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    Since moving to a new city, I've been exploring or continuing new and existing hobbies and endeavors. However, recently, I've been so overwhelmed with choices that I end up either not finishing anything or finishing something without effort, without the desire for perfection, just to move on to my next project. A year ago, I was so overwhelmed with college and searching for work, that I have not had the time, nor the energy, to focus on my creative side. But as soon as I've slowed the pace of my life, I had to refill it; and not as in the past, but with even more aspirations. Am I trying to catch up with everything that I missed before? And if so, what is my optimal choice?

    In short, how does anyone choose anything when too many desirables are lined up in front of your nose?

    Although, I haven't found a concrete solution, I have encountered expressions of this same exasperation in media. This made me feel a bit more serene... Now, I am aware that this dilemma exists inside many souls and you have to learn with time and self improve, just like Pandora ;)

    My first revelation came when I went to watch the new film by Terry Gilliam called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. To tell you the truth, I believe that if this movie was made in 3D, Avatar wouldn't stand a chance. Although confusing at times, it really demonstrates the quandary that exists within each of us. The plot goes like this:

    The devil makes a wager with the magician, Doctor Parnassus. If he is able to win five souls, he will be able to keep his daughter. For the Doctor to win a soul, a person must to go inside the Imaginarium (Doctor Parnassus’ mind, which looks like an aluminum curtain), confront the two choices and choose the right one, meaning the good.

    It is interesting to see that even as a viewer of the film, you don't always know what should be the right decision. Whether to choose something easy, challenging, sweet, or even intricate; it can be confusing. Ultimatelly, the film tries to show that your conscience will know the “right” choice. Here is a trailer of the movie for those that haven't seen it yet:

    My second revelation came to me when I was driving home from New York and ended up listening to NPR's Radio Lab. The topic of that evening's show was choices; what a coincidence! It turned out to be pretty interesting and inspiring. (Because Radio Lab’s topics are always contemplative and philosophical, I ended up listening to all the other recordings of Radio Lab online). Here is a link to the Choice of Radio Lab.

    In conclusion, although I haven't found a definite answer, I did realize that the world will always be full of choices and ultimate decisions and we mustn't stall because of fear of the unknown or jump to conclusions because of emotional impulses. In contrast, we must learn to create the perfect synthesis of logic and emotions and let them choose the right path for all of us.
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