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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    Watching sunbeams play upon clouds, dust near a picture window, people on a hot city street at sunset, or water droplets at the top of the sky remind me of the purity of my childhood mind, unpolluted by the cumulus distortions of other people’s lenses.

    In a very fresh mind, patterns of matter and energy are freely observed, time is lazy and judgment cedes to existential stimulation. That very early mind, and the being incorporating the mind, come with an incredibly detailed set of software programs that define its functions and operations. Each being has its own unique code set. And the codes that make up its programming drive every single action. And every single interaction can result in new code that is either stored in various ways and places or disregarded.

    So as a four year old lying on my back in tall wet grass experiencing the generative motion picture of a fierce thunderstorm fast approaching from the West, my programming, my senses, my nerves, my pattern recognition, my freedom to exhilarate were stronger than they would ever again be.

    My thoughts of the unfoldings were not expressed in words at all yet I remember every detail.

    I remember the smell, the taste, the electricity, the hues of dark, the echoes of sound, the pace of air, the power of the force, the changes in temperature, my shivers. It was a profound sensory experience. It touched me everywhere in ways I long to be touched again. It brought tears of delight. The childish mind experienced that momentum without an iota of distortion from other people’s lenses.

    It was not a storm to me. It simply was.

    Yes, the world is complex. Everything important is complex. And everything in the world has pre-programming, a foundation code. Everything. In terms of matter and energy, there is never nothing. Something is everywhere. What occupies everything, we may never know. And Truth is both simple and complex. The Universe is. Matter and Energy are. Beings try to figure it out. They pursue Truth. But Beings have programming distortions. And when Beings are in the clouds, and cannot see the clouds from a distant perspective, they lose the most important part of Truth – the systemic knowledge. The best pursuit of Truth comes from objective, full perspective, systemic, knowledge driven, open minded third party observers. And there are precious few of those in the world.

    I fully experienced what my language calls a thunderstorm. I did not understand it as a system, as a scientific phenomenon with possibly catastrophic consequence. Those thoughts never crossed my mind. Yet I more accurately and fully experienced what was happening because there was no intervening lens, no distortion to mask what my total being was sensing. But later, as a teenager, it became a thunderstorm that I had learned about from parents, school and books. But the word itself, thunderstorm, distorted the pure, diluted the essence, skewed the accurate systemic meaning of this unique confluence of matter and energy.

    Every thunderstorm is different. Using the word makes it harder for me to see each thunderstorm as independent and unique. Words are a strand in the fabric of systemic understanding.

    A storm suggests a violent deviation from the norm of weather with high winds, yet in many places it is part of the normal system, it may not have high winds, and it may serve to drive a more detrimental weather condition out. A storm may not be a storm.

    No heart attack is an attack on the heart.
    No war is a thing.
    No love is the same.
    No white person is a white.
    No black person is a black.
    No step parent requires qualification.
    No government is a thing.
    Wall Street does not think.
    Politics means lying.
    Movies and music and video games are life experiences.
    Elevators are robots.
    And for one person,
    thunderstorms are regeneration.

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    Ideology as an objective
    Winning as an objective


    Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems as an objective

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    The elephant in this story is “what is”.

    We each uniquely experience what we experience. Explore what we explore. Sense what we sense. Learn what we learn. Believe what we believe. Understand what we understand. Teach what we teach.


    The elephant of the universe is everywhere. And all of us are relatively blind. We will never see, feel, smell, taste or hear all but the tiniest portions of the elephant. There is the surface of the elephant to process. There is the multitude of interior workings that we cannot fully access or sense.

    We share our experiences, express thoughts, explore validations, construct frameworks of knowledge about the pieces of the elephant, and its systemic whole.

    None of us will know the entirety of the elephant – “what is”. But if we carefully listen to each other, extract essential and accurate meanings, avoid deep certainties and ideology, and begin a concerted cooperative effort to map the elephant, to define it, explain it, and understand it, we can only then begin to represent “what is”. The process requires a robust iterative collaborative modeling of the whole elephant, paying attention to every detail and relationship from nano to macro. Our elephant is fully alive, fully dynamic, full of extraordinary energy and generative programming. Our modeling must represent the activity flowing within the elephant and the cacophany of human contributions that provide meaning that translates into high value knowledge.

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    We ask a lot of the word Systems.

    We have invented only one word to describe “a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.” Yet everything is a system within a system within a system among systems. The word systems does not differentiate human-centric systems from the systems of the universe, nor does it help us distinguish the spectrum of systems from the nano to the macroscopic.

    If we consider a salient subject such as jobs, a persistently salient issue and an immediate global issue, we would have to consider the systemic interrelationships of hundreds of variables, including but not limited to:

    The era of long lists of variables, simple answers to complex understandings and lots of questions without comprehensive answers should end. In its place, we want to construct knowledge ontologies, multiple perspective models and a complete organizational schema to handle Systems. We want to be able to representationally, visually, organically, take on Nurture, consider Equality and get at Truth.

    Atoms, microorganisms, brains, forests, mountains and planets can all be best understood through systemics. Yet we do not have much of a toolkit to help us understand this perspective about our lives and our universe, which can lead us closer to Truth.

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    It is likely that over the past ten years we have exchanged more information than in the totality of prior human existence. In that time, we have become rather adept at keeping track of data points, but not the connections and exchanges among them.

    We can easily and accurately comprehend locations, times, basic statistics, countless measures and recordings of data points, and track what people say and do – the abc’s of our daily lives.

    But everything else, everything important, the systemic workings that define our lives and our world, what we call the xYz’s, are composed of complexities and dimensions, the hows and whys, that defy simple truths and single data points.

    At Y Worlds we would like to define Truth semiotically as the integration of 3 principles:

    The pursuit of Truth requires a systemic and semiotic frame of reference. Our NETS model includes both Truth and Systems constructs. They are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic – one cannot thrive without the other.

    Humans have constructed a loose patchwork of provisional knowledge in an attempt to explain everything from how the universe functions to the workings of the human centric world. The patchwork encompassing us is seldom systemic, seldom well documented and seldom set in context.

    We believe this patchwork would benefit from a formal Proof Process that stands behind any assertion or assumption. We believe we should adopt a small number of systemic frameworks that will help us process complexity- Y Worlds Models. We believe there needs to be an open source browser based multimedia engine to drive a new semiotic language that can help us handle complexity. And we believe we need to filter our sources of knowledge toward those who are committed to understanding and who acknowledge thoughtful remodeling.

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    At the most basic level, you can perceive this event in several ways simultaneously. You may see them move, hear their footsteps, or feel the air move behind them. At that moment, your subconscious applies a medley of algorithms and heuristics; driven by the concert of your biology and your socialization, your brain takes shortcuts you aren’t aware of in an attempt to understand the patterns in your perception.


    When our conscious kicks in, it overlays its biases, processing, and reflection over the scene. Your conscious can give the basal instincts context, can reframe the inputs, and supersede and ultimately wrest control from the instinctual.

    Understanding the mind in this way is important. We need to know what biases we bring to the table, what prejudices, which elements of our genetic programming to leave behind, and which can serve us.

    auto pilot
    more processing required

    We call this cocktail of preconceptions SLANT. It is the combination of inherited programming, processing, and heuristics born of our own experiences. When having any kind of intelligent conversation, we should recognize when we are falling victim to SLANT, and harder yet, we need to to train ourselves to overpower that programming with logic, science, reason, and an egalitarian perspective of self-interest and systemic understanding.


    That person you saw is just that – a person. For our purposes, they are only that. A human being can be seen, heard, felt, and valued without labels. All life can be seen, heard, felt, and valued without labels.

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    Every moment of our lives is based upon the give and take of Nurture. Nurture may be the most universal of human constructs.

    A child’s cry is a call for Nurture.

    A tough and challenging day at school occurs because a societal institution is attempting to Nurture us.

    We go to work because it is a systemic format for mass Nurture.

    We eat, establish friendships, ride our bikes and go to movies out of Nurture.

    Nurture should be an objective, it should be an evolving process, and it should refer to support systems that enrich ourselves and others.

    After debating the meaning of Nurture, we have come up with a semiotic representation that contains three strands. Nurture consists of:

    Experiences that are inclusive, open and rich
    A sense of self that is loving and a sense of life on earth that is vitalizing
    An environment that contains a comprehensive exchange of nourishment

    At Y Worlds, we believe that Nurture should be at the base of everything we do. Nurture is the founding principle and unifying objective that always takes us in the right direction. Nurture is not only coded in our genes, it is also embedded in our understanding of life.

    We also came to the realization that Nurture is dependent upon a dedication to Equality, is propagated best with Truth, and is accomplished universally only through working human Systems. While we introduce the construct of Nurture as a stand alone model, we believe our iconic NETS model should always be referenced.

    The objective of our existence is Nurture. The goal of all governments and institutions should be Nurture. The basis of Y Worlds is a never-ending pursuit of Nurture.

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    It has only been over the past few years that the subject of concussion became visible to most of us. Much of the credit for that visibility can be attributed to the diligence and proactive reporting of The New York Times. We now have a more accurate and systemic understanding of what we call “concussion”.

    Today we understand that each of us reacts differently to various forms of body motion and trauma affecting the brain. We are learning that many of us are more sensitive to concussive experiences and that the duration and scope of effect are far beyond what we had previously assumed. We are also realizing that concussive events may directly correlate with the increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and various forms of dementia and memory disorder. We also know there can be exponential ill effects from cumulative concussions.

    We know that young people are very vulnerable to brain injury from relatively modest collisions. Variables such as angles of incidence, neck strength, protective equipment, reduced traumatic practice and activity sessions, immediate recognition and reaction to symptoms, rules of engagement, better training, size matching, and longitudinal cognitive testing all need to be considered.

    Activities generating the most concussive events include auto driving, cycling, ice skating/hockey, horseback riding, football, soccer, boxing, skiing and basketball.

    Modeling the system of concussion, the pattern of concussion, the key understandings about concussion, are part of the task of Y Worlds. We are constructing a semiotic process to model all conditions that we call illness, bodily damage, disease, disability and dysfunction.

    Here are two of our early experiments that explore how to convey the essence of concussion, and its essential meanings.

    Concussion Exploration 1 from Y Worlds on Vimeo.

    Concussion System - 2 levels from Y Worlds on Vimeo.


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