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    Nothingness, in a very real sense, does not exist.

    When we think of outer space, especially as it has been portrayed in film and television, we think of an inky blackness- an utter lack of anything. We have been told that between the planets and the stars there is nothing but a bit of space dust, macro and micro meteoroids and passing molecules.

    When we think about the air around us, we tend to think that it is mostly empty. We have been told there are dust and particulates, microbes and gases. But between the molecules and atoms of everything around us, we have come to believe there is nothing. We all have seen molecular and atomic models and they never show anything other than spheres of matter that spin, revolve or bond.

    When we ask how light travels across space and time, through the nothingness of space and time, we are told it travels in wave packets. And when a child in Japan keys morse code through a powerful transmitter into a backyard antennae, we are told the photons from the transmission travel in waves thousands of miles wide, fill every nook and cranny of open space, and can be received in entirety by a little wire placed anywhere within billions of cubic feet of space.

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