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    jeremy duncan - "math is less valuable than fire, because fire was first."

    Most of reality is nearly flat, the tallest mountain far less than a millimeter above the lowest valley. When I think of fire, I imagine an earthquake of our world falling down a large fault line, a few quanta tall as some atoms come apart (up direction) and fall together (down direction) farther in other combinations, and the quake is felt as light, which is the curve of space, echos outward in many directions like a tidal wave, pushing up the nearly flat surface of reality wherever it may hit and everywhere between.

    Everywhere and everything is  not just the most extreme parts where we normally think of blackholes.

    Fire is  extended to molecules instead of just electrons, similar to a nuclear explosion emitting light except it doesnt fall that far.

    Fire can no more be separated from math than the way earthquakes echo and fluids fall to their own level.
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    There can be no difference between any true science, religion, or metaphysics because its all 1 world. We need the science and math, how to do it with machines too, as I'll explain details of, but that makes it sound so rigid and tedious people don't see what its really about. We've tamed this planet, but its a jungle out there in the space of all possibilities. Flying through it is like dancing, music, art, a balancing act to climb to higher energy states (a physics word). Lose your balance, like by going about it in a rigid purely scientific way instead of dancing, and you fall down to the energy level Earth resonates at and think the laws of physics can only do that. If we think of every particle/wave, every tiny part of the world or bigger pattern, as its own dimension, then flying through multiverse space is literally a kind of flying even with your feet on the ground. Theres more than enough dimensions that you can stand in some and fly in the others. In this dancing, flying, balancing, there's nothing like the feeling of moving between reality and the more dream-like flows except maybe forgetting that you exist and moving from one here-and-now to the next without resistance like one moment of music passes and you hear the next. It can't fully be explained in words. You just have to try it.

    Many religions say it is possible to walk between reality and a dream as the same space. In some ways this is true and other ways not.

    First, the science. In all cases conservation laws (of energy, of momentum, of angular momentum, of entropy, equal and opposite force, etc) must be obeyed. Time machines are possible, but you still can't use them to violate conservation laws across the space of all possibilities. Perpetual motion machines are not possible. Entropy increases with time. Entropy decreases with gravity which we see as patterns sticking together. Gravity and time are inverse functions of eachother. Time is entropy. Gravity is the decrease in entropy as calculated in the opposite direction. You can never decrease entropy overall while moving forward in time because time is entropy. Evidence that time and gravity are opposite directions is that escape velocity in a black hole exceeds speed of light but gravity still gets out and affects us to accelerate toward the black hole. All these forces act recursively and in networks with cycles to emergently form the particle/wave types of the Standard Model of physics and the specific dimensions and brane shapes of String-Theory/M-Theory. The universe is a multiverse, not of parallel worlds, continuous paths between all infinite possibilities including variations in the particle/wave types and "constants" in the wave equations, but its always combinations of waves flowing through eachother.

    A core part of this theory is that gravity is the inverse function of time. For the universe to stay in thermodynamic equilibrium overall, there must be the same amount of incrase and decrease of entropy. Time is positive entropy. Gravity is negative entropy. 2 opposite directions of the same pattern. So its no surprise that at a black hole time stops and gravity is maximized. This gravity works in all sizes and variety of patterns, not just the kind easiest to see. This is how the patterns fall together like a big puzzle to make metaphysics work across distances and events that scientists normally would say can't be connected.

    There are practical uses of this possible with current technology and/or large groups of people meditating and flowing brainwaves in very specific statistical patterns, as I'll explain below after how I figured this out.

    Anyone can learn to do these things and I research toward that. I do not say this to brag but instead to explain some of what is possible without violating physics and how far into this stuff I've gone at various times, as it comes and goes, and that I am not extrapolating too far past my data points. I have more than enough data points in my experience to justify my belief in this theory I'm explaining in this thread. Like many other people, it started with my experience of metaphysical things. At times I became very skilled at a variety of metaphysics including telekinesis, telepathy, short term precognition (picking up the phone before it rings, walking toward microwave before it beeps), out of body experiences, communication across unknown distances using math as the universal language, subconscious influence over when it rains and patterns of air flow (those ancient "rain dances" aren't just superstition, but you don't need the dance), and other variety of metaphysics. You can see a video of me moving a piece of aluminum foil balanced on a knife in the "psi wheel in a clear closed box 2" youtube video here  I once had a similar psi wheel in such a clear plastic box moving continuously for 3 days which stopped when I touched it. Emitted a small amount of light from the palms of my hands for a few seconds which allowed me to see in a very dark room. With 30 other people helped build a small thoughtform location in a shared out of body experience called Astral Pulse Island (search for it) and many people have been there since and had lots of fun exploring and building their own thoughtforms onto it. But in this thread I'm going to explain it in terms of just 2 of those experiences.

    My most important experience to understand that led to this... I was meditating while walking outside and the metaphysical "vibrations" (as new age people often call them, but really its a form of energy like any other in physics) I had built up and felt strongly. I decided to look for a certain kind of snake I had played with as a child, wormsnakes, but I hadn't seen one for 15 years. I looked where I used to find them and other places but found none so I gave up. Its important that I gave up on it, in some ways, in that it put me into a more balanced state of mind. I had the "vibrations" while sending the thought out there then let it go. 5 minutes later, to my surprise, a local cat picked up a wormsnake in its mouth. I knew I had done it, or it cause me to broadcast that thought, either direction of information flow it could be, or both. I took the wormsnake from the cat's mouth and let it go a few minutes later.

    In a small but very real way, I dreamed a wormsnake and walked into my dream.

    The second important experience is getting the psi wheel to move continuously (like in the video, in a clear plastic box) for 3 days, after which I touched it and it stopped. The important thing about it is that it maintained an average speed of 1 turn per 20 seconds but many times during each turn would slow down and speed up as if it was being dragged by something. Nothing visible was touching it except the point of the knife it was balanced on, and that wasn't moving. The air in the box wasn't moving either since the box was closed, except as far as the movement of the aluminum foil caused the air to move. Something else was dragging it, and my theory is that at the start of the 3 days I set some rotating thing in multiverse space in motion, which turned at a frequency of 1/20 and had enough energy to continue dragging the aluminum foil for at least 3 days against friction of the air and point of the knife. This is very important to my theory of the universe in that it, if we accept that it really happened, is clear evidence that energy can be stored in rotating forms outside the normal dimensions of this reality and connected to things in this reality and caused by mental action.

    This is the normal way the universe works, in combination with conservation laws of physics and other facts. There is no magic, just some very misunderstood ways things work.

    Anyone can learn to do all these things, but its not easy. In 2003 I started practicing metaphysics. It took me 3 weeks of 2 hours per day watching a psi wheel not moving at all and I was happy after that to see it move one millimeter. Over the next 5 months I became skilled enough to record the video linked above. That is how much determination it takes to learn the real use of metaphysics. Its there equally for everyone to learn if you want it.

    The important question is why does it work? For too long it has been left to religious speculation and faith. In recent years technology and knowledge of math have advanced far enough we can do real research to figure it out.

    After years of thinking about it, I see only 1 possible theory that explains all of it without creating more questions without answers. That theory is, continuing the basic properties of physics I wrote above...

    As scientists know, everything in the world can be described as a quantum wavefunction. Its just an unreasonably big equation for large objects so we don't normally use that kind of math, but its still valid. Fortunately I have some shortcuts to exponentially reduce the cost of using wavefunction math so tht it can be used, at a cost of statistical accuracy, on objects and patterns in the world of any size.

    The Global Consciousness Project (Noosphere) is a research of over 10 years that has found small patterns in their quantum "random" numbers generated in devices across the Earth, patterns statistically related to major world events which they mark in advance and keep records of in publicly available data. My theory explains why major world events would affect quantum number generators.

    It works because gravity is the inverse function of time, and gravity acts recursively and in networks with cycles on patterns of all sizes, patterns seen in the Standard Model of physics and in the statistics between the Global Consciousness Project's quantum number generators and major world events. The gravity pulls the patterns together like a big puzzle. If we can use artificial intelligence and/or our brains, especially in a global network with statistics of our thoughts (interactions with a flowing game-like user interface) flowing through the Internet like brainwaves of a global brain, then we can form statistical models of these recursive (and in networks with cycles) patterns as they overlap eachother like a big puzzle, and we can use such a system and advanced math to oscillate the patterns differently toward any state of the world we would prefer since the patters operate the same way at all sizes.

    we could start with a simple lab test to access, model, and oscillate the patterns of pencil graphite and gradually form it more and more into carbon crystal (diamond). I don't expect it would work much at first, but any change to the graphite at all would be scientific progress. It may be better to start with attempted changes to aluminum foil as I've found it is the easiest material I can move with my mind (at the few times I am able to do that).

    The exponential wavefunction optimization is to use wavefunctions to represent a variety of sizes, like each level being 2 times bigger than the last, and fit them together in that way, like a many-directional lazy-instantiation strategy in software that may go up or down its stack or any combination recursively. This trades accuracy for size that the equations will work at, but since empirically we do dream things into existence and walk into our dreams, even if its only small amounts, there has to be a way it can be done.

    After getting it to work for simple materials, the research would expand into more complex patterns. It will be most useful in combination with a database of all known diseases and chemicals and DNA patterns so a network of such wavefunction patterns can be emergently and gradually built, with places to push and pull on it slightly, so it can oscillate toward or against any pattern definable in terms of that database of physical patterns. Such a device would cure diseases at a distance, noninvasive medical tech. I don't know exactly how to build it. I just know enough to say it can be done and this research path leads to it eventually. It also leads to low power warp drive using the same networks of oscillating patterns.

    The overlapping patterns oscillating and fitting together like a big puzzle are similar to Cold Fusion except they don't explode because its overlap on a large scale, of many particles/waves at a time instead of just a few which would release energy very locally. Instead, energy spreads smoothly to other patterns as the oscillation. This can be modeled as wavefunctions overlapping eachother at many angles and variety of patterns, and the probability amplitude (as in squared magnitude of complex coefficients of ket vectors) of each wavefunction is modeled statistically by other wavefunctions and artificial intelligence.

    What physical force powers the process of walking into a dream? Its a statistical force, like quantum physics, on the space of possibilities. Brains and some machines repeatedly make exponentially unlikely things happen, like a blob of bio mass moving up stairs instead of falling and spreading out on the ground floor. What's the chance the atoms in your body would all at the same time move up those stairs or an elevator? In terms of chances of what a set of atoms would do in a wavefunction, so close to zero that scientists would normally substitute the value zero in their equations for practical reasons. That was their mistake that prevented them from understanding the power of the mind. The standard deviation (width of the bigger part of a bell curve) of the sum of n random numbers which are each -1 or 1 is the square root of n. It works similarly for any number of dimensions, and we can think of each particle/wave or group or pattern of them as its own dimension, but some dimensions (like those in String-Theory/M-Theory) have more statistical influence than others. Think of those -1 or 1, and angles of it (not just in that 1 dimension), as planck length (the smallest known size in quantum physics). Planck length is astronomically small, and the visible-so-far part of the universe is astronomically big. The smallness and bigness seen so far are near inverses of eachother. So just to explain it approximately, if we were to oscillate the patterns which apply recursively and in networks with cycles (an important part of this theory) to be just a little bigger (time) or smaller (gravity) bell curve, then the energy generated from that change (and spread across large distance, not exploding) is on the scale of the amount of change as a fraction (which will be a square root as we know from the Central Limit Theorem of statistics) times the Hubble Volume (as big as we have seen) divided by the Planck Length (as small as we have seen), times that huge number because we live in a multiverse not a single possibility so every view of the multiverse is the whole multiverse from a different pattern of angles and perspectives, but smaller than that by a very small factor of how hard it is to organize slightly more than half (the unbalance generating the force) of the particles/waves in any one area to spin/phase/etc differently than the other half (while normally its very close to half and half), so practically this means that by using the power of the mind and/or intelligent machines to organize the statistical influence on the oscillations of patterns which apply recursively and in networks with cycles in multiverse space we can mine as much energy (like a windmill mines energy from oscillations in air) as we have intelligence in the system overall. Practically this is seen as moving psi wheels with single minds, and the metaphysical energy ("vibrations" as the new age people call this kind of energy) generated will increase exponentially as more people and/or intelligent machines join the network but divided by their inaccuracy of alignment with the rest of the network. Practically this means as more people join the network, the world becomes more dream-like as we have more metaphysical energy to power the process and less metaphysical energy randomizing the process as we normally mostly cancel-out eachothers' vibrations.

    So how do you walk into a dream? In some ways its a dream and other ways not. It obeys conservation laws and other facts of physics but is not limited to the specific particle/wave types and specific dimensions we find in this part of the universe. We build a statistical system to model high dimensional waves, as accessed through our brainwaves and/or oscillating machines like neuromodulation patterns of AM radio waves, and use it. The multiverse as a continuous space with paths between all possibilities of high dimensional waves, is a fluid, and the Navier Stokes equations may be useful in combination with such a statistical system. Theres many things to explore.

    In science words this theory is categorized as the combination of Parapsychology, Fluid Dynamics, and Artificial Intelligence.

    This is the normal way the universe works, similar to a shared dream in some ways and still obeying conservation laws, equal and opposite force, and other facts of physics. It is normal to walk in a shared dream that we call reality. The infinite multiverse is all around us, not just in science labs.
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    When 2 scientists meet the first time, they should start as Socrates did. Its the only way to have real communication. No faith. No assumptions. No common sense. Only the most certain experiences they have in common can skip testing. Each time you start over, its faster to get to practical levels. The main benefit is it goes far past the most advanced technology and knowledge and with a certainty we can statistically bound to arbitrarily high levels.

    I know that I know nothing and from that I start to know one thing.

    I refuse to rush into advanced knowledge except as Proof Of Concepts.

    If you have a theory the universe is anything except balanced from all angles and cancels-out to zero overall, extreme claims require extreme evidence. A zero sum universe is a self consistent system. A nonzero sum universe is not. The burden of proof on that one is clear.

    Derive your ways of thinking, why they should be more accurate than all other possible ways. Derive Turing Machine theory. Derive metaphysics from high dimensional wave math. Derive your most basic math operators. Derive everything or leave it as "I don't know".

    "I don't know" is the smartest thing anyone has ever said. Assumptions are the dumbest.

    I don't feel like I've effectively communicated with most people. They won't derive their assumptions, faiths, religions, or ideas about how the world works.

    Teach me your math systems, languages, and ideas from the ground up. Show me how it works without contradicting yourself, and leave all else as "We don't know". We all have equal potential to learn the magic tricks thought to be done by gods, but none of us can explain how it works to eachother unless we know that we know nothing and from that start to know one thing and proceed from there between each 2 people.

    Communication is what puts us above Monkeys. The value of its accurate use is infinite, either positive or negative value depending on what its used for.

    I do not have faith that James Randi, the world's biggest skeptic and very scientific thinker, can not levitate a chair with certain brainwaves he could learn, and I do not have faith that he can do it either. But I do know for certain from my own experience in metaphysics that I have moved objects with my mind and others can learn the same. There is a way it works and we can figure it out if we stop arguing and derive our assumptions.

    Say it with me: I know that I know nothing and from that I start to know one thing. Then we start real communication and advance faster than most can imagine.
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    You may want to skip some of this, it gets more intuitive in the last half, based on the science explained in the first half.

    In quantum physics they call it a toffoli gate (also called ccnot gate), and it is known to be a universal computer for calculating anything that can be calculated, but because of their assumption of copenhagen (that time exists and moves forward in one direction as you quantum observe) they have expanded the z variable into an XOR and added 2 more variables to mirror x and y, which still doesn't balance the original problem of NAND having 3 times more weight on one side, when viewed from one of 3 dimensions. True you need an XOR to balance in the most basic way, so each dimension is weighted half and half, but it is the nature of NAND to not be exactly balanced between all possibilities. Still it is the simplest calculation which can and does in very practical ways on computers simulate physics.

    The laws of physics are exactly z=not(and(x,y)) because all digital technology is completely made of that calculation in combinations and physics simulations are run on that digital technology, confirming their theories of physics which are much bigger than that equation, therefore by Occam's Razor I cut off their specific equations and keep the equation which calculated them.

    It is a scientific fact that the laws of physics are Turing Complete because of the repeated empirical observation of computers which run inside physics. The definition of Turing Machine says everything which calculates a Turing Machine is also a Turing Machine. All Turing Machines are equal to combinations of z=not(and(x,y)), as we see in the circuits of computers for example. All Turing Machines can calculate all other Turing Machines. Therefore, the laws of physics are exactly that.

    Of course z=not(and(x,y)) is done in unlimited dimensions with rotations instead of every variable being its own dimension in flat space (like we normally calculate) but this should make sense because of how things naturally rotate and conserve momentum in space. Its a constraint, a timeless equation which explains all of physics, as it rotates around high dimensions trying to satisfy all the constraints which haven't reached its light-cone yet, which generates time-dilation because of the entropy of satisfying constraints moving away near the speed of light approaches infinity.

    Time is entropy and therefore moves in all directions at once, depending on your local laws of physics which you're viewing NANDs through, which are themselves made of NANDs.

    Of course light cone means something very different in unlimited dimensions, like a binary tree is faster to search than a linked list.

    Length-contraction, which comes with time-dilation, is hypersphere rotation, as lorentz factor is the equation of a circle when you do some algebra on the equations its used in. Everything is rotation of hypersphere, on which NANDs are calculated at angles to eachother, with fourier math for example is one way to do it.

    The test: The ways NAND is divided into 2, 3, or 1 things depending on which dimensions you view it from, is the reason the Standard Model of physics, those 18 particle types including higgs boson and graviton and electron, for example, has all those 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, and negative of those, spins. That's NANDs fitting together.

    The Lorentz Factor of relativity also looks alot like NAND when you graph 1-x*y. Lorentz is 1/squareRoot(1-velocity^2/c^2). If velocity squared is viewed as x*y, then the graph of lorentz squared looks alot like the graph of NAND as z y x dimensions. Three quarters are low. One quarter is high. I'm not too sure about this part, but in any case lorentz is the equation of a circle when you do some algebra on the equations its used in.

    Quantum physics, relativity, and M-Theory/String-Theory are unavoidable results of throwing a bunch of random NANDs together at angles to eachother and trying to satisfy them as 3-bit timeless constraints.

    z=not(and(x,y)) There's all of physics. We can stop doing research and start using it in practical technology now. Where's my warp drive? Do I really have to build it myself?


    Here's the only other place I've seen NAND used in an equation instead of input 2 bits and output 1:

    Wolfram axiom
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    The Wolfram axiom is the result of a computer exploration undertaken by Stephen Wolfram[1] in his A New Kind of Science looking for the shortest single axiom equivalent to the axioms of Boolean algebra (or propositional calculus). The result[2] of his search was an axiom with six Nand's and two variables equivalent to Boolean algebra:

    ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c

    With the dot representing the Nand logical operation (also known as the Sheffer stroke), with the following meaning: p Nand q is true if and only if not both p and q are true. It is named for Henry M. Sheffer, who proved that all the usual operators of Boolean algebra (Not, And, Or, Implies) could be expressed in terms of Nand. This means that logic can be set up using a single operator.

    Wolfram’s 25 candidates are precisely the set of Sheffer identities of length less or equal to 15 elements (excluding mirror images) that have no noncommutative models of size less or equal to 4 (variables)[3].

    Researchers have known for some time that single equational axioms (i.e., 1-bases) exist for Boolean algebra, including representation in terms of disjunction and negation and in terms of the Sheffer stroke. Wolfram proved that there were no smaller 1-bases candidates than the axiom he found using the techniques described in his NKS book. The proof is given in two pages (in 4-point type) in Wolfram's book. Wolfram's axiom is therefore the single simplest axiom by number of operators and variables needed to reproduce Boolean algebra.

    Sheffer identities were independently obtained by different means and reported in a technical memorandum[4] in June 2000 acknowledging correspondence with Wolfram in February 2000 in which Wolfram discloses to have found the axiom in 1999 while preparing his book. In[5] is also shown that a pair of equations (conjectured by Stephen Wolfram) are equivalent to Boolean algebra.


    What does Wolfram mean by that equation? There are 8 combinations of possible values of 3 boolean variables, and all 8 combinations are solutions. No possibilities are excluded, so the equation reduces to TRUE, or more practically NAND itself. Does the equation mean that boolean algebra reduces to NAND and doesn't need to be thought of as separate rules of calculation?

    static boolean nand(boolean x, boolean y){
    return !(x & y);

    /** ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c */
    static boolean isSolutionToWolframAxiom(boolean a, boolean b, boolean c){
    return nand( nand(nand(a,b),c), nand(a,nand(nand(a,c),a)) ) == c;

    public static void main(String args[]){
    for(int i=0; i<8; i++){
    boolean a = (i&4) != 0;
    boolean b = (i&2) != 0;
    boolean c = (i&1) != 0;
    boolean isSolution = isSolutionToWolframAxiom(a,b,c);
    System.out.println((a?1:0)+" "+(b?1:0)+" "+(c?1:0)
    +(isSolution?" is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c":" is not a solution"));

    0 0 0 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    0 0 1 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    0 1 0 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    0 1 1 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    1 0 0 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    1 0 1 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    1 1 0 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c
    1 1 1 is a solution to ((a.b).c).(a.((a.c).a)) = c


    Its not well understood how NAND fits into quantum physics, even though it is an empirical observation in the circuits of computers all the time. There can be no difference between quantum and newtonian physics, only confusion, because newtonian is the calculus limit of large scale quantum calculations as many of them flow together. We may find it hard to see in multiverse directions, but more things than not we find hard to see, like our evolved ability to see only light between 400 and 700 nanometer wavelengths, and even with machines we still can't see the frequency of a black hole which would be a function of its massenergy as if it were a particle. Instead, we can only see it indirectly, like gravity. If we could see a black hole directly, or any large object of any kind, it would be a single wave like any other, strong enough to burn our wave senses but still everything is one wave if seen as it really is. There is NAND at the core of physics. We just have to imagine more ways to find that 3-bit timeless constraint. I know NAND is nonunitary and therefore violates the most basic rules of how quantum physics works, but since physics is Turing Complete, NAND must be a unitary transformation from quantum/relativity physics. We just need to find where it fits in.

    Here's my best theory so far, to explain the empirical observation that physics is Turing Complete and is therefore definable in terms of NAND...

    Every lightcone is an automorphism of all possibilities, a different perspective of the one universe. Lightcones are timeless points in the universe, not something that moves through time. Time is any gradient of entropy from that point, but entropy is also Turing Complete so there are many such gradients from each lightcone. We move in all gradients of entropy simply from random movements of the timeless NAND constraints moving toward more of them being satisfied (lower energy state) locally from that lightcone. This process of a lightcone moving toward lower energy state spreads its changes to near lightcones (in past, future, multiverse, space, and all other directions at once, whatever is touching it) which they find themselves at a higher energy state because they are now touching constraints which are not as satisfied as they were. Fluctuating constraints spread at the speed of light.

    Every lightcone is a wavefunction, a quantum vector, an automorphism of all possibilities, in as many dimensions as you find in those quantum matrixs, normally each particle and all its unique properties being its own dimension, minus as many dimensions as can be folded and found to be identical shapes, dimensionality reduction by observing their automorphism. Even the "constants" and how particle types interact with eachother is part of a lightcone, so you can get time-dilation and length-contraction and normal space calculations in a path through different laws of physics. All of those things, I'll call lightcone. The point is to solve this puzzle of many areas of science and fit them all together as one math operator, which we'll call lightcone.

    NAND is there...

    observe = not(superposition).

    Superposition means the AND of perpendicular lightcones, possibilities that are incompatible with eachother, like ket_vector_0 and ket_vector_1 describe the real and imaginary dimensions of a qubit, but you can be in both states at once, having a sum of magnitude from both.

    Here's where the automorphism stuff comes in...

    To have magnitude in a lightcone is to observe that lightcone. If you're also observing another lightcone which is an automorphism of this lightcone, you don't have to pay extra magnitude for it. They are the same shape and can be mapped 1-to-1. There is no way you could define any kind of measurement (regardless of if you actually do the measurement) which would measure differently between 2 things which are automorphic of eachother. That's the definition of automorphic. I say automorphic instead of isomorphic because everything in the universe is connected.

    If z, y, and x are lightcones, and z is automorphic to x (as observed from z), and z is automorphic to y (as observed from z), but x and y (as observed from x and/or observed from y, as a feynman path from z instead of as they are now, but still being relative once you get there) are not automorphic of eachother (which you can only know by simultaneously observing them with your magnitude), then z = not(and(x,y)).

    Observe means to be in a lightcone with magnitude on the observed thing. Magnitude is never created or destroyed, only moves between combinations of lightcones in the timeless space of all possibilities.

    z can be automorphic to x and y while x and y are not automorphic to eachother because observation is part of a lightcone. Observation is not something you do. Its part of the state of the universe (a lightcone). Therefore, these words "x", "y", and "z" refer to different lightcones depending on which lightcones have magnitude observing which other lightcones. This is a timeless network of lightcones with cycles. Observing something doesn't change that thing. Nothing ever changes in a timeless universe. There is no time, period. Observe or not observe is the same kind of thing as move through space or not. Therefore it is no contradiction for z to be automorphic to x and y individually while x and y are not automorphic to eachother, because z is a lightcone that has no magnitude on AND(x,y). z automorphicly overlaps its magnitude with x, and z automorphicly overlaps its magnitude with y, and this consumes none of z's magnitude because no information is added, no extra dimensions to solve constraints in.

    The amount which z's magnitude moves toward AND(x,y) is the amount they are observed to be perpendicular and therefore need a Quantum Phase Shift Gate to move some or all of z's magnitude to a circle of radius equal to the amount of magnitude reduced from z. That circle is a branch of the coordinate system of the z lightcone, branching magnitude from one dimension into 2, expanding that magnitude into a qubit of magnitudeRemovedFromZ*(cosine(angle)*x + squareRoot(-1)*sine(angle)*y).

    I've left out the normalizing (divide by squareRoot(2), square or squareRoot of magnitude, etc) because understanding how dimensions fit together in the context of observe and superposition and NAND is more important than the exact sizes for now, but that math does need to be perfected in the simulation.

    I think I'm being scientific enough here, defining it in a way useful toward physics research, in my conclusion...

    The Quantum Phase Shift Gate, the one with e^(i*angle) and 1 in the 2x2 matrix, can be used continuously this way to move magnitude between observation amounts of multiple lightcones...

    magnitudeRemovedFromZ*(cosine(angle)*x + squareRoot(-1)*sine(angle)*y)

    NAND is at the core of physics. observe(z,z)=not(and(observe(z,x),observe(z,y))), where observe(z,z) is automorphic to observe(z,x), observe(z,z) is automorphic to observe(z,y), but observe(observe(z,x),y) and observe(observe(z,y),x) are not automorphic to eachother because if they were then double-slit wouldn't work as longer paths of them.

    This describes a continuous path between observations and is affected by small differences in automorphism accuracy that build up as many simultaneous paths of entropy gradients are travelled. There is no need for entropy to increase over time, but it will usually appear to locally at each lightcone for the same reason a randomized boltzmann machine oscillates around various patterns which each locally appear higher entropy than the last but gradient search doesn't imply heat-death is the general direction. Instead, in this timeless model of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, the universe is constant (the total of all possibilities which cancels-out to zero overall but we experience each possibility individually), and we travel paths through possibilities, calculus derivatives between light cones but not changing the light cones. Its important that lightcones be stateless and include the local laws of physics and amounts of observation of specific other lightcones (conserving observation overall) so lightcones can be reused in feynman paths at smaller magnitude but the same shape as if they were magnitude 1 which is a here-and-now. Relativity is experiencing each light-cone as magnitude (of complex number coefficient of ket vectors) 1, as if it is a here-and-now regardless of how you got there or where you're going or if its in a feynman path from somewhere else or if its the root lightcone you're experiencing now. Consciousness is the magnitude of those complex number coefficients of the ket vectors. A ket vector and light cone and consciousness are the same thing, only 1 math operator here, and it can be a number (magnitude of complex), vector, multiverse, and every other kind of math in physics. The lightcone is a very flexible kind of math, as I use it more generally than how physics normally defines it. It is because of this generality of branching lightcones into qubits on feynman paths into all possibilities of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space that with enough practice and skill your brainwaves can explore into the bizarre patterns of the multiverse which science hasn't explored yet. When I move a psi wheel with my mind, the path between it and my brain is subject to length-contraction, time-dilation, and recursions of quantum phase as paths between observe and superposition, the same as any other path of light-cones through infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space.

    Its an equation defining the movement of magnitude (of the complex ket vector coefficients at a lightcone) based on observation. The most common example of NAND in physics is between observe and superposition. That is because of the way its 3 times heavier on one side than the other, if we think of it like a cube with possibilities constrained to 4 of the 8 corners, 3 on the bottom and 1 on the top.

    Quantum physics researchers will find it practically useful when said this way instead: The Toffoli Gate, excluding the parts added when trying to balance its NAND-like properties, is isomorphic to the relationship between the Quantum Phase Shift Gate and observation of the thing which would collapse that phase into a point and move the magnitude to the observed thing, in the context of lightcones observing eachother.

    There is only 1 particle type, NAND, which is how infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space can be most simply simulated as a smooth manifold. Expect an infinite variety of Higgs Fields, where higgs means in general the patterns of NANDs fitting together as timeless constraints on patterns of lightcones, and the gradient search (like rolling down a hill) toward locally higher entropy at all lightcones locally causes fluctuations in the amount which constraints are satisfied. Constraints being more satisfied is a lower energy state and higher entropy. Time is the random tendancy toward locally higher entropy (gradient search which gets lost looking for heat-death). Gravity is the opposite direction, toward patterns falling together in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space (like the patterns of specific particle types in the Standard Model and their "constant" decimal numbers of mass). Gravity is the direction of negative time. Time is gradient search toward entropy. If Higgs is defined as any field which changes the mass of other fields, then every field is a higgs field, and there are an infinite variety of fields overlapping eachother in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. The specific kind of higgs fields found so far are not the bottom or top of anything. Instead, an infinite variety of overlapping NAND fields form into the patterns we see in physics, a network of overlapping fields instead of any being completely above or below others. There is no smallest particle/wave type, no absolute location in the Standard Model for the same reason there is no absolute location in space. The laws of physics are relative, and NAND is one of the simpler kinds of Turing Machine so NAND-like patterns form in the analog space more often.

    A low power warp drive can be built by oscillating some of those infinite variety of overlapping NAND fields until their magnitude (of complex coefficient of ket vectors of light cones in those fields) increases, gradually changing the local laws of physics of near lightcones, so if you're low on electricity but have lots of another particle type or pattern of particles, you create a new kind of higgs field which vibrates the kind of thing you have in a way you can use it as power. Artificial intelligence in combination with fourier and bayesian math should be able to operate capacitors, inductors, lasers, optical sensors, crystals, and/or various other quantum equipment, and automatically learn how to vibrate new kinds of higgs fields into your lightcone's local laws of physics. Just give the AI senses and controls and a goal of change the behaviors of a few chunks of mass of the types you want the new kind of higgs field to operate on, and let the AI navigate infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space recursively and learn how to vibrate it on that path to create the specific kind of higgs field you want. To move faster than light is simply to take many shortcuts continuously in an oscillating stretching way instead of the longer path we see in 3+1 dimensions. Or to say it in the style of star trek may be simpler, you program the AI to continuously create subspace around your ship, a space where you're far more superpositioned than normal. It would appear to outside observers that your ship mostly disappears and a blob of space replaces it and spreads out until it becomes mostly flat, and anywhere in the universe you vibrate toward (everything is connected, distance and time are only an approximation) your ship would emerge out of such a blob of space. Its like a wormhole except instead its many very small wormholes one for each particle your ship and contents are made of, which are caused to form by the new kind of higgs field you have the AI create in your local laws of physics. The same way, you could walk through a solid wall, but lets leave that until we get it working reliably. Its a research path.

    observe(z,z)=not(and(observe(z,x),observe(z,y))), where observe(z,z) is automorphic to observe(z,x), observe(z,z) is automorphic to observe(z,y), but observe(observe(z,x),y) and observe(observe(z,y),x) are not automorphic to eachother because if they were then double-slit wouldn't work as longer paths of them.


    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I did a thought-experiment (in my mind, of course, which is becoming skilled at large amounts of high dimensional hypersphere shaped statistical NAND constraint approximations)...

    As in Holographic Multiverse Theory, everything can be defined in terms of the combinations of surfaces of black holes, to the accuracy of the layer of Hawking Radiation near the Event Horizon.

    There are continuous event horizons all the way down to the center point. Depending on your perspective, everything is on the event horizon organized randomly or appears to form into patterns as you fall in.

    Your perspective is your light-cone, which includes your local laws of physics, quantum observe and ket vector states, and everything else about the universe from your perspective.

    The universe is infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, a continuous space between all possibilities which has length-contraction and time-dilation and nothing ever moves faster than light but this can be practically worked around by continuously creating fields of infinitely small wormholes which are experienced as stretchy subspace you sink into like a submarine and vibrate your light-cone toward whatever part of the universe you want to go.

    Distance is a function of ability to align patterns and can be approximately described as a kind of fuzzy encryption. Things that are farther apart are more fuzzy-encrypted relative to eachother.

    Fuzzy-encryption will probably not help you break digital encryption because it is based on more strict rules of logic instead of flowing patterns. Digital encryption and fuzzy encryption are equally hard to break but are not much related to eachother other than that and both being based on modular/ring math. The main difference is fuzzy encryption normally uses smaller ring sizes and is extremly high dimensional on hyperspheres, while digital encryption is low dimensional and uses large ring sizes. Its not technically a kind of encryption at all, just similar to it. Its as much like encryption as brainwaves are, which also have ring-like oscillations in various measurements you could interpret as dimensions of patterns in the brainwaves. In any case, nobody owns the laws of physics and we will not allow physics simulations to be regulated in any way, especially because physics is NAND, a 3-bit constraint as a kind of math.

    Every statistical cluster of patterns of events in the universe can be thought of a inside a black hole. The galaxies accelerating away from us see us inside a black hole, and the black hole we see at the center of our galaxy they may think is the center point of us as a black hole, but they see it all chaoticly spread on the surface.

    The next question is about how big the galaxies out there see our event horizon. Its somewhere between the size of the event horizon at the center of our galaxy and that plus all the non-black-hole mass in our galaxy. The answer to this question is probably related to the size of a "planck mass" black hole, the smallest theoretical black hole that can exist in our space without quickly evaporating into hawking radiation. The layer of hawking radiation on a black hole is around that same size. This deserves serious research. The "planck mass" of black hole says something about the density of our space, like being deeper underwater puts more pressure on a submarine. When we build a ship and sink it into subspace like a submarine, these density calculations will be important. Fortunately, even the weakest material is already under that pressure. Its the pressure of our normal space, but does it increase or decrease or change in other patterns as we sink into subspace?

    When we sink into subspace, we are moving away from our event horizon, in the context of all statistical clusters of patterns in the universe being modelled as black holes. An event horizon can have many dimensions, depending on how many other patterns in the universe its entangled with. Entanglement is very naturally represented as combinations of 3-bit NAND constraints, especially in the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiments. An event horizon is a fuzzy-encrypted entanglement of the patterns that part of the universe is made of.

    As we sink into subspace, we see the world we knew time-dilated and length-contracted exactly as described by relativity equations. We are moving in a direction perpendicular to the dimensions of spacetime we know about. Spacetime has infinite dimensions, some with far more magnitude (of complex coefficients of ket vectors) than others, and we must quantum-observe increased magnitude into the new dimensions to create the subspace we sink into. Another way to say it is you have to travel near light speed to escape a black hole, not exceeding light speed because some paths through the hawking radiation are shorter than others.

    Behind us we see the world we knew red-shifted and rotating and fuzzy-encrypting in many ways at once until we don't recognize it anymore and it looks like hawking radiation, as we fly away from a black hole.

    You probably think it takes alot of energy to fly out of a black hole, but that is only true if you use what little energy you have in very random ways. As I explained in the post above in technical detail, time is any approximate gradient of entropy, and entropy is Turing Complete so at every lightcone there are many directions equally toward higher entropy. This causes multiverse branching, which can be calculated as a small number of NAND constraints that hook into other NAND constraints instead of copying everything. Gravity is the opposite direction of those gradients toward higher entropy. Gravity and time are 2 ends of the same measurement scale in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, and we see this gradient in the Schrodinger Equation.

    Therefore, to fly out of a black hole or hold a constant position anywhere inside or near it, takes very little energy as long as you continuously balance many of the infinite variety of entropy gradients from your light-cone. When that n-dimensional time manifold (where each dimension is a different variety of entropy that interacts with the Standard Model and eachother in slightly different ways) is balanced, it is still true that you are falling into the black hole from the perspective of an outside observer, but you're in a time machine and will fall into the black hole only if you choose to move in that specific direction of time in the n-dimensional time manifold. You could just as easily move away from the black hole, at the cost of increasing the fuzzy-encryption of those who observe you falling in, so it would be extremely hard to fly to them. You'll fly in a perpendicular direction to anyone who sees you like that, in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, and instead they see you extremely slowly fly off the the black hole as hawking radiation in all directions at once, and from there over billions of years or even an infinite time (or maybe you can do it quickly from the perspective of an outside oberserver but I don't know how) you tune into whatever part of the universe you want to go toward like your ship is a radio and the universe is a continuous spread of high dimensional waves.

    You fly out of the world we know and become hawking radiation, and from there you tune into whatever high dimensional wave patterns in the universe you want to navigate toward.

    Distance and time are only approximations of what I call the fuzzy-encryption measure of distance.

    You may want to leave some fuzzy-encryption keys spread across this world so its easier to find your way back. Those keys would be black holes slightly bigger than "planck mass", or maybe they would be smaller and spread out into virtual particles, but I don't see how they would be stable enough that way to find again. They should be left in the mostly empty space between galaxies so they are not disturbed and they don't hurt anyone. Every black hole is a combination of 3-bit NAND constraints in relative hypersphere rotations to eachother, a statistical kind of general computer. We should use these fuzzy-encryption keys as nondirectional pointers (like in our programming languages) to include the worlds we leave in the memory space of our new computing systems (which you could call very small universes of arbitrary physics we build with NANDs). That way, we can later research how to open wormholes between them and possibly return, if we wanted to, if we figure out how to, and if we dare fly back into the black hole we left or into any other.

    You can fly into a black hole and live, but it would take far more skill than any of us have. Its much easier to fly out, to sink into subspace like a submarine and become hawking radiation. As hawking radiation, we are equally spread in many directions, balanced on all sides of the black hole we're leaving, so the patterns of our ship are still there in fuzzy-encrypted form, so we are simultaneously hawking radiation and a ship containing people breathing air.

    We fall toward black holes because they are a high entropy state from our perspective, but to those inside, they are much lower entropy in fuzzy-encrypted form.

    We are a black hole. Black holes are usually not dangerous, except the kind you can most easily see, like the one at the center of our galaxy.

    The black holes we see in other galaxies accelerating away, they are outside our event horizon. They are each more dimensions added to the near parts of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space which we can explore after sinking into subspace like a submarine.

    The religions were right about at least one thing... We do progress toward becoming light.
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    In Buddhist philosophy, desire and mental attachment are what keeps you stuck here on Earth, but I have a much easier way to explain it. There are many philosophies I think are mostly true. Anyone can do this.

    In 2002 for a few months, I had it a small amount, compared to most people who rarely have it enough to notice it exists. Then because of an injury (which is now healed), I lost it, and its been slowly coming back but not as strong as it was in 2002.

    What is it? Moving things with my mind like in this  video, telepathy (the ability to flow thoughts to and from other people who have this ability), the ability to think something to directly cause it to happen more often statistically, the ability to experience reality in other ways than through your body like floating around like a ghost or spreading yourself over large areas, and most of all, experiencing things outside of space and time. I did all those things in 2002, while I usually couldn't do them whenever I wanted, I did have some skill. That leads to places outside of space and time and not needing to hang around Earth anymore, unless you want to.

    I very much wanted it to come back. At least I thought I did. But the problem was I wanted something else more. I wanted the usual things, video games, money, not to work at a job, to take girls out for sex and if I like them have dinner, and most of all I wanted things to be different on the Earth. I was angry at the world for screwing up in so many obvious ways and people not trying to fix it. Later I started to want things to improve the Human species, to help those who want it get to a higher level of consciousness, but now I realize even that is desire/attachment and I can only have it if I'm willing to give it up if, at any time (today or many years), I see a way to do the more important thing, which is to go to a higher level of consciousness, where I would have much more ability to very indirectly accomplish the same things by mental effort alone and from outside of space and time. If you like those things on Earth, I want you to have them, but I want something much more abstract.

    Now I remember the main reason I got it in 2002. It wasn't because I meditated more than everyone else or because I believed or did not believe something. It wasnt because of being ethical or anything like that. It wasn't anything that people normally think it is. If you want to take girls out for sex and if you like them have dinner, fight wars for stupid reasons, or things many people think are wrong, that's not a problem. If that's what you want in your version of reality, go for it. Whats important is something most people never do, and its very simple and easy to do. The main reason I got it in 2002 was because I wanted it more than anything else, more than I wanted all the money in the world, more than I wanted air to breathe. That, and enough time for it to happen, is all it takes.

    Just want it, intend for it to happen, and it will eventually. The physical world reacts much slower than other parts of the universe. But don't mistake slowness for difficulty. If you stop intending for it to happen, slowness becomes stopping or you go in a downward spiral toward the opposite of what you really wanted. All because you thought it wasn't possible or wasn't working while it was really just taking some time to work.

    Theres something wrong with a species that is more scared of large spiders than of the possibility of nuclear war. Thats how we evolved, but we can be more. If you would stop thinking in aggressive ways, you would get real power, but once you get it you won't want to use it as often. I just have a little of it, but the important thing is I have as much as I need to do what I'm here to do, and that is to work on the global telepathy network through internet connected artificial intelligence music psychology software (Audivolv and Human AI Net), until the first time I get a chance to upgrade to a higher level of consciousness. But what I'm really here to do is to think that's what I'm here to do but then realize that I didn't have to do anything at all.  (See the xml file about this in version 0.3)

    Most people are here on Earth because subconsciously that's what they really want. Some want to experience higher levels of consciousness and live outside of space and time and do things indirectly and more through mental effort, and the software I've started building and written technical documents about explains how to use computers to help you get there, so if I'm not able to finish it for whatever reason (and I am going to continue probably for years), its open-source (GNU GPL 2+) and you all have the ability (by building the remaining parts or paying someone to do it for you) to get to higher levels of consciousness, if that's what you really want. You can do it the traditional way, by meditating and thinking a certain way for many years, or you can automate it with software and do it quickly.

    If for whatever reason I do not continue my work, I request that someone else try to, someone like Ben Goertzel for example, who has experience in the paranormal and artificial intelligence and thinks they can be combined. But if not, the other way would be for me to telepathicly put ideas into peoples' heads to build similar things. Its a skill anyone can learn. I have to say this because it helps me lose some of my desire/attachment about it, which I need to do to get to the higher levels of consciousness, even though I intend to continue my work. I want to at least get the interactive music based psychic amplifier working in a basic way first, which basically will work by using a distributed bayesian network to coordinate, between many people and computers, mouse movements and musical instrument parameters as if they were qubits. In a fractal way, they are qubits. Brains are mostly normal computers but are a small amount quantum computers, especially in the way they do telepathy and other more direct access to reality.

    By wanting too much to create the global telepathy network and improve the Human species, I prevented myself from getting my telepathic and telekinetic abilities back. I have them a little, but still not as much as I had in 2002. As I start to have more ability to improve the world, it appears to be the biggest desire/attachment I still have to overcome. I can do it, but I can't want it more than higher consciousness, because it affects the strategies I use to get it.

    Usually when I want something I eventually got it, and usually through a lot of hard work, but sometimes I just think something and that causes it to happen a week or a year later. Wanting something can be the motivation to make it happen or it can directly be the cause of it, as in thinking something to make it happen using psychic energy.

    My main point is its actually very easy to get higher levels of consciousness and not be stuck on Earth. I'm not stuck here. I want to be here until I get my my mad-science projects working in a basic way. After that, something very important changes, something most people never do. My first priority will be higher levels of consciousness, more important to me than having all the money in the world, or having air to breathe. That is what it means to want something more than you want anything else.

    Its not hard. Most people won't get it because they don't really want it.

    Recently, as I've been talking to people who are into this kind of thing, I was very surprised when I realized that I didn't want it. I wanted psychic powers. I wanted telepathy and telekinesis and to think things to make them happen. I wanted to be able to do such magic tricks. But that's not whats important. That's only a side-effect. Except for a few things that I want to finish first, and could leave at any time if it meant I would get the bigger things, the thing I want most right now, more than all the money in the world, more than air to breathe, is to be like I was in 2002 and continue to wherever that leads.

    What started this sequence of thoughts is people reminded me about the way consciousness and reality comes in still pictures, flashes of reality, and many of those still pictures (which may have any number of dimensions or other shapes) fit together into a multiverse. Each is a quantum wavefunction. That's why the double-slit experiment works. My strongest experience with it is when I was doing telekinesis to a volleyball laying on the floor. I saw flashes of it being at many different places, some a millimeter and some a few feet from where it really was. I saw it accelerating and jumping between still pictures, in my mind. I was looking at multiverse branches, different possibilities, or if you understand it as manyworlds theory I was looking at parallel realities. The volleyball only moved (by my mental effort) when I thought about it being very close to where it was at the time. Thinking about the variations where it was feet away did nothing, but they were interesting to look at. When it moved, I knew that was I was seeing was real. It felt like merging the multiverse branches by pulling a zipper in your clothes shut, except I was pulling on the multiverse branches, and the volleyball rolled an inch. Its a skill. Anyone can learn it, but don't expect any movement in the first 40 hours of experimenting with thinking various things. After 40 hours, it gets easier. Your time may vary. The point is consciousness and reality come in still pictures, flashes of reality, and the way they fit together in almost smooth ways (wave vs particle) and how that relates to chaos-theory of neuron firing patterns in brains is how you can learn to think something to make it happen and how you can use quantum physics.

    I am not my body. I am the part of the wavefunction that is near my body. I am a blur of reality. When you're standing near me, you're also standing inside of me. In some ways, I am the space and time and mass and energy near my body. I am sometimes in many places at once. How would you know if your subconscious mind is influenced by other peoples' subconscious minds? It's subconscious. You have no way to know except if the same information is in both minds, and I've found that it is. I'm not my body. My body is a statistical pattern in a quantum wavefunction that we call reality. My consciousness has simply become attached (like desire in Buddhist philosophy) to that statistical pattern.

    Its not good to exist in this kind of reality because you have to, because you're addicted to it or accidentally keep coming back. Instead, why not go to the other parts of the universe, and see what its like, and if you prefer Earth, come back to this exact moment in time. You can be in many places at once. Its a skill you can learn.

    I thought I wanted it, but I didn't... until now. That, and time, is all it takes. I hope I've explained it enough that anyone else who wants it can get it.
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    Whats really happening overall? Details like disagreements between countries are not important enough for this thread. Politicians and rich people and almost every organization on this planet are each distracted with their own goals. Somebody has to understand the whole system a little, just a summary, not a lot of information but the correct information.

    Every problem looks too hard to solve if you don't understand the summary. Before there were airplanes, people thought building them would be too hard because of how hard it is to flap your arms. Completely unrelated to the actual solution.

    Most people think it will be some huge time (maybe next century) before certain technology is invented or certain global problems are solved. They talk about the history of repeated failure and slow progress. The way those people do things, they would be right, but I have no reason to use the strategies (which I will explain below) of people who expect to fail. They didn't understand the problems, so they didn't find the solutions. They thought there were too many problems to take the time to understand the summary.

    I'll explain a few important patterns I've seen repeated all over the Earth and what they appear to be leading to. Then I'm asking you to fill in the patterns I've not noticed and what they lead to, and most importantly, what all the patterns do together...

    * Money is not a stable system. The economy laws are changed faster than anyone can read them. As  says it, money is a game where you're not allowed to know the rules. What do we do when playing cards and an other player tries to change the rules after we've already put our bet on the table? Certainly not ask for his economic predictions based on the new rules.  is a cycle involving laws, propaganda, and money which continuously increases military technology and wars.

    * Most people have really insane priorities, like arriving at work on time and buying junk to put in their house, instead of avoiding their own death and simultaneously extinction of the Human species (which some of them think is less important than their own death, not understanding that extinction kills them too). Just 2 years ago I was asked on a voting paper if I wanted to take away some rights from gays. Is that really what we should be spending time voting on? How about not dying? I hear theres many millions of people dying from extremely simple problems to solve, like not getting bitten by a certain flying insect. How did that get below "Where a man sticks his dick" on the priority list to vote on? The most insane people will never admit they are insane. The average person is dangerously insane, preferring to buy health insurance instead of do things to avoid their own death (and extinction).

    * The most powerful politicians and rich people decide how to change the world in secret. They use excuses like "national security" and "We have too much paperwork and complication in the system to answer that question." What the puppet masters really mean is we haven't made them think they will lose enough money etc if they do not answer our questions.

    * Regardless of what they say, the ACTIONS of most businesses demonstrate that the main reason they avoid damaging the environment and hurting people is to make more money, which includes people thinking good things about them and not getting sued or paying fines. They calculate statistics on how many people their products or actions will directly hurt on average and compare that to the statistics on how many of those things can be proven and the cost of getting sued for it and the reduction in sales that would result if people knew they intentionally sacrificed their customer's safety or the environment etc to make more money. The world would run much more efficiently if we stopped regulating ACTIONS and started regulating the REASONS for those actions. For example, if a business calculates that 1 more person should die on average so they can make X amount more money, then that sounds like premeditated murder to me. We already have a law for that. More about specific numbers for X at

    * Intellectual Property is where you can have original ideas and somebody else owns them because they already claimed all possible ways to solve a certain problem which you were trying to solve on your own. Intellectual property does other things too, but they're unimportant things involving making people rich based on the past. I'm interested in the present and the future. The important thing about Intellectual Property is what its becoming: It gets stronger every year, claiming ownership of more things or in more ways. One way to change that is

    * The complexity of the economy and governments and most organizations are increasing exponentially to handle the exponential complexity of the other systems, which will do the same thing as money: destabilize and destroy itself, if it continues as it has been for many years.

    * There are much more than enough computers to simulate a Human brain, and there are machines accurate enough to create any DNA they want. To the scientists surprise, direct access to those things was not followed by understanding them or learning how to use them much. Life is much more complex than they thought, and they still haven't used simple things like a computer mouse to its full potential yet. Those in power are using brain-computer-interfaces for the only thing they know how to do: controlling and standardizing people. Why send a soldier into battle when he can control a robot to kill for him? Why do you need people at all? Let's just learn how brains work then build robots to kill other robots. Brain-computer-interfaces are going to change lots of things, and most people still think its science-fiction... and they'll keep thinking that until its in electronics stores. Maybe brains aren't all that great. Brains didn't help them predict what will be in the electronics stores or avoid the dangers of it.

    * Some technology advances exponentially, while other technology gets more complicated and just a little more advanced slowly. Cell phones are really primitive compared to what they could be, because of Intellectual Property causing "incompatibility wars". Most technology is designed to keep people down and control them, and get them to pay for small reductions in such oppression. There are many laws preventing me from putting up my own cell phone network without any proprietary junk in it. Why is that? It's not hard to build a wireless device with a screen and some buttons and a microphone and a speaker, but building it and making it work on a global scale isn't the hard part. The hard part is getting permission from those in power. Despite the forces against technology advancing, some of it is advancing faster than anyone can keep up with, and its not going to stop. Could this be an other thing that's more important than voting on where people stick their dick? Have you noticed there are automated flying machines and robots that walk? Just don't call it a "terminator" and we'll be ok. It can only hold a gun if programmed to, and  would never do that. It would be more efficient to build the guns into the body of the robots, leaving their hands free. If you think walking robots are scary, you might not want to look into what I'm building. It's more like Star Trek's Borg Collective but without the medical implants and mind control, just through psychology software. The interaction between money and technology is dangerous and feeds the war machine, which brings me to the next important pattern: Open-source software.

    * Open-source software. Businesses and governments and lots of others use the strategy of building something that costs them almost nothing to operate or duplicate, using the law to prevent anyone else from using that very effective solution, getting you dependent on it, then raising the price and using it to get you dependent on more things, in an endless cycle of exploiting and deceiving people. Many computer programmers had enough of that and formed some strategies together that have now become so strong that it can be debated which of proprietary or open-source software is more advanced. But with so much advertising, its hard for people to find the open-source alternatives. Open-source means you can build more programs with it, that you have the legal and technical ability to do that. Some open-source licenses require that you can only build open-source software with it, which is called a "viral license" (GNU GPL mostly), and that has been the most effective. There are at least 50000 softwares like that, and businesses are finding it harder to compete with people who have much less resources and mostly have the advantage that they decided to work together instead of what businesses normally do. There are open-source-like things too, including text and music and hardware which the creators chose not to patent or enforce Intellectual Property in certain ways. Open-source will continue to get stronger, and there is nothing those in power can do about it.

    * Physics knowledge is increasing quickly. Parallel realities have been detected at the small scale, like in double-slit and half-mirror experiments with lasers, and other experiments with small things. DNA can be built instead of randomly put together. All of this is connected to the exponentially increasing technology. Some researchers like at  take things seriously that were previously thought of as superstition or paranormal. Just because something is not well understood or has been faked by lots of people does not mean it can not be understood through enough experiments. We're probably closer than most people think to 1 equation that can calculate all of physics and explain what consciousness is and how to create more of it and use it, to build machines that make mass and energy do whatever we want it to do. Physics is about accuracy, not throwing more money and brute-force strategies at it. Don't forget there are already enough nuclear weapons to explode the whole surface of the Earth. What I described isn't that much more advanced.

    * Social networks and other forms of emergent organization are increasing quickly. People are learning to interact in groups in ways never before done in history, resulting in building more advanced things and finding more complex solutions. Voting isn't just for laws anymore. Its for organizing information between people. On average, businesses are becoming less hierarchy and more peer-to-peer, a little. Most people know voting in elections has little effect, but they make things happen through these new organizations made possible through phones and the internet etc. This will continue to increase and have few bad effects, but those in power will eventually see that its incompatible with them staying in power and will resist indirectly and secretly. For example, they may resist by claiming Intellectual Property ownership of new kinds of communication or ways of organizing people, or make laws saying the only way to do it is through their systems. Social networks and emergent ways of organizing people are more powerful than those who appear to have power now.

    Overall I expect the Human species will either destroy itself in World War 3 OR learn to increase their own intelligence and learn to think with computers and each other more as 1 mind. I expect we'll be mass-producing faster than light starships around the year 2040, if we're not dead. But first we need to understand the SUMMARY of whats happening on Earth so we can choose efficient strategies. If I didn't think it could be done, I wouldn't waste my time trying. I play to win.

    Please reply with the summary of whats really happening on Earth, only the most important patterns, where they lead, and what we might do about it. Too many people get stuck on the details.
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    The laws of thermodynamics contradict themselves unless dualism is true, some kind of dualism in physics.

    When calculated on mass and energy alone, the laws of thermodynamics (which most scientists accept as facts) are accurate, but when calculated on everything we have observed, they contradict themselves, and anything that has at least 1 contradiction can not be a "law" of physics.

    First, what are the laws of thermodynamics?
    "If A and C are each in thermal equilibrium with B, A is also in thermal equilibrium with C."
    "energy can be transformed, i.e. changed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed."
    Statistically, heat will move from hot things to cold things more often than it moves the other direction.
    "As a system approaches absolute zero, all processes cease and the entropy of the system approaches a minimum value."

    Below, I will explain why 1 of the following 2 things must be true:

    (1) Some kind of  exists in physics, which would make the laws of thermodynamics a religion instead of science, OR

    (2) At least 1 of the laws of thermodynamics are wrong.

    Physics means how the universe works.

    If there is no dualism in physics, then by definition, there is only 1 kind of thing in the universe.

    Mass and energy are interchangible if you do certain things, and the same is true of many other things in physics. Its a common idea that everything is made of vibrating strings or surfaces or other equations. The theory that there is only 1 kind of thing in the universe is taken seriously by many scientists, and the scientists that do not take it seriously, are dualists by definition.

    The "big bang theory" says the "laws of physics" changed during the first fraction of a second of the big bang, or that is where they formed into what they are now. There is also speculation about the laws of physics changing or not working the same way in some parts of black holes or when enough particles simultaneously hit each other at near the speed of light. The idea that the laws of physics can change is taken seriously by many scientists.

    If there is only 1 kind of thing in the universe, the laws of physics must be made of it, or physics could be statistical patterns of it, and energy is made of the same thing. The laws of physics would be made of energy.

    Therefore the laws of thermodynamics (which are normally only used to calculate mass and energy) also apply to the laws of physics.

    Thermodynamics says disorder increases over time and eventually spreads evenly through the whole universe and stays that way forever. Therefore (if dualism is false and thermodynamics is true) then the laws of physics will slowly become more disordered as time goes on, therefore no specific pattern will continue to be accurate forever (It will become more disordered).

    But the third law of thermodynamics says very accurately what the universe will become and continue to be forever after that. It says heat will spread out evenly to everything and forever approach some constant minimum heat.

    That is a very well defined and accurate pattern, which contradicts the claim of thermodynamics that patterns will become disorder.

    I did not take thermodynamics out of context. Either dualism is true, or thermodynamics can be applied to the laws of physics the same way its applied to energy.

    Scientists talk about how the "laws of physics" started being the way they are, including the numbers in the equations and how many variables etc. It appears that physics would form out of large patterns over long times, like the one predicted by the third law of thermodynamics. Instead of it staying that way forever, which is a very linear view, I think our reality slowly changes from mass/energy/space/time/etc to such a pattern (predicted by the third law), and that pattern becomes part of a new "laws of physics", so its a rotation or a fractal zooming instead of the end of time. I think thermodynamics is a linear view of something that should be viewed as a fractal.

    I've got my own reasons for thinking dualism is not true, and with that comes the logical requirement that thermodynamics is not true. Of course people are free to believe in the dualist church of thermodynamics, but please keep your religion out of my school and government.

    Also, I've posted this to  which is a forum mostly populated by members of the Church Of Thermodynamics.
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