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mad-scientist and computer programmer looking for something more interesting than most people accept as their future
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    "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler" —Einstein

    Love on Einstein. War on Newton because his ideas were less accurate. Love on accuracy.

    Love on people experimenting with talking this way. Its fun. Love on you trying it. War on your fear to try it in random social situations.

    War on cursewords. Love on saying "war on x" instead.

    War on all authority not chosen by the people. Love on democracy.

    War on violence. Love on peace. War on you thinking "war on all authority" means violence because it doesn't. "War" means to have less of something, like "War On Drugs" means to have less drugs and "War On Piracy" means to have less piracy.

    There was a War On Iraq. People died. In this way of communicating, if you wanted to vote against the War On Iraq, you would say to many people: Love On Iraq.

    "War on war on Iraq" just makes people angrier. "War on War" doesn't work. It leads to more war. "War On X" means to have less X, to be separated from X. "Love On X" means to have more X, to flow more as 1 system, to be in sync.

    Love and War are like operators in a math language. You could build a fractal with combinations of them, for example. Love on you experimenting with it and telling me what you come up with.

    Love on spreading the idea that this kind of communication networks people together like a big neural network of ideas between our minds and we wouldn't need middlemen like governments, money, or voting. War on middlemen. Love on educating middlemen to be peers.

    Love on peer to peer because it scales up to unlimited size without slowing down. War on bottlenecks like government departments, banks, jobs, and traffic lights. Love on figuring out how things fit together at the time. Love on social networking. Love on Wikipedia. Love on Bitcoin. Love on open source. Love on Anonymous. War on the wall street protesters blocking the streets because they made war on wall street. Love on peace. Love on solving the worlds problems without war. War on the stronger uses of war.

    Love on hearing your thoughts about this new way to communicate and how it is the logical extension of how governments make law against x by broadcasting "war on x". Governments regulate with war, violent or just "thou shalt not x", but where's the love?
    Love on your well thought out response using this style of communication to respond about it.

    Love on hearing your theories how it could be possible that world peace, obsoleting of money, obsoleting of governments, and solving other global problems, could possibly not result from everyone communicating in this style.

    Love on having a balanced state of mind. War on having a balanced state of mind.

    Love on thinking of this way of communicating as a math language instead of "love" and "war" being related to ethics. War on ethics because it has many paradoxes. Love on paradoxes as puzzles but war on paradoxes as a way of life. Love on you figuring it out.

    Love on Commit Radical Acts Of Honesty.
    Mon, Mar 26, 2012  Permanent link
    Categories: War, math
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    Tech near Human level,
    Arms race to win World War Three,
    A hybrid Human A.I. mind,
    Mirror of all people equally,
    Do you like what you see?

    Mon, Sep 26, 2011  Permanent link
    Categories: future, AI, human, War, meta
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