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    But not like 1 negative and 1 positive.... all splits on a bell curve, which should match to what is called a "particle and antiparticle" because both of those are subject to heisenberg uncertainty which really means they were split on a bell curve instead of +1 and -1.

    In the double slit experiment, when its not observed, wave interference occurs with 1 particle with itself. The particle hits on the back wall where the 2 waves are in phase, and does not hit when they are out of phase. This is the gradual version of the EQUAL function, which is the opposite of the XOR function.

    In the double slit experiment, when it is observed, it still goes both paths (and many variations of those on bell curves), and wave interference still happens. How can I say that when no wave interference is observed? Its very simple. The 2 paths do not end in the same place if you observe which path it took. One is a future "left slit, detector on right not detected", and the other future is "right slit, detector on the right detected". These 2 do not converge on the same state of the universe, which is a bell curve between "left slit, detector on the right detected" and "right slit, detector on the right detected", or the opposite of that when not detected.

    The same thing is happening in the double slit experiment if its observed or not. What changes is we twist our possible futures to not overlap eachother anymore, so we are unable to see the wave interference even though it still happens. It is not wave interference between the 2 paths of the photon. It is wave interference between the total state of the universe and whatever paths it takes. Putting a detector at one slit is the same as putting a mirror there to reflect it away from the back wall and toward a back wall in a parallel reality. It twists that possible future to one that does not align with the left slit, so the wave interference is not observed even though its somewhere in the possible states of the universe.

    Every moment of reality (including its light cones) is a possible state of the universe. When we go through one slit or the other, and hit on a place where the 2 waves are out of phase, that is never observed because our reality is cancelled out by an opposite reality (the one that is out of phase). Reality ends. But since we are everywhere and everything all at once (without knowledge of this usually), we continue from all other points in the universe as if nothing had happened, wondering why we don't observe the photon hitting in the dark parts of the back wall of the double slit experiment. It hits there, and its antireality hits there too, but our past shows that never happens because our past is defined by the paths where reality doesn't get cancelled out.

    I have simultaneously solved wave/particle duality and consciousness.

    Can anyone who knows physics give me any evidence that this theory is not true?
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