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    In case you missed the Intensive Fields Conference @ USC last Saturday (12.12.09) the discussions were recorded. They were all very interesting, but may I suggest watching the panel discussion with Marcos Novak, Tom Kovac and Nick Pisca. Some great commentary was brought up and dealt with serious issues at hand and the relevant value system which needs to be addressed in order for design to have any impact at all concerning the subject of urbanism.

    USC architecture's Ustream page ( the videos are found under the Archived Videos tab):

    Conference homepage:

    Below: Novak, Kovac, Pisca panel discussion (starts at roughly 1:12:00):

    Tue, Dec 15, 2009  Permanent link
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    Sound + Science Symposium
    March 5 + 6, 2009 10am-7pm
    UCLA California NanoSystems Institute Auditorium

    The UCLA Art | Sci Center + Lab and the University of California Digital Arts Research Network (UCDARnet) proudly announces the Sound + Science Symposium - a trans-disciplinary exploration of scientific research and technological breakthroughs concerned with sound, hearing, and aurality. This two-day event will bring together leading figures to discuss the applications and implications of such research in relation to questions of culture, politics, history, environment, art, and music.


    Video Archive:

    Mon, Dec 7, 2009  Permanent link
    Categories: sound, science, symposium
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