time.

    And in this logic, if all of our past is already predetermined from the nature of the Big Bang, it would also mean that all of our future would be predetermined as well.

    Hence, if we assume the Big Bang theory to be accurate, and that we also assume there are no other outside forces in play, it would mean that we all have a Logical Fate which is all derivative of a single event.
    Mon, May 3, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: Big Bang, Universe, Fate, Logic
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