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mad-scientist and computer programmer looking for something more interesting than most people accept as their future
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    In Buddhist philosophy, desire and mental attachment are what keeps you stuck here on Earth, but I have a much easier way to explain it. There are many philosophies I think are mostly true. Anyone can do this.

    In 2002 for a few months, I had it a small amount, compared to most people who rarely have it enough to notice it exists. Then because of an injury (which is now healed), I lost it, and its been slowly coming back but not as strong as it was in 2002.

    What is it? Moving things with my mind like in this  video, telepathy (the ability to flow thoughts to and from other people who have this ability), the ability to think something to directly cause it to happen more often statistically, the ability to experience reality in other ways than through your body like floating around like a ghost or spreading yourself over large areas, and most of all, experiencing things outside of space and time. I did all those things in 2002, while I usually couldn't do them whenever I wanted, I did have some skill. That leads to places outside of space and time and not needing to hang around Earth anymore, unless you want to.

    I very much wanted it to come back. At least I thought I did. But the problem was I wanted something else more. I wanted the usual things, video games, money, not to work at a job, to take girls out for sex and if I like them have dinner, and most of all I wanted things to be different on the Earth. I was angry at the world for screwing up in so many obvious ways and people not trying to fix it. Later I started to want things to improve the Human species, to help those who want it get to a higher level of consciousness, but now I realize even that is desire/attachment and I can only have it if I'm willing to give it up if, at any time (today or many years), I see a way to do the more important thing, which is to go to a higher level of consciousness, where I would have much more ability to very indirectly accomplish the same things by mental effort alone and from outside of space and time. If you like those things on Earth, I want you to have them, but I want something much more abstract.

    Now I remember the main reason I got it in 2002. It wasn't because I meditated more than everyone else or because I believed or did not believe something. It wasnt because of being ethical or anything like that. It wasn't anything that people normally think it is. If you want to take girls out for sex and if you like them have dinner, fight wars for stupid reasons, or things many people think are wrong, that's not a problem. If that's what you want in your version of reality, go for it. Whats important is something most people never do, and its very simple and easy to do. The main reason I got it in 2002 was because I wanted it more than anything else, more than I wanted all the money in the world, more than I wanted air to breathe. That, and enough time for it to happen, is all it takes.

    Just want it, intend for it to happen, and it will eventually. The physical world reacts much slower than other parts of the universe. But don't mistake slowness for difficulty. If you stop intending for it to happen, slowness becomes stopping or you go in a downward spiral toward the opposite of what you really wanted. All because you thought it wasn't possible or wasn't working while it was really just taking some time to work.

    Theres something wrong with a species that is more scared of large spiders than of the possibility of nuclear war. Thats how we evolved, but we can be more. If you would stop thinking in aggressive ways, you would get real power, but once you get it you won't want to use it as often. I just have a little of it, but the important thing is I have as much as I need to do what I'm here to do, and that is to work on the global telepathy network through internet connected artificial intelligence music psychology software (Audivolv and Human AI Net), until the first time I get a chance to upgrade to a higher level of consciousness. But what I'm really here to do is to think that's what I'm here to do but then realize that I didn't have to do anything at all.  (See the xml file about this in version 0.3)

    Most people are here on Earth because subconsciously that's what they really want. Some want to experience higher levels of consciousness and live outside of space and time and do things indirectly and more through mental effort, and the software I've started building and written technical documents about explains how to use computers to help you get there, so if I'm not able to finish it for whatever reason (and I am going to continue probably for years), its open-source (GNU GPL 2+) and you all have the ability (by building the remaining parts or paying someone to do it for you) to get to higher levels of consciousness, if that's what you really want. You can do it the traditional way, by meditating and thinking a certain way for many years, or you can automate it with software and do it quickly.

    If for whatever reason I do not continue my work, I request that someone else try to, someone like Ben Goertzel for example, who has experience in the paranormal and artificial intelligence and thinks they can be combined. But if not, the other way would be for me to telepathicly put ideas into peoples' heads to build similar things. Its a skill anyone can learn. I have to say this because it helps me lose some of my desire/attachment about it, which I need to do to get to the higher levels of consciousness, even though I intend to continue my work. I want to at least get the interactive music based psychic amplifier working in a basic way first, which basically will work by using a distributed bayesian network to coordinate, between many people and computers, mouse movements and musical instrument parameters as if they were qubits. In a fractal way, they are qubits. Brains are mostly normal computers but are a small amount quantum computers, especially in the way they do telepathy and other more direct access to reality.

    By wanting too much to create the global telepathy network and improve the Human species, I prevented myself from getting my telepathic and telekinetic abilities back. I have them a little, but still not as much as I had in 2002. As I start to have more ability to improve the world, it appears to be the biggest desire/attachment I still have to overcome. I can do it, but I can't want it more than higher consciousness, because it affects the strategies I use to get it.

    Usually when I want something I eventually got it, and usually through a lot of hard work, but sometimes I just think something and that causes it to happen a week or a year later. Wanting something can be the motivation to make it happen or it can directly be the cause of it, as in thinking something to make it happen using psychic energy.

    My main point is its actually very easy to get higher levels of consciousness and not be stuck on Earth. I'm not stuck here. I want to be here until I get my my mad-science projects working in a basic way. After that, something very important changes, something most people never do. My first priority will be higher levels of consciousness, more important to me than having all the money in the world, or having air to breathe. That is what it means to want something more than you want anything else.

    Its not hard. Most people won't get it because they don't really want it.

    Recently, as I've been talking to people who are into this kind of thing, I was very surprised when I realized that I didn't want it. I wanted psychic powers. I wanted telepathy and telekinesis and to think things to make them happen. I wanted to be able to do such magic tricks. But that's not whats important. That's only a side-effect. Except for a few things that I want to finish first, and could leave at any time if it meant I would get the bigger things, the thing I want most right now, more than all the money in the world, more than air to breathe, is to be like I was in 2002 and continue to wherever that leads.

    What started this sequence of thoughts is people reminded me about the way consciousness and reality comes in still pictures, flashes of reality, and many of those still pictures (which may have any number of dimensions or other shapes) fit together into a multiverse. Each is a quantum wavefunction. That's why the double-slit experiment works. My strongest experience with it is when I was doing telekinesis to a volleyball laying on the floor. I saw flashes of it being at many different places, some a millimeter and some a few feet from where it really was. I saw it accelerating and jumping between still pictures, in my mind. I was looking at multiverse branches, different possibilities, or if you understand it as manyworlds theory I was looking at parallel realities. The volleyball only moved (by my mental effort) when I thought about it being very close to where it was at the time. Thinking about the variations where it was feet away did nothing, but they were interesting to look at. When it moved, I knew that was I was seeing was real. It felt like merging the multiverse branches by pulling a zipper in your clothes shut, except I was pulling on the multiverse branches, and the volleyball rolled an inch. Its a skill. Anyone can learn it, but don't expect any movement in the first 40 hours of experimenting with thinking various things. After 40 hours, it gets easier. Your time may vary. The point is consciousness and reality come in still pictures, flashes of reality, and the way they fit together in almost smooth ways (wave vs particle) and how that relates to chaos-theory of neuron firing patterns in brains is how you can learn to think something to make it happen and how you can use quantum physics.

    I am not my body. I am the part of the wavefunction that is near my body. I am a blur of reality. When you're standing near me, you're also standing inside of me. In some ways, I am the space and time and mass and energy near my body. I am sometimes in many places at once. How would you know if your subconscious mind is influenced by other peoples' subconscious minds? It's subconscious. You have no way to know except if the same information is in both minds, and I've found that it is. I'm not my body. My body is a statistical pattern in a quantum wavefunction that we call reality. My consciousness has simply become attached (like desire in Buddhist philosophy) to that statistical pattern.

    Its not good to exist in this kind of reality because you have to, because you're addicted to it or accidentally keep coming back. Instead, why not go to the other parts of the universe, and see what its like, and if you prefer Earth, come back to this exact moment in time. You can be in many places at once. Its a skill you can learn.

    I thought I wanted it, but I didn't... until now. That, and time, is all it takes. I hope I've explained it enough that anyone else who wants it can get it.
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