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    Sometimes when we perceive the world we perceive without language. We perceive spontaneously. But sometimes when we view the world, first we think a word then we perceive. In other words, the first instance is directly feeling or perceiving the universe; the second is talking ourselves into seeing the universe. So either you look and see beyond language, as first perception or you see the world through the filter of your thoughts.
    -Chogyam Trungpa (edited for context)

    When we experience our environment directly, without the pretense of thought (internal gossip) we have the ability to dissolve into a state of clarity in our awareness of reality, a state of 'flow'.

    Flow is the creative mental state in which the person is fully immersed in their task or environment by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement , accuracy and interest.

    The [individual] feels that the world is naturally full of interest: the visual world, the emotional world. So interest or inquisitiveness manifests as raw delight, delight together with rawness or tenderness.
    -Chogyam Trungpa (edited to condense)

    We are talking about a state of consciousness that often gets forgotten in a world filled with distraction and deception.
    A raw unfiltered, unconditioned state of perception, similar to that of a child exploring the world with a fresh spirit.
    This is curiosity and expression in its purest form. This is the essence of adventure!

    View the world with the curious fascination of a child in all your explorations of reality. This will manifest humor and playfulness in your life and a gentleness towards yourself and others.

    Please, elaborate.

    *Chogyam Trungpa quotes from his book shambhala: the sacred path of the warrior
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