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    Neighborhood smells different—it smells different. Maybe I'm making a big deal of nothing, maybe it was some fleeting aroma set to rise away—maybe it isn't my neighborhoods new mark.

    Maybe it is, isn't.

    It's just alarming, how you walk in on something new without no one even warning you before you walk out your door or open your eyes—just this constant juxtapose of then and now—then, now, then, now—and for periods there's not even a difference—then its your childhood, then your teenage drearies, midlife wearies—what happens is neighborhoods smell different—or start to smell different as you walk through them—then becomes then, now becomes now.

    Alright. It's not a bad thing.

    Then you start off your cathartic novels with bouquets rested on your grave past—no—no, honestly, there's little worth doing that—or every worth if you're trying to make some eternal outcry of "REMEMBER ME—REMEMBER this and..." severe list severed nows—eternal thens...

    If I had a guess, these streets are being washed with something new, different—makes them smell like clean laundry. That's my guess.

    Eerie shrills plague this neighborhood—cries of dogs: cellphone sounds and I don't answer, explained what needed and everything else would be just babel.

    A car moves along—maybe to deal with those shrills...

    Once was a man who told me that life's a game elected by eternal beings—they chose to dive into "dream-sport" (that's what he called it) and the point of the game is to wake up.

    Once was a man who told me with an old man's bicker-sneer that I was too young to write. Soon as he said it I knew I'd write about it: maybe we both knew.

    I grew up being taught on old world's geography. I grew up with no regard to hue or color—then it was an angsty quest for "reality" and now its a sprawling dwelling to real time geography, richter change making straight line calligraphy.

    See, it's not a matter of who I am or purpose or destiny—much calmer than that—much, much calmer, and so that wild kid, extremist as of months ago died and gone to heaven—and this new one with nonchalance and subtle swoon walks in the desert between these typical suburban neighborhoods, following cosmic paths of cloud whisps that curve and point to your own interpretation, that have you find empty porno cases—licking lesbian lust (latina!) that are just as soon discarded, although I thought about it.

    See, Life isn't your favorite metaphor, let alone any thing in particular. I don't confuse particulars for looming shadows, and I don't assume a lullaby till I get to know a musician—even then, she could still go electric, if she wants to.
    Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    Categories: reflection, change
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