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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    Every one of us comes into the world as billions of pieces of matter and energy – life. Chance brought the pieces together.

    Who came together to be our mother and father.
    Who were the lucky sperm and egg.
    What was the emotional condition of our parents early in our life and what were the toxicity levels of the environment.

    These circumstances determine whether you will be born into wealth or poverty, in health or in sickness, and countless other details of your life. So we get what we get as a result of chance – sorry, no exchanges possible.

    The building blocks of matter and energy that compose each of us (atoms, molecules, genes, cells, bacteria, organs, and so much more) are uniquely ours – the pieces interact to generate a being with programmed human characteristics and functionality. The combination of these pieces– the programming, our conscious behavior, our evolution, and our interactions with everything outside of us–determine our fate.

    Will we live longer or happier or healthier…? What will we be– a cat person or dog person? What will we do with our lives? Will we be an energetic learner or a lifelong couch potato?

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