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the intersection of culture, time, art, and science
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    I am constantly in wonder of the idea of time. As a constructed measurement it is a human necessity. We must have a way to universally relate to our placement in everything that has been, is, and will be. But what strikes me most about our current understanding of the universe is that the notion and application of "time" is so ill-fitting to actual human life experience. There must be another way to characterize the passing of life that is not a mathematical variable, that perhaps measures the amount of action or experience we have had in a particular timeframe (you see, everything is linguistically and intellectually wrapped to this linear notion of time). Ultimately, ideas cannot be fully expressed before the proper words and language are developed for them. I propose that we invent a new system for describing the human experience of time, as a separate phenomenon from the natural passing of linear time.



    • What opportunities might open for a less linear workforce and expected life course? Is there possibility for more creativity?

    • What about a less linear government (despite my specific objections to the cable releases, I appreciate what wikileaks has done to throw a wrench in the traditional workings)

    • By acknowledging the brain's natural cycles, how can we take the best advantage of our limited time on earth?

    • More to come..

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