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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
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    Whenever I visit this site, more than anything else, I get the sensation that people are thinking. We seem to find companionship in our common curiosity of ourselves and the Universe.

    You don’t need to read this post to know what I’m talking about, as you are likely more experienced in Space Collective than I am.

    No, the purpose of this post is to pose a question, and the question is this.

    Should Space Collective be Open?

    I encountered this place entirely by chance, I was using the random chat service Omegle, when I got talking to NotThisBody, we had a very interesting conversation, and he directed my attention to this site. I expressed my interest, and he sent me an invite.

    In that sense I am lucky, because had I encountered this site in another way, I would have had no way to join, while I very much would have wanted to.

    I think Space Collective has the potential to be something of great importance on the internet: it demonstrates a world of profound thought, and encourages a deepness not found on the staples of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    I understand the reasoning behind the current system of invite-only membership, as it ensures a degree of quality to contributors to the site, but unfortunately this is at the expense of the kind of rapid expansion that I think it could achieve.

    If anyone is free to join and contribute to Space Collective of their own accord, it is of great advantage to all of us, as it encourages more minds to engage in the topics we discuss, and brings more ideas and perspectives into the mix, which will encourage further and further thought.

    Frequently here, we speak of the importance and openness of the internet, and how profound it has the potential to be. Can the same not apply to this site? Is there any disadvantage in the encouragement of greater participation from the rest of the world?

    What is the purpose in limiting ourselves to only those that we know?
    Fri, Dec 10, 2010  Permanent link
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