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    When 2 scientists meet the first time, they should start as Socrates did. Its the only way to have real communication. No faith. No assumptions. No common sense. Only the most certain experiences they have in common can skip testing. Each time you start over, its faster to get to practical levels. The main benefit is it goes far past the most advanced technology and knowledge and with a certainty we can statistically bound to arbitrarily high levels.

    I know that I know nothing and from that I start to know one thing.

    I refuse to rush into advanced knowledge except as Proof Of Concepts.

    If you have a theory the universe is anything except balanced from all angles and cancels-out to zero overall, extreme claims require extreme evidence. A zero sum universe is a self consistent system. A nonzero sum universe is not. The burden of proof on that one is clear.

    Derive your ways of thinking, why they should be more accurate than all other possible ways. Derive Turing Machine theory. Derive metaphysics from high dimensional wave math. Derive your most basic math operators. Derive everything or leave it as "I don't know".

    "I don't know" is the smartest thing anyone has ever said. Assumptions are the dumbest.

    I don't feel like I've effectively communicated with most people. They won't derive their assumptions, faiths, religions, or ideas about how the world works.

    Teach me your math systems, languages, and ideas from the ground up. Show me how it works without contradicting yourself, and leave all else as "We don't know". We all have equal potential to learn the magic tricks thought to be done by gods, but none of us can explain how it works to eachother unless we know that we know nothing and from that start to know one thing and proceed from there between each 2 people.

    Communication is what puts us above Monkeys. The value of its accurate use is infinite, either positive or negative value depending on what its used for.

    I do not have faith that James Randi, the world's biggest skeptic and very scientific thinker, can not levitate a chair with certain brainwaves he could learn, and I do not have faith that he can do it either. But I do know for certain from my own experience in metaphysics that I have moved objects with my mind and others can learn the same. There is a way it works and we can figure it out if we stop arguing and derive our assumptions.

    Say it with me: I know that I know nothing and from that I start to know one thing. Then we start real communication and advance faster than most can imagine.
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