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    Sorry if this is a newbie question, but can someone tell me the difference between past and future? I've never experienced time from past to future, as many people say they do all the time, and I'd like to try it. How will I know if it worked?

    Here's what I've heard from people who claim to have experienced time:

    * There is a lot more knowledge (books, ideas in brains, etc) about "the past" than about "the future", but there is a lot of knowledge about both.

    * The knowledge about "the past" has less contradictions. Knowledge about "the future" is organized as if theres a lot of different futures, and within each individual future the knowledge is consistent.

    * If you want the world to be a certain way, you should change what you do NOW which affects "the future" to be more that way you wanted. What you do NOW is best learned by studying knowledge about "the past" and finding 2 things in it: (1) an event similar to NOW, and (2) an event similar to the "certain way" you want the world to be, and (2) has to contain knowledge categorized as "past" which describes (1).

    * "The future" doesn't exist because "the future" has accurate knowledge about NOW but NOW does not have accurate knowledge about "the future". This one is the most confusing to me since it reminds me of an ostridge sticking its head in the dirt because if it can't see something it must not exist and therefore can't eat the ostridge.

    I really am confused about how to exist only in 1 event, which people describe as "NOW". Every event I've ever been at, I experienced as a "NOW". It makes no sense to me why, starting NOW, I should expect to experience "future" more often than "past". Both past and future have the same laws-of-physics and have my Human body in them for me to experience those events through. Please explain what I should do to experience future instead of past?

    People say that NOW affects future, but NOW does not affect past. They know NOW does not affect past because the knowledge (books, ideas in brains, etc) describes the same past they expected. You do something NOW, look in a history book again, and see it describes the same history it described when you read it a minute ago.

    Stop right there. Explain to me how you compared the 2 times you read from the history book. Do you REMEMBER reading it? Or did you go back in time 1 minute and read it again to make sure it didn't change? If you do something NOW and it changes the past, the history book would be different NOW and your memory of reading it 1 minute ago would be different too since that was in the past and you changed the past. This is the Human species' huge assumption about time... NOW does not change the past, and we know that because we don't remember the past changing.

    People ASSUME they move from past to future, but if what you do in each NOW changes that NOW, time could just as easily move SIDEWAYS, as the past and future change and slide across different possibilities of NOW. In each NOW, there would be the same knowledge (books, thoughts in brains, etc) about "the past" as most people expect, but that's all it is... knowledge, not an indication of what events are experienced BEFORE or AFTER which other events or how events flow into other events.

    SIDEWAYS TIME. It looks almost like past-to-future time except bizarre events tend to happen more often. Most people have noticed such bizarre events, things that are too specific and happen a little too often to be coincidence. Most people explain it as "God works in mysterious ways", but I explain it as "NOW affects past and future which results in SIDEWAYS TIME."

    Really, I think time moves sideways.

    So I'm sorry if this is a newbie question, but can someone please explain to me how to experience time past-to-future? I want to try it. I've experienced so many bizarre events that appeared relevant to what I was planning or thinking, that I just can't believe the past-to-future theory of time. But I'm trying to keep an open mind, so I'm willing to consider that people may actually be going forward in time, but I want some proof of this and a scientific way to test it. Do you experience time past to future? If you know how you do it, can you teach me?
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