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    Motivating people is very simple, and its surprising how most people can fail to understand its most basic concept.... Everyone acts toward their own goals, whatever those may be, some weighted more important than others. They act toward nothing else. Their goals may include good things for others or that others also accomplish their own goals in some cases, or they may act toward what a religion says, but that is still their own goal that the world become that way. To motivate someone to do x, you must get them to understand how x leads to their existing goals or is already part of their goals in a way they did not understand. The most basic mistake you can make in trying to motivate people is to add a new goal for them.

    I define money as any tradable perception of value.

    Many people agree these certain pieces of paper with numbers on them have value, or numbers in some computer networks, so practically they do, until that perception changes and we have a stock market crash or value flows into some other system of trading our perceptions of value.

    The USA constitution and many others I imagine, say that Congress has the authority to regulate the value of money, but clearly congress does not have the authority to regulate thoughts, our perceptions of what is more and less valuable, which we may represent in a variety of forms not limited to simple counting.

    The huge problem with tradable perception of value is our thoughts of what is valuable can be changed without our permission, to the extent we invest our ways of thinking in any system, because nobody can know what is going through everyone's head who is trading in our shared perceptions of value.

    It is unacceptable for anyone to regulate our perception of value, our goals and priorities. Power comes from new tools based on recent discoveries of how minds work that allow us to organize the efforts of many people toward common goals or many individual goals, tools like mindmaps and AI and ways of representing thoughts that we can send to eachother in email or new networks. Counting perception of value in simple numbers has barely scratched the surface of the science of motivation.
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