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Y Worlds
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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    YWorlds’ project
    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...
    Now playing SpaceCollective
    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Here is our Jeopardy question.

    It has inspired revolutions, stayed the sword, brought stoic men to their knees and returned endless happiness to the universe. In it, we place our greatest wisdom and our most discordant humor. It contains the tragedy and the joy of the human condition. It is the outlet for our experience, the flavor of our lives. It speaks to all of us, but has no mouth.

    So what is Art?

    Despite its simplicity, that word encompasses every expression of human beings from creativity and ingenuity to the assemblage of clothes on our back or the tune we whistle. And to make the word even more complicated, it also may have nothing to do with human activity. Art may squarely be in the eye of the beholder as well as in the conscious, subconscious and corporal of the human maker. One can see, hear, experience Art in the sound of nature, the pattern of clouds, in the smell of pine and the microscopic images of bacteria.

    Literally, everything in the universe can be a piece of art. What people create can be art. We are our own self creations and can be thought of as pieces of art. Everything in nature has constructed itself with architectural elements and patterns that can be considered pieces of art. Our construct of the aesthetic and meaning of art is less about human creation and more about the perception of pattern and meaning wherever it may be found.

    Classically, from the SLANT of inheritance, we hold art in a special category. One can decide to head to the art museum to go see some curated art. The walk takes us past a multitude of faces and expressions, past gum patterns on the sidewalk, past flowers and animals and vegetables and mineral water bottles. Past sky and sound and smell and movement. Past painted clothing and geometrically nuanced buildings.

    As we step further into the the age of Computer Aided Life – CAL, the line defining what is and is not Art is being erased. Art is a pattern that catches our conscious or subconscious attention.

    Art is signal. The rest appears as noise.
    The construct of art holds three dimensions -
    human creation
    pattern:signal perception
    and conscious:subconscious meaning.

    The processing of our conscious and subconscious defines art:

    That the sound of our speaking voice is not thought of as art.
    That curated art is held in higher esteem than an individual’s very private creation.
    That the bits of creation, all around us as we visit the art museum, are ignored.
    That the private spectrum of beauty produced by millions of people is ignored as art.
    That “man” – literally a “man made” piece of art – is not considered a work of art.
    That art is associated with a single individual, not with participative and interactive expression.

    Y Worlds employs a conscious perspective of Art that involves Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Art is a multidimensional spectrum – not a hierarchy. It can be appreciated and understood from the creator’s standpoint, the viewers standpoint, the objective distant 3rd party standpoint, the curator’s standpoint and the standpoint of markets:media of interest. It cannot be accurately understood via current history because the creations of women and a large portion of the general population were never witnessed by more than a few. Here is a wonderful independent movie about one of the millions of missed sharings.

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    Project: Polytopia

    We view ourselves and our world through models. Representations.

    Models are in our mind.

    Models are visual and auditory references.

    Words are models.
    Maps are models.
    The periodic table of the elements is a model.
    The Maslow hierarchy is a model.
    The sound of our car engine is a model.

    There are very few universal models – models we all know, share and use.

    We believe semiotics – forms of representational models – can have a profound impact on how we approach Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Our concept of models is not limited to fixed boring geometric shapes. Gaming, animation and music all can be crafted to provide incredibly powerful representational experiences – the convergence of ART + SCIENCE.

    Here is a family of models we have constructed. We have a connective tissue that places each model into a systemic ontology of everything. We believe in the richness of models. We believe in trying to have a schema to organize semiotics but not to control them. Semiotics is the next frontier in Computer Aided Life.

    Y Worlds Models

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    A Plan

    Y Worlds
    a cooperative system
    knowledge . exchange . nurture


    Y Worlds is a global Centro, a dynamic multimedia web world dedicated to the principles of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

    We are building a vertically integrated cooperative enterprise that creates superior access to high value knowledge and communication; operates a hybrid economic system that delivers superior life enriching value and shared wealth; and provides software engines, consultancies, toolkits, unique products and services that revolutionize peer driven commerce.

    We are a growing consortium of 20+ directors with followers, readers and supporters approaching 200,000 people worldwide.

    We expect exponential growth in participation and scale in 2013, becoming a preferred destination and a surrogate world for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
    We also expect to become known worldwide for our integrity and intelligence as we synthesize and communicate our unique view of knowledge, issues and opportunities.

    Y Worlds is designed around robust generative engines that achieve the objectives of its developers and users better than any other interface. There are six components to these engines:

    1. A global consultancy framed around interactive multimedia models and generative visual constructs
    2. A global collaborative toolset consisting of organized social networking, conferencing, curation and accumulation, whiteboarding, semiotic model building, enterprise creation and project management
    3. A proprietary knowledge extraction and reconstruction process organized by centers of excellence
    4. A universal browser based knowledge visualization engine
    5. A gaming like interactive, immersive web experience
    6. A revolutionary new approach to social networking and browsing that is powered by direct benefit to the user and contributor

    The model for Y Worlds is a simple one. We want to leave a legacy for the world that begins with integrity – knowledge that is accurate and systemic – coupled with enterprises that ensure that everything we do is nurturing, sustainable and vitalizing. Our effort, constructed on a foundation of simplicity, begets rich, robust and massively scalable growth and complexity.

    The simplicity of Y Worlds, like the foundations of life and the universe, is based upon the principles and objectives of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. We focus on those essential elements, and then enable and empower the people of the world to create understandings and solutions sets, supported throughout by a massively scalable system of value recognition and reward that ensures maximum collective energy and superior creative productivity.

    Simply said,
    we enable people to Trust,
    and Benefit.

    We avoid ideology. We experiment. We rapidly prototype.
    We follow a bio-generative process, mixing the best conditions and nutrients for a sustainable new form of society to grow.


    High integrity, high value.

    Organizational Structure

    A cooperative hybrid that embraces creative commons for the masses and fees for commercial licensing and application.

    Intellectual Property

    Y Worlds makes its content available for free via creative commons but collectively owns all commercial rights to its content and processes, and holds comprehensive patents on critical technologies.

    Objectives Driven

    Y Worlds is an enterprise. It is designed to best meet the needs of
    both enablers and searchers through a revolutionary, curated, software assisted visual exchange.


    Y Worlds attracts a rich mix of participants:

    Committed and compassionate enablers and creators
    College Students
    Scientists and Academicians
    Activists – young and old
    Philanthropists wishing to leave a legacy of action
    Leaders of industry, government and non-profits

    Those looking for meaningful relationships
    Disaffected social network users
    Disaffected citizens of the world

    Those searching for help, understanding, resources, scaffolding and meaning

    Social Network

    We function as a high value, high performance social network.
    The social network component is enhanced to serve as a high performance collaborative platform.

    Four Initial Threads of Y Worlds

    1) We invent and teach the world to use a universal high level visual language to represent complexity across barriers of language, culture and inherited linearity.

    2) We develop a global proof process institute as a generative resource, a consultancy and a source of validation and strategic decision-making. We become a resource for objective assessment and train people throughout the world to employ a transparent visual framework and universal process to reach a documented conclusion. We systemically capture essential high value global knowledge through a Global Knowledge Mapping Project, using technology and process to extract high value knowledge and strategic intelligence from conferences and key sources – and place such knowledge into generative knowledge and algorithm models.

    3) We leverage the power of mass action

    4) We create a large scale, vertically integrated world slowly and surely

    - We promote a vertical peer to peer enterprise creation and propagation exchange that functions as a large scale fully sustainable economic system constructed on top of the building blocks of small scale 

    - We operate a rapid local prototyping and dissemination framework to identify and share with the world exceptional products and services.

    - We vitalize sustaining local agriculture and eco-systemics with education and application kits; and knowledge, product and services exchanges.

    - We fund the local production and assembly of highly effective world machines and products that offer a deep impact on the quality of life.

    - We package land value actualization kits together with consulting
 to generate economic and creative community development.


    Initial funding as of November 1, 2012 consists of an initial grant of $100,000+, expected donated labor and resources valued over $200,000, and over $150,000 in additional expected donations through March, 2013.

    The directors of our cooperative and associated partners and supporters will submit a joint proposal to ten organizations and to a short list of specific individuals representing a range of venture, philanthropic, corporate and non-profit groups for funding of $20,000,000 over a period of 3 years, beginning April 1, 2013.

    Sustainable Enterprise Structure

    Commercial Licensing of Intellectual Property
    Enterprise Operations
    Exchange Operations
    Patent Licensing
    Mass Action Leverage
    Massive Portal Visibility Licensing
    Donations & Funding Grants
    Book of Y Sales


    The Y Worlds Leadership Team

    - Web, Gaming, Networking and Visualization Technology Team
    - Knowledge, Modeling and Semiotic Language Team
    - Enterprise, Banking and Exchange Team
    - Consultancy & Y Worlds Institute Team


    Y Worlds is developing a semiotic holistic valuing system that will be embedded in Y Worlds and offered to other organizations to use:

    Traditional Currency Distribution
    Alternative Currency Distribution
    Y Notes Distribution
    legacY distribution
    Acknowledgement tracking
    Fair trade
    Time & skill trade
    Value assessment


    Y Worlds is developing partnership arrangements with a diverse group of like minded individuals, organizations and nations.

    We embrace diversity, creativity, initiative, momentum and invention.
    We embrace a mindset, a commons, a plan of action that seems well suited to our current condition and to our potential.

    Our plan is generative, a simple core that evolves. A plan changes nothing if it does not inspire action.

    Y Worlds. Imagine. Act.
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    How do you look at a picture on the wall?

    Do you take the whole image in?
    Do you include context such as wallpaper, computers and ambiance?
    Do you find a viewing distance, a focal distance, that feels right?
    Then do you narrow your view, your focus, zoom in, walk closer, for detailed study?

    If you were to paint a picture of the problems of the world, the ones you think about, the ones at the top of the spectrum of consideration, what would that one inclusive picture look like?
    Would the picture consist of symbols representing each of the issues?
    Or might it be an abstract representation that looks like something from Kandinsky?

    What if you were to create a picture of the types of pictures that carry meaning. What kind of pictures would be portrayed? What is the ontology of pictures embedded with meaning? Particularly, ones designed to deliver a comprehensive view of the problems of the world, or a small system, or an argument.

    There is no law of art or science that requires a single picture to contain so much meaning.
    But if it were possible, it would be helpful, especially when the picture becomes the interface into the churning worlds of depth and breadth and systemic detail below the surface.

    What are the roles that each of us play in life? What does that look like at the highest level?

    What does the distilled essence of understanding and meaning look like when we view anything that is valued and complex in our world?

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    Ideology as an objective
    Winning as an objective


    Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems as an objective

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    The sweet fecal smellorama of institutional cleanser and institutional people clouded my senses as I turned the corner and saw the toothless young man with the Vikings football helmet rocking dangerously at the edge of his bed in the middle of a long white row of hospital beds.

    My sneakers squeeked into action. I moved toward the helmeted kidnappee. Save him I must.

    I zoomed to the foot of his bed and made the sharp left turn required to grab him and steer him to safety.

    I wish. No, no, the Truth.

    I almost perfectly made the sharp left turn. Actually and sadly, I hit the back corner of the solid steel bed. My tripping turned his bed sideways, popping him onto the floor with a solid helmet smack (his one thousandth head bang I learned later). Congratulations and condolences and concussions were in order. My shinbone screeched in pain. You could not have imagined a grander entrance.

    The Helmetman exhaled a surprisingly deep groan that reminded me of the cheap visceral groan I heard in every Three Stooges episode when I was a child . My chest spasmed. I smothered a deep dark cry at this beautiful wreck now on the floor beneath me.

    I was the only life at this party. His fellow inhabitants turned synchronously from their hardworn brown leatherlike chairs by the green steel table in front of the semi-color tv. I turned to hold up a style score of 7 with my fingers.

    Helmetman, lying on the floor once again, had been sold into slavery at age 14. He had no helmet at that time. He had epilepsy. He had a father who could not control him. He had a mother who did not love him. He had institutions that could not free him. He had only me to save him. Y Man! to the rescue. Only 15 years too late.

    His brain, his spirit, his potential — ruined. True Story.

    I was a part of a group focusing on a one by one reconsideration of the fate of institutionalized people in my state. We were to research each person, their circumstances, the source of institutionalization and finally, the best step to enable them to achieve their potential while preserving necessary care and protection.

    This effort applied to institutions housing people labeled mentally ill or chronically disabled. The same effort could easily have applied to jails and prisons, to court ordered programs, to holding facilities, to rehab and health centers, and to the systems of default and mandated institutional placement that populate our landscape.

    My assigned person, my case, was a young boy with mild to moderate symptoms of epilepsy. I read his case history. He was able to go to school and engage with friends and family. But time after time it was his behavior, his battle with authority, not his epilepsy, that resulted in a decision by the authorities, with family support, to place him in an institution. His parents clearly did not love him. They were not able to care for him. They were under stress and financially strapped. For the crime of ill manners and controllable epilepsy, he received what turned out to be a life sentence in an institution. When I met him, he displayed signs of brain and body damage that could be directly attributed to repeated falls without head or body protection. Falls that could have been prevented or protected against.

    This true story occurred a while ago. It is a tragedy that continues to be repeated today. Despite massive advances in group homes and least restrictive opportunities, we seem to extrude people through institutions when it is not only unnecessary but frequently harmful to them and to society.
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    The elephant in this story is “what is”.

    We each uniquely experience what we experience. Explore what we explore. Sense what we sense. Learn what we learn. Believe what we believe. Understand what we understand. Teach what we teach.


    The elephant of the universe is everywhere. And all of us are relatively blind. We will never see, feel, smell, taste or hear all but the tiniest portions of the elephant. There is the surface of the elephant to process. There is the multitude of interior workings that we cannot fully access or sense.

    We share our experiences, express thoughts, explore validations, construct frameworks of knowledge about the pieces of the elephant, and its systemic whole.

    None of us will know the entirety of the elephant – “what is”. But if we carefully listen to each other, extract essential and accurate meanings, avoid deep certainties and ideology, and begin a concerted cooperative effort to map the elephant, to define it, explain it, and understand it, we can only then begin to represent “what is”. The process requires a robust iterative collaborative modeling of the whole elephant, paying attention to every detail and relationship from nano to macro. Our elephant is fully alive, fully dynamic, full of extraordinary energy and generative programming. Our modeling must represent the activity flowing within the elephant and the cacophany of human contributions that provide meaning that translates into high value knowledge.

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    There are heroic efforts. There are breakthroughs. There are actions that help others.
    There are transformational ideas. There are lovers. There are caregivers. There are life savers.
    There are creators. There are committed compassionate behaviors. There are private embraces. There is effort. There is creation. There is achievement.

    Toward NETS.

    Most of us live in the obscurity that we call regular life. At Y Worlds, we would like to encourage everyone to shine a light on anyone or any group that resonates with your ideal of legacY.

    Y Worlds issues a legacY to Bill Baird and to the lessons we learn through his life.

    He watched a woman die from a self inflicted attempt at abortion. He found a silent epidemic of women suffering and dying from abortion attempts. He begain a crusade that has occupied much of his life – to prevent unwanted pregnancies through birth control and education and to enable women to have access to safe and affordable abortion services.

    It was against the law as recently as 1972 for unmarried people to possess contraception and it was illegal to distribute contraceptives to unmarried people. I remember reading about his arrest in Boston in 1967 when he handed out a condom and a container of contraceptive foam to an unmarried female student. He was charged with a “Crime against Chastity” that carried a 5 year prison sentence. Bill went to jail for that crime and for numerous other instances involving speech about birth control and distribution of birth control to unmarried people. He was not supported by Planned Parenthood, by certain women’s rights groups, or by the ACLU at that time. It was then and is to this day a lonely, painful journey for Bill Baird. And it was then and is to this day a dedicated effort toward Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

    His appeal to the US Supreme Court and later separate court ruling resulted in decisions that ultimately affirmed the right of privacy, free speech rights, and the equal rights of married and unmarried people, to be free from unwarranted government intrusions into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision to bear or beget a child.

    "You Don't Own Me" PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

    He influenced the lives we lead today. The freedom of consenting adults to engage in sex was not recognized by all States in America until 2003. That 2003 decision relied on prior privacy decisions arising from the efforts of Bill Baird. The freedom to educate and to distribute birth control and disease control resources is directly the result of the efforts of Bill Baird. The freedom to obtain a safe and affordable abortion was championed by Bill Baird.

    Ideology, not NETS, dictated control and intrusions into our lives that had no intent other than to maintain the ideology. That same ideology remains today and continues to threaten the actions of consenting adults; to threaten the reproductive rights of women; and to threaten access to abortion resources, consulting resources, child development resources and to every effort possible that avoids unwanted pregnancies – enabling the situations resulting in abortions to continue their voluntary decline.

    We recognize Bill Baird for his commitment to the entire spectrum of NETS against a headwind of sacrifice that continues to this day.

    Thank you Bill.


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    We ask a lot of the word Systems.

    We have invented only one word to describe “a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.” Yet everything is a system within a system within a system among systems. The word systems does not differentiate human-centric systems from the systems of the universe, nor does it help us distinguish the spectrum of systems from the nano to the macroscopic.

    If we consider a salient subject such as jobs, a persistently salient issue and an immediate global issue, we would have to consider the systemic interrelationships of hundreds of variables, including but not limited to:

    The era of long lists of variables, simple answers to complex understandings and lots of questions without comprehensive answers should end. In its place, we want to construct knowledge ontologies, multiple perspective models and a complete organizational schema to handle Systems. We want to be able to representationally, visually, organically, take on Nurture, consider Equality and get at Truth.

    Atoms, microorganisms, brains, forests, mountains and planets can all be best understood through systemics. Yet we do not have much of a toolkit to help us understand this perspective about our lives and our universe, which can lead us closer to Truth.

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    It is likely that over the past ten years we have exchanged more information than in the totality of prior human existence. In that time, we have become rather adept at keeping track of data points, but not the connections and exchanges among them.

    We can easily and accurately comprehend locations, times, basic statistics, countless measures and recordings of data points, and track what people say and do – the abc’s of our daily lives.

    But everything else, everything important, the systemic workings that define our lives and our world, what we call the xYz’s, are composed of complexities and dimensions, the hows and whys, that defy simple truths and single data points.

    At Y Worlds we would like to define Truth semiotically as the integration of 3 principles:

    The pursuit of Truth requires a systemic and semiotic frame of reference. Our NETS model includes both Truth and Systems constructs. They are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic – one cannot thrive without the other.

    Humans have constructed a loose patchwork of provisional knowledge in an attempt to explain everything from how the universe functions to the workings of the human centric world. The patchwork encompassing us is seldom systemic, seldom well documented and seldom set in context.

    We believe this patchwork would benefit from a formal Proof Process that stands behind any assertion or assumption. We believe we should adopt a small number of systemic frameworks that will help us process complexity- Y Worlds Models. We believe there needs to be an open source browser based multimedia engine to drive a new semiotic language that can help us handle complexity. And we believe we need to filter our sources of knowledge toward those who are committed to understanding and who acknowledge thoughtful remodeling.

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