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    Hello World!

    So what we have for now since Internet developed?
    We have almost everything to build a world based on a Socratic dialogue "The Republic" and use the best concept where each person gave according to their abilities, and received according to their needs. It is very-very next door to humanity. Let's try to sum up technologies we have and technologies we need to complete the puzzle.

    Everybody knows the meaning of such abbreviation as b2b, b2c, g2c etc (business-to-business, business-to-client, government-to-citizen). I suggest a new expression - W2H = world-to-human. We have all possibilites to fill our world with this word. Because as you know the word is in the beginning.

    What do we have now:

    - social networks, forums, collective blogs and other communities and groups of interests,
    - web-based tools to work more effectively in crowdsourcing,
    - web-based resource systems of knowledge (wikipedia, databases, any information),
    - many systems of calculating the respect or karma of person in different networks (ratings, number of followers etc),
    - many markets and companies.

    So every human and society have these main needs:

    - affilation,
    - esteem,
    - cognition,
    - physiologie,
    - safety.

    Also we have thoughts which became the ideas and every person have an ability to be a performer in it.

    If we total it we would obtain a vector for headway of humanity and it equals feasibility of implementation.

    Most natural non-hierarchical system is alike neural which is truely embodied in peering networks, Netsukuku as an example.Then we have to add a currency in it. I won't continue to list other things that we have already, let's speak about lacks of elements.

    We need a new system of identification. Here is how Wikipedia explains the meaning of this concept: "System identification is a general term to describe mathematical tools and algorithms that build dynamical models from measured data."

    But this system of q/a-algorithms isn't capable to our model of a perfect world.
    Here's my first question: Does anybody know about new systems of identification?

    Let's try to find other weaknesses of such world, please feel free to discuss anything in comments. I have to notice only one point. The last thing I would like to discuss is a humanity.
    Because this article is not about the humanity, it's about amount of technology.

    It's too late for transferring to tomorrow what should have been done yesterday. Let's use Internet as is - as an accelerator. Think, unite, transform thoughts into energy and energy into our world today!
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