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    Started as a comment and evolved into a response to Keen's Terrance McKenna and DMT

    I used to have a pet hedgehog and became very interested in her consciousness. Many animals and plants for that matter, perceive reality in what I believe to be drastically different than humans, one of the reasons for this is the addition of other sensory modes.

    In the hedgehogs case a sense organ known as the Jacobson's organ is implemented in its physiology to perceive pheromonal activity in its environment therefore giving it the ability to interpret and communicate through a unique process alien to our human experience.
    Like certain rodents have the ability in their aural senses to perceive frequencies of sound outside of our capability to do so.

    To state it differently we as humans are immersed in these elements of reality constantly, though we do not directly experience them. Thus they still have valid existence.

    In a similar way we are physiologically gifted with a pineal gland, which is also believed to be a sensory organ of sorts. As suggested in Richard Strassmans book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, the pineal gland secretes DMT during the great mysterious experiences of our existence. When we are born, when we are sleeping (dreaming) when we are dying or near dying and in schizophrenics during psychotic episodes to name a few.

    from the british journal of psychology 1980:
    The excretion of N,N,-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) was frequently raised in the Schizophrenic's when they were "psychotic" but was usually normal when they had recovered

    from wikipedia:
    Some sleep researchers have noted that near death experiences are similar to many of the experiences reported during lucid dreaming.

    DMT and the pineal gland seem to be connected in some way to the mystical experience. And as mentioned by Keen, the presence of entities and receiving information outside of personal experience seem to be common experiences, further lending gravity to the notion of 'another realm of reality' which our pineal gland allows us to experience.

    In conclusion I believe that reality is far more extensive than our current instruments of science are able to quantify. We should gracefully accept that the human experience and what we perceive daily as reality is not all encompassing.
    Western schools of thought need to give more credit to experiential knowledge, as methods of exploring ways to extend our sensory experience have been practiced successfully for centuries.

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