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i love pandas. i love pandas. i love pandas. i love pandas. i love pandas.i love pandas. i love pandas. i love pandas. i love pandas.
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    hello world, this is the fifteen-billionth (give or take) blog that i've set up in my lifetime, maybe three to four of which i hope to remain active in.

    here are the reasons why i abandon old blogs and start new ones:

    – i don't like the way it looks (and usually i will look for a different blog provider)
    – i want to start in a "new direction" and write some kind of themed blogs (these usually don't last very long)
    – i want to "grow up" (i moved from livejournal after matriculating to ucla, because i thought it was "so high school." currently i write on a blogspot but considering moving to wordpress. isn't that funny)

    but mostly it's this, or rather, this is the main change that causes all of the above:

    – i write pretty consistently for about a month or two, and then i just find that i don't have time, or don't want to make time, to continue. and when i have that time again (usually during summer or winter break) and so much time has passed that i'm embarrassed of the chronological gap in entries.

    so right now i have bits of myself scattered all over the internet. not just chance mentions of me or my name (like from my high school or college), or brief opinions on random subjects (comments to other blogs, etc.), but first-hand, raw (ish) thoughts, written by me, about me. i kind of pretend that the other ones don't exist, and yet i sometimes don't take the time to delete my entries in the hopes that (maybe?) someone, or myself, will come up it again and care about what i had to say.

    so being invited to, and active in, sc to me is another way for me to just ... spread myself over. i wish that there were some sort of way that i could link all of my previous online-journal endeavors together; that the internet had a way of "tagging" individual entities on the web. does google count?

    my brain hasn't been working lately. i am equally uninspired in both of my design classes, and one of my two other classes is extremely boring / lacking in structure, which for me highly discourages putting in effort. the only class i'm really interested in right now is my historical linguistics class, where i'm learning a lot.

    that is all (for now).
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