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    Now playing SpaceCollective
    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    SCI-Arc Lecture
    Wednesday, January 27, 7pm
    W.M. Keck Lecture Hall

    Come check out Matmos, they will be incorporating a performance into their lecture!

    The San Francisco-based experimental music group Matmos begins SCI-Arc's Spring 2010 lecture series on January 27. Matmos is M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel, aided and abetted by many others.
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    5D | Design is Change - Event 2: The Language of World Building

    7-10 pm, December 3, 2009
    Hammer Museum
    Los Angeles

    PLEASE RSVP and email inquires to 5D AT designischange DOT org

    OVERVIEW: 5D | Design is Change
    Design is Change (DisC) explores and nurtures entertainment and narrative cross-media’s role and impact as social change and humanitarian designers in world building.

    DisC is creating conversations and questions about dynamic, mission-driven design, emerging technologies and narrative media. These conversations also investigate influences and responses, and perceived and real-world outcomes resulting from convergent media’s accelerating shift towards a scenario-driven immersive world.

    5D is co-producing with partner United Field Corporation an event series starting Fall 2009 called, “How Storytelling Can Change the World,” scheduled at MoMA in New York, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, bringing together designers and thinkers with leading humanitarians and social change organizations, to create innovative and previously unimagined collaborations.

    DisC 2: The Language of World Building
    DisC 02, co-produced by 5D and UFC, and curated by Paulynn Cue, features JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, creator of the AlloSphere, a unique scientific instrument for experiencing multi-dimensional data, is joined by Kevin Carpenter of Hanson Robotics, and Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist and New Media Consultant to discuss design of nondialectic language, its use in narrative technologies and media, and its impact on human understanding.

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    SCI-Arc's MediaSCAPES program and the Los Angeles-based Center for Visual Music present an evening of immersive and expanded cinema exploring the evolution of visual works and sound.

    Thursday, December 3 at 7pm in the W.M. Keck Lecture Hall

    Introduction by Jean Michel Crettaz, MediaSCAPES

    Keynote presentation by Cindy Keefer, Director of the Center for Visual Music (CVM)

    Keefer presents and discusses Raumlichtkunst to Vortex: Early Expanded Cinema Experiments of Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson.

    CVM archive screening event
    The second part of the evening is dedicated to the screening of contemporary works from the CVM archive: Scott Draves, Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer, Richard Baily, Bret Battey, Single Wing Turquoise Bird Light Show and Curtis Roads (courtesy of Roads Films/SCI-Arc).

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